The Originals Season 3 Episode 13


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The Originals Season 3 Episode 13

Heart Shaped Box

Klaus is upset while looking for Aurora, Freya try very hard to find her but she didn’t success. Aurora shows up to her.

Davina tells Aya that only Kol knows the ingredient that can break their sire. Aya gives her the hand of glory, she can see Kol until he tells her what she need.

Klaus asks Hayley to help Camille from Aurora, Elijah call Klaus about Aurora took Freya. She left the note.

Freya wakes up and found Aurora, she tells her that she is waiting for her brothers. She shots her.

Elijah and Klaus track them to the wood, Elijah found cabin while Klaus following the blood smell to another way. He found the shallow grave, Freya is buried alive.

Aurora shows up with gun to Elijah, Freya asks Finn for help and give her position to Klaus.

Davica calls up Kol, Aya wants him to give them agent. But he said he will only tell Davina.

Klaus shows up with Freya, Aurora is shooting Elijha. She uses her power to help him and escape. Klaus goes after her.

Davina figured out that what is last ingredient, while Aya and her witch eavesdrop on them. They found that they need Harley’s heart.

Klaus is shot by Aurora, he is injures. Elijah shows up to stop her but he is shot. Davina try to warns Hayley, but too late they arrive and knock her down. Camille help her but they knock her down.

While they are ripping her heart out, Kol and Davina cast spell and knock all the witch down. Aya shows up and attack her, Marcel shows up and stop her. He convinces her that he will find another way.

Klaus try to help Elijah takes out the bullet, after that Hayley tells them about Strinx’s plan. She tells them that Jackson also has mirror of her heart. They going to get it but they are too late.



Grimm Season 5 Episode 11


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Grimm Season 5 Episode 11

Key Move

At night Sean has meeting with reporter, Nick and them try to figure out the position from their key. They found the x mark on the map, they are going to check it.

Nick and Monroe decide to go there tomorrow, he tells Adalind that he will leave. She is not agree and it’s dangerous. Adalind tells him that she loves him.

At night Marwan shows up to Lucien, he is testing his gun. Trubel shows him the picture of Marwan, she thinks he is after something. He shows it to Jean, they put APP on him.

Nick and Monroe leave tonight to Germany, next day Marwan goes to canvas the area where he will attacked. But he is spots by local police, one of them try to track him.

Hank and Wu rush to there but they are too late, that cop is attacked by him and escapes. Jean goes to see Rachel at the place that Marwan canvas, seem his target is Sean.

Nick and Monroe found the closet church that near the x on map, they get in. But father there tell them there is no older church around. After look on map again they think it’s not at church but much further.

At night father send men to kill Nick, while Nick and Monroe thinks where buried in on the hill.

Hank found that Marwan might target someone in they mayor rally. He already at his position ready to kill Jean.

Meisner and Eve also found about him, they found his target. Eve rush to there while Meisner send Trubel for other mission.

Hank and Wu are there looking for Marwan, but Marwan shots Dixon down., Nick and Monroe found the rest of the church. Father and his men shows up, but Nick and Monroe fell down from ground.

The Originals Season 3 Episode 12


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The Originals Season 3 Episode 12

Dead Angels

Camille goes to get help from Vincent to help her to lure Klaus to see her, Aya tells Davina to channel with dead witch to find out here memory about weapon.

Camille tells Klaus that she wants all dark object he took to exchange with white oak, Elijah tells Hayley about Strinx and Aya.

Camille tells Klaus that she has plan to revenge on Aurora, that’s why she need her dark object. He agreed.

Elijah goes to claim the Strinx back, but Aya challenges him with duel to claim the leader. But he is stronger than her, she tells him that she will never accept him. Marcel decides to interfere, he grab their charter out. He tells them that if they can’t catch him by night, he will lead.

Klaus found one of witch from Stinx’s coven, she knocks him down. Camille and Vincent found the coven they attack them. He tells her to run out with it but one of them go to get it from Camille, she tortured her and get it.

Elijah found Marcel, he has no choice but invite him in. Marcel tells him that he is win, he convinces the strinx to join him. Elijah is very upset and leave.

Davina tells Camille that the witch who steals from her work for Aurora. Once she gets it she kill her.

It seems that Marcel works with Elijah, it’s all his plan to get Marcel control all Stinx. At night Aya tells him about her plan to free them from Elijah.

Aurora turn the white oak to the bullet. She plans to kill all of them.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8

Night of the Hawk

Vandal shows up at night on the meteor rock, he murdered some town people. After Rip and them arrives, they found that there is wield murdered they going to check.

Jax notices one of the girl that were with missing boy, he goes to asks her more information.

