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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11┬áThere’s No Place Like Home

At night a man is chasing out by Charlie, he escapes from his house and found her waiting for torture him.

Sam and Dean are checking the other way to remove his mark, Sam then found the news about Charlie torture the DA. They decided go out to check on her case.

They found that DA is lying to them, Dean threaten him to give them the name of person that he worked with. They found that Charlie is looking for revenge of her family.

They go to see her who DA mentions, she denied them. They stake out her outside and heard the scream, they found Charlie threaten that woman.

She running out, Dean chasing her out. But she knocks him and escape, but while outside they meet another Charlie.

Charlie tells them about war of emerald city, to win the war the wizard let her darkness out. After win the war, her darkness made something wrong. She tells her that she doesn’t want her.

So her darkness try to please her by find who destroy her family, she has a key that can locked her away.

They found her next target, Dean tells them he will take care of him and her. Sam and Charlie will go find out more about her key.

Sam and Charlie found who might can fix her key, he is near by them. While Dean goes to see a man how killed her family, he won’t accepts it. Dean then found that Charlie is coming, he found her inside.

She tells him that she just wants to talk to him, he confess to her. She tricks Dean and kill him. He meets her at the bar again, he tells her about plan. She tricks him and head to Sam.

Sam and Charlie found him, he tells him there in no way to fix the key. He tells them his darkness become the wizard of Oz. He tells them there is other way to summon his darkness here, if he wound much he will comes to save him.

He shot himself, while dark Charlie and Dean arrive too they start to fight. The wizard of oz shows up from mirror, he try to kill Sam. That man asks Charlie to kill him, she did.

They use the key from him put Charlie back.