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The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

Klaus shows Camille Hope, his daughter. He wants to keep her here with Elijah for her safety, while he and Hayley will take care Finn.

Finn and his father are working together to get them, Jackson and Hayley are talking about their wedding that they can end the curse.

She managed the meeting for wolves and vampires, situations is stressful. Klaus goes to see Finn and Kol. Finn asks him about Esther, but Klaus didn’t tells him.

He upset and leaves to the meeting between wolves and vampires, he locks them inside with magic along with Klaus and Kol.

Klaus and Hayley try to manged them to stay together without problem, Kol asks Davina to help him break spell, but they failed.

Rebecca tried to send the signal for help outside, Elijah found that Rebecaa is missing. He tells Klaus about it, Kol suggest Klaus to tell Finn what he wants.

While Josh is with his boyfriend, he feels the hungry. Look likes Finn cast the spell to them. Marcel , Gia and Klaus also notices about this. They are going to kill werewolf.

Klaus try to negotiate with Finn, he will give back Esther while he let them out. Rebecca try to escape, she get the response from ghost in the asylum.

She following her, she leads her to the lock door. She found the coffin with her body inside, but she can’t do anything. She is captured back.

Finn found Esther and found that she becomes vampires, he is disappoint. Davina and Finn try to open the spell again, while they almost can’t control vampires. They success to break spells, they let all werewolves out.

Klaus throw Kol back in, he knows that he lies to him. He knows that he is the one who cast Rebecca out. He asks him to tell about Rebecca. But he won’t he left him inside.

Finn killed both of his parent for the spell.