Sara found that Vandal is the doctor Knox, he has the physiological ward. While Ray and Kendra have Vandal as their neighbor. But seem he doesn’t remember them.

Knox invites Kendra and Ray in party, while Sara and Stein will sneaks around and find about his secret.

But then Knox’s men tells him that he has patient to attend. He has patient with wing and crawl.

Ray found Vandal dagger in his house, he escapes on time. While Jax goes date at night, he spots the Knox’s patient. She is attacked, but he gets her out. But he is stopped by the police, and knock down by him.

They found that Jeff is missing, girl that he dates is attacked by her missing boy friend that touch with meteor same as changed Kendra.

They plan to approach him, Kendra thinks she will use dagger and kill him. While the other find they to reverse effect of meteor.

Jax is captured by Knox and injected with meteor, Kendra goes to see Knox with knife. But Kendra is made by him, he hold her.

Captain cold and Stein found the wing creature, they knock them down. Jax shows up, but they escape from him. They get Jeft out, Stein gives him serum and he back to normal.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 15


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15

King Shark

Barry asks Harris to open breach for him, but he said he can’t. They decide not to talk about it.

At night guard at Argus try to lure Shark King out but he won’t. They close the grid, John and Lyla found the alarm off and found it kill all of them and it escape.

They go tell Barry about it, they think it’s going to kill him. Barry decides to get him before it gets to him. They found that before it turn to it, he has a wife.

Cisco and Caitlin go to see her to check about her work, while Flash, John and Argus team goes to find him.

One of Argus team found him and get killed and he is gone. At night while Barry is with Wally, King Shark shows up.

Flash fight with him, but he knocks him down. He escapes, he tells him that he can’t capture him when he is in water.

After attack, Barry tells Joe and Iris about their doppelgangers. He is very upset, after that Caitlin tells them how to track it.

At night they go to set up the trap to lure it, King shark shows up. Flash lure him in the sea, he is running on the water around it and knock him down.

After that Barry tells his team that he will not done with Earth 2, he will not let Zoom win. Next time he will beat him down.

At Earth 2, Zoom takes out his mask out. He is Jay.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7


Rip found out the stress signal about another ship of caption Eve. But they think it might be a trap, but they decides to try.

They found her ship, Rip, Heat wave, Stein and Jax abroad the ship. They found Jackson the time pirates.

Jackson contacts to Ray that he wants to on board, but Rip activated the code and Gideon starts to fire the ship. Jackson decides to shoot back.

They hit their ship, Sara and captain Cold are stuck in the trap door until they fixed the breach. Rip command Gideon to cloak the ship and hidden.

They throw Rip and them to the prison with Captain eve, they try to figure out to escape.

Stein sneaks in the ship and disabled their weapon, Atom goes out in space to fix the breach.

Heatwave goes to make a deal with Jackson, he will turn him the ship exchange for let him goes home.

Ray fixed the breach but he almost dead, but hawkgirl rescue him. Then Heatwave shows up with pirates. While Heatwave goes to get time drive, pirates try to control the ship. Sara goes to stop Heatwave, Captain cold shows up and stop him.

Rip and them takes control the ship and gives Eve back the ship. She gives him the point where he can find Vandal.

After that Captain cold tells them that he will take care of Heatwave, he takes him to the wood. He shoots him.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 14


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 14

Escape from Earth 2

Zoom wants them to bring him Harrison, Harrison tells Henry to take everyone out. Cisco tells him about Zoom takes Flash.

Zoom shows up at START lab, he asks Henry about Harrison and them. Harrison takes them to time vault and escape from Zoom.

One of prisoner try to send them signal, Barry tells Jesse that Harrison is looking for her. Zoom shows up and tell them reason she still alive because he is going to give Flash’s speed to him.

Barry tells Iris about another Barry, Cisco and Harrison. They want her to tell them where is Zoom, she tells them that Caitlin might knows.

Another Barry found where is Caitlin, Iris wants to go with them. Barry-2 also wants to go with for Joe-2.

Barry and Jesse try to figure out what other prisoner tell them, They figure out what he try to tell them, Caitlin fix V6 to V9 for Jay, Iris shows up and wants him to help her on job.

Fells shows up in city and dare Jay out to fight, he goes there and help people out. Her serum is works.

Other prisoner tells them about name “Jay”, but before he tells them more. Zoom shows up and beat him down.

Harrison and them found Caitlin-2, they ask her about Zoom’s place. But they failed to convinces her, she starts to attack them. But Cisco capture her.

Falls shows up at star lab, he try to lure Jay out. While he is attacking Iris, Caitlin shows up and knock him down.

Finally Caitlin tells them about Zoom’s lair, they get inside and found all prisoner. Caitlin-2 try to help them out, Barry tells them to leave before Zoom come.

