Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14

Sun of a Gun

Walter, Cabe and Toby go to speed dates, but Toby get sicks from ill he get it from bartender.

Cabe shows up with Homeland’s case, they found it’s about Sylvester. Ken is his father, they have to work with him. He tells them about sun gun, the satellite that can fire the solar on the earth. They have to find it in africa’s desert and destroy it.

Scorpion goes to the see the president, he tells them about ray they found that it’s from his machine. They go to check his building, Ken and Sylvester found it.

But they need to get evidence out of country, they found his aerostat. They put evidence in there and release it.

Walter found that the president he already has way to built the sun gun, now he wants Walter to built rocket to send to space.

They can’t leave now, so they have to stop him first. They found their underground lab base, they plan to destroy the lab. They is going to buried it, while Sylvester and Ken try to buried it. They accidentally lock them self in the lab and stuck in their buried.

Walter and Paige are going to get the President’s watch to unlock the door, so they can get out after Cabe get them the transport.

They get his, but President alert and goes after them. Cabe takes them out with his car and get out.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 7


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 7

An Unlocked Mind

Kate is running from someone in wood, but she is manage to escape with one of their car.

At NCIS they shows them case about David and Kate, they think the church they get some sensitive information from David. They found Church manager meets with Chinese criminal. Granger wants Kensi and Desk go undercover at church.

Sam and Callen go to question Kate, she tells them that people keep missing. Kensi and Deeks separate to infiltrate church.

The man who is in charge of church has interesting on Kensi. Nell found that the church also lure the problem CEO and make them stealing their secret for them.

Kensi and Deeks passed the church’s test. Deeks found David there, they meet Lee there. He is church’s controller. He tells new coming to go to the pool for ritual.

Oscar from DOJ tells them that do not try to put agent undercover in church, they have a lot of lawyer. But Eric found  that the church contact Chinese criminal to sell information.

Deeks found that David is send to DA, he following to there. He found them are in room slap themselves. He tells David that he can takes him out, he wants to get out. Kensi is drugged by few of woman in church. They takes her to Lee’s room, she half awake and try to get out.

Sam following the meeting of Chinese and one from Church. They following them inside, but they lost him.

David is questioned by one of church staff, he asks him about his wife. He suddenly wants out, Deeks knock guard down. He and David knocks them down. And go to find Kensi, guards are arm and looking for them.

They are surrounded by Lee and his guards, while Lee is going to kill David. Callen and them shows up to get them out.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13

White Out

3 marines are ambush during patrol, captain Cody call the base for help. Cooper shows up and contacts Scorpion about it, they want them to help them patch the communication.

They go to south pole, but they have problem with the storm coming. They need to find them before they died.

Walter tell them they have no choice but go out in storm to find them, but during the way they got separate. Happy is lost, they are trying to find her. Toby decides to go back to find her.

While wander around, Happy fall in the pit. Walter and Cabe finish the setup of Athena pole now they can send drone to help marines.

Now they are trying to find Toby and Happy, with Ralph’s idea they have way to find them. Walter find only one heart beat, they head to there and found both of them.

Cooper managed to get helicopter to get them out.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 6


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 6


At night there are meeting to buy the explosive, but the seller decides to raid the buyer. But seller run out, Mark is undercover of ATF there who detonate all seller.

NCIS shows Sam about Mark last night, they have to investigate Mark. They think he is dirty, but Sam is not agree. But with the rest of footage they found Mark walks out with money.

Deeks and Kensi go to check the crime scene, she found it’s detonated by phone. Sam goes to check his wife, she said she didn’t see him a while. She gives him his phone number.

Sam found him, but he try to escape. Callen chases after him and Sam arrest him. Sam questions him about his operation, he tells him that he still can active in his undercover.

He tells him that he wants to get to Santos, Sam decides to go undercover as buyer to see Santos. They go to see him, but he want them to get him money first. He wants to capture Sam while Mark get money.

Callen found his situation, he try to get in. But Sam managed to make his men turn again Santos, they still stand offer to sell him.

They now try to negotiate with them, but Granger accidentally kill their leader’s brother. They use Callen to fake to be him.

At meeting with seller, after they are confirm that they have a real bomb. ATF shows up and catch them, Sam is rescued by Mark while one of ATF is going to kill him.

Mark is safe and back with his family.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Dam Breakthrough

While they prepare for Christmas, Cabe shows up with team from Dam. They found that Dam is damaged from the flood, they need to fix it.

Walter and them to to built something to prevent the mud slide to the power machine, After done, they heard the mud slide nearby. Happy tells them it might damage the Dam.

They get in controller, and found the dam is going to collapse. Walter found way to freeze only the water near the crack to buying time, Cabe goes down the crack to close the crack. He success close it.

They now need to lower the water in Dam, they get access to the tunnel and put device to see what’s blockage the tunnel. They found it’s a pine tree that block it, they try to unblock it but they failed.

Walter find the way to release the water, he wants to use bomb to create tsunami to push back water to river.

Toby and Happy make the bomb, Walter and Paige gets the power to reverse the turbine. Their plan work, the water level is low.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 5


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 5

Blame It on Rio

2 passengers are just land to LA, one of them is Agent to bring the criminal to NCIS. But he found that he is not the that criminal.

