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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12 About a Boy

JP is threaten to be killed from bar owner if he come back again, then homeless man heard his scream with white light. He is disappear.

Sam tells Dean about the case of missing people, he wants him to goes out with him to find out with him.

They go to question that homeless, he tells them it’s alien who takes him. Dean goes to ask around the bar, he meet Tina. While Sam goes to check his room.

When she leaves him, he saw a man following her. Dean tells Sam he will going after them. He is too late, when he get out he heard her scream and big light. She is disappear, while he’s checking her that man cast spell on him.

He wakes up and found that he become a boy, he meets Tina and that missing man. Then a man coming grab JP out.

Sam try to call Dean but he found his jacket is taken by Bar owner, he tells him that he found at dumpster.

Tina distracts that man to let Dean get out for the help, he gets out and goes to see Sam. He gets in and get his weapon and head back to help Tina.

They are talking about now their problem is solved, he has no mark. After they arrives, they are looking for Tina. Sam and Dean found that man, he tells them he is Hansel. He and his sister are captured with her for long time, he wants her killed.

Witch is going to cook Tina, but when they show up seem Hansel play them. While they are captured, they found out that she knows Rowena. They attacked them back, Dean get his bag and turn to adult.

He killed Hansel and burn witch alive. They tell Tina that they can’ turn her back, she thinks that like this is fine. She now get her second chance.