Barry-2 convinces him that he can do, Barry try again and can get out. But before they leave, Zoom shows up. But Caitlin-2 try to stall Zoom, they all escape.

They all escape to STAR lab, they plan to escape from Zoom. They all leave back to Earth, while Zoom is after them. But Zoom grab Harry, he stabs him with injection and make him slow. Barry gets him out, but Zoom capture Jay back to Earth-2.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6

Star City 2046

They found the Arrow, but he start to attack them. They run and escape back to the ship, Rip tells them that future is not set yet.

Rip send Sara, captain cold and heat wave to get his part to fix the ship. While the other try to fix the ship.

On they way to building, they found the war between gang. Sara found green arrow is shot, she goes to see him. He tells her that Oliver is dead. He tells her that Slade’s son who get army here and get the city down.

After that Slade’s son and his men shows up, they escape. Captain frost and Heat wave takes out the gang and become leader.

Green arrow tells them about Felicity’s equipment is relocated, they takes them to her base. They found old Oliver there. He tells them where is Felicity’s stuff.

Deathstroke shows up to Heatwave and Captain cold, he wants his gang to find green arrow, Rip and Sara. Captain cold convinces Heatwave to safe their friends.

Rip found the thing he is looking but Deathstroke’s men shows up and taken Arrow. Sara tells Rip that she wants to get him back, but he tells her that this future is not real.

Sara decides to help Green arrow, Rip tells her that in one hour he will leave with her or not. Sara goes to see Oliver to help Conner, while Deathstroke try to execute him.

Sara shows up to distract him while Oliver shows up and rescue them, then Rip and their friends shows up and knock them down.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 13


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 13

Welcome to Earth-2

Flash goes to close all the breaches around city, now they are ready to go to earth-2. They tells Jay and Caitlin that they have to close the breaches if they don’t come back. But after they left, the gate is closed.

They all arrives to earth-2, Wells takes them to his lab. After see the news, Zoom is make more trouble. Cisco try to use his power but his power is disabled, he has to fix his goggle. Barry found another him on news, he goes out and take him. He will disguise as him and goes to check police about zoom.

He found that he ans Iris marriage, Deadshots is one of police. Caitlin and Ronnie are one of Zoom’s men. Barry found that his mother alive, Joe is best singer.

At earth-1, they found another meta-human shows up. Joe tells Jay to help them protect their world. He tells Caitlin that he lost speed because V6, Zoom didn’t takes out his speed.

While Barry and Iris at club, Caitlin and Ronnie show up. Iris try to arrest them, Barry try to help her. He takes them out and chase them out. Joe is hurt, Barry tells Harry that he wants to help them.

Joe is dead in hospital, after that Iris wants to revenge Caitlin and Rodney. Barry tells Cisco to help her.

At night Joe try to arrest …, Jay shows up and help him but his V6 is wearoff. He almost get killed, Joe chase him out.

Iris, Lawton and Cisco go to get Caitlin and Ronnie. Cisco also found himself. He worked for Zoom, he tells him that he doesn’t want to work for Zoom anymore. He knocks down Cisco, while Ronnie knocks Flash down.

Caitlin try to warn them that Zoom wants him alive, Zoom shows up and kill Ronnie and Earth-2 Cisco. After that he takes Barry out.

Barry found that he is captured by Zoom, he found Jessee and other prisoner. Zoom tells him this is last place he will see.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 15


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 15


Oliver with Felicity on device that Curtis built to help her walk, then Darhk shows up to them. He tells him that he has his son, he threaten him to back off from election.

Samantha shows up to Oliver, he asks her what happen to him. She is freaks out that how he can help her son, he has no choice but tell her that he is green arrow.

While they are looking for help, Oliver tells them about Vixen. He goes to get her help, Vixen shows up and help them tracks William with her magic.

Thea goes to see Malcom, but he tells her that he didn’t. Olivier and them found where is William, he and his team get in. Vixen and Arrow try to fight him, but he is stronger then them. He escapes.

Vixen thinks that Darhk must has some magic source, Lance tells them that he saw Darhk with Totem earlier, Vixen tells him to draw for her. Olivier get called from Darhk that he wants him to drop from mayor now.

Vixen found whats is his source, they found where is he keep it.They go there to destroy his power source. Vixen gets in and get his totem out, and destroy it.

Darhk lost his power, Arrow then knocks him down. Polices shows up and rescue him. Lances tells them that actually it’s Malcom who take William.

Thea is very upset at Malcom, he tells her that he did it for her. He sees the big picture but she won’t. He doesn’t want her to die.

Felicity walks away from him, and return him ring.