Tony Dinozzo from NCIS shows up, he tells them about prisoner from Singapore and he is missing, Rio. They think they switch each other during fly.

They question the fake fugitive Hung, his lawyer also show up to ask them release him. But they tells her that she can be arrest with terrorist charge. They found that marshal is drugged while Eric found that Rio just rent the car.

They found Rio’s car, Kensi spots him. While she try arrest him, men shows up and try to shoot him. He escapes.

They found that Rio want to change his face and get new identity. They go to check the doctor that Rio go to see, they convince him to help. He tells them where is Rio.

They go to check his hotel and found Rio, Deeks spots the men try to attack Rio. Callen and Sam try to get him out. But they are attacked by them, Rio get chance and escape.

Tony and Deeks gets him while they are pin down. But Callen and Sam shows up and help them.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11

The Old College Try

Cooper shows up at Scorpion, she tells them about ransom for Federal Reserved. She tells them about Terrance, Walter try to stop the hack but he can’t.

They think some one in college might do this, they plan to send them back to college to find them.

Walter, Sylvester and Happy can’t find anything, Toby is going in interview with his rival who stolen his fiance, he get close to him to find out and found he is.

But after take him and check him they found he is clean, Happy overheard that someone talk about Coooley’s dead. Happy takes them out while a guy,Ryder show up chasing them. Happy get them escape.

They tell them about Cooley and Ryder, they tell them they work together. They go to the secret computer to upload his code to anti that program.

Happy breaks in computer, while Sylvester stop the the computer. Walter put his anti-code in computer and stop it. They success but they found that Ryder kidnap Paige and wants the money in exchange with her.

Cabe gets her back and safety, they arrest Ryder.


NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 4


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 4

Command & Control

Patrol cars are chasing a truck, driver abandon his car and destroy his truck. They are Sam and Callen.

5 hours ago, they just arrest a man who fund the terrorist with undercover help from Kensi. After that Sam and Callen get threaten by someone from stash phone, he is going to kill people around him if they don’t do as he said. They found the bomb near the bus stop, they success rescue people.

Nell and Eric found out that Sam and Callen are gone offline at same time, they have their suspicious. They get Deeks and Kensi in, shows them what happen to them.

They found the one who drop phone for them, they want to check who hired him. But they found he is shot to dead, Sam and Callen get another command to meets him.

They found that man, he tells him to drive the truck to some place. Otherwise he will blows up the target. He wants them to steal diamond for him.

Nell found that man who command & control Callen and Sam is Chad, Deeks and Kensi go to tells Callen about Chad. Nell and Granger go to check auto shop where the truck from.

Sam and Callen go to see Chad, he tells them who is him. He phone to LAPD to make them arrest him, they success to escape from them.

They found that he is going to bomb the convention center, Callens and his team stop the truck before it reach center. Chad shows up and his men but Callen and team takes him down. He tells them before they killed him that one of his people give their name to him.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 10


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 10

Arrivals and Departures

Walter and Happy drives reckless, they rush to LAX, they go to pick up Walter’s parent. He is going to take them to see Megan.

Their team suddenly spot the locked down the hospital, one of nurse call Toby to check about sick doctor. They are in the middle of outbreak of fungus.

They try to warn them about the danger fungus but they don’t believe him, they are knock out by fungus. Walter go there to seal the ward that infected.

They try to close the air flow to prevent the spread of the fungus, but they failed and trapped.

Then Toby found that Sylvester has the immunity and anti fungus. They asks him to test it, he use his bacteria to kill fungus and it work. They send his bacteria out of hospital to created more big batch.

Cabe and Ralph make the cure, but CDC prohibit them to enter. So they get the plan to distribute them inside. Happy try her plan and get sick.

Finally her plan work all cure distribute to all hospital and safe everyone, Walter go to see Megan for one last time. She pass away.

Walter found Megan’s message she sent to him.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 3


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 3

Driving Miss Diaz

A student woman while walk to home alone in campus, a guard shows up to escort her. But old guard shows up and freaks him out, he shot him dead. But he also shots that man dead before died.

Eric shows him the video about the shooting last night, the guard is one of general Silva’s men. Granger tells them Silva try to run the President now he wants to have all survivor from his massacre dead.

Kensi and Deeks go to get the survivor, Catalina. But they freaks her out and she leave, they think she is the last survivor.

Callen and Sam are going out to find out about who leak Catalina’s information. While Kensi and Deeks undercover to protect her.

They found the former assistant of Tribunal is killed, and they get replaced. Turn out that his men is clean but his office is not secured. They found Silva’s man Victor is a killer. Hetty wants them to take him in.

Hetty goes to talks to her, convinces her to help with Tribunal. Callen and Sam found some woman at Catalina’s place. She is there to burn down her place, but they arrest her.

Granger found that Catalina is not survivor, he tells them to release her. But she and his boyfriend Gabriel escape. But they found that Gabriel is her adopt brother, they found that Gabriel is Silva’s son.

Deeks found that Woman that Sam arrest is Gabriel’s mother, they question her about it. They think she try to protect them, they think she and Catalina are survivor. Sam and Callen convinces her to testify for Tribunal.

They found that Victor and his men shows up at her place, Callen try to lure them out and take them down.