Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1


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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Valar Dohaeris

Sam try to running away from nightwalkers, but while he is attacked by one of it. Mormont shows up with his men and help him out, he tells them to back to the wall.

Snow is taken to Mance’s camps, he is very surprise when see giant there. Ygritte tells Mance that Snow wants to be one of them and Snow also kill halfhand.

Mance asks Snow why he wants to join, he tells him what he saw in wood. He wants to fight with night walker not to be with Mormont who know what Craster did to his baby but do nothing. He agrees to have him.

Cersei goes to visit Tyrion to check how he is, she wants to warn him not to tell anything to their father.

Davos wakes up and found out he is on the island, he manages to get on his pirate. He tells him about Stannis’s witch, Davos wants to stop her.

Robb and Catelyn arrive at castle, they found body that killed by Lannister’s army. They are all upset and want revenge.

Tyrion tells Tywin that he wants Casterly rock as his reward, Tywin tells him he will find something suit him later. And he will never get Casterly rock.

Baelish tells Sansa that he can take her to see her mother when he has chance to get out the city but she has to be ready.

Daenerys finally gets the ship, her dragons growth up and bigger. She wants to have the army so she can take her throne back.

Davos goes back to see Stannis but he is not interested in him at all, he blames him for his command to burned prisoners alive. Stannis’s witch tells him that if she was with Stannis, they will win. He is locked up in cell.

Joffrey and his queen go in to the city, his queen stop at city and go to see children orphan from the war. She gives them food and supply. After that she is critics by the queen but Joffrey protect her and critics his mother.

Daenerys goes to hire Unsullied as her army, but she found that they are brutal and they are merciless. While she is in town, she almost killed by assassin. But she is saved by Robert’s king guard, Barristan. He was her father king guard before.


Logan (2017)


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Logan (2017)

In 2029, Logan wakes up because hearing someone try to stole his car, he fight hard with them but finally kill some of them and chase them out.

He works as limousine’s driver, while he works for his customer at funeral. A woman try to ask him for help as wolverine, but he refused her for more trouble.

After that while he stops for his drug, Dr. Rices’s man shows up in his limousine. He tells him about Gabriela, the woman he saw earlier. Seem she takes something from him and he thinks she will contact him again.

When Logan backs to his base, actually he works hard to get medicine for Charles. He and Caliban is there to keep Charles safe, he need to get some sedate so he won’t get sick and use his power. Charles tells Logan about new mutants, but Logan doesn’t believe him.

Logan is getting old and sick, he has some plan to end his life too. Tonight after finish job, he goes to see new customer. But he found that who call her is Gabriela, he try to refuse her but he refuse her.

He found that she is injured, she wants him to take them escape from her enemy. She wants her to take her and her daughter, Laura to some place before Friday with big money.

He goes back to his place and get Charles prepare for his leave, but in morning when he goes to pick them up. He found Gabriela is dead and her daughter, Laura is missing. Then when he backs to his place, he found that Rice’s man who follow Gabriela shows up ask him for Laura.

When he is knock down, Laura shows up with Charles and knock down that man. Charles tells him that she is one who he is waiting. Charles tells him that Laura is mutant.

Then Dr. Rice’s men shows up again, Logan takes Charles out and try to escape. But they are surrounded, after knocks Logan down they try to get to Laura but she start to fight and killed them.

After see her fight Logan found that Laura is like Logan, he gets up and help her escapes with them.

Caliban is captured and tortured to help them track down Laura, she is an experiment from the lab. Gabriela help her escape from that lab, from the video they found that she is his daughter.

Dr. Rice’s try to build the solider from children but they don’t want to fight, they plan another plan and build the soulless soldier. They start to kill all experiment children, she helps them escape.

After Logan goes to find new car, when he back at hotel he found that Charles’s power is activate because those men try to get them. Logan try to get them out, he and Laura try to sedate him down. They escape from their hunter.

Dr. Rice shows up and try to convinces Caliban to help him get Laura, they use Logan’s clone to kidnap Laura and kill Charles. Caliban get chances and make distraction, Logan shows up and kill barely his clone.

They escape out, Laura is sad because of Charles’ death. After Logan pass out because of last fighting, he wakes up again and found himself in hospital. Laura try to convince him to take her to North. He try to tell her that place is not exist but she won’t believe. So he decides to let her see.

They arrive there and he found it’s real, he meets several mutant children there. The enemy also found the place, while mutant children also plan to cross the border.

Logan decides not to go with them, at morning all children left but Logan spots the drones. He found that Dr. Rice are coming after them, he gets out to following them. Logan use the drug he gets from children and come after them.

He and Laura help children out, but Logan’s clone is out and attack Logan. He is killed by Laura, but Logan is badly injured and dead.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10


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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10

Valar Morghulis

Tyrion wakes up and found that he is not death, Maester tells him that he is no longer hand of the king. Joffrey also gives Baelish the castle, he also marry Renly’s widow as the queen instead of Sansa.

Sansa happy that Joffery do that but Baelish tells her that he will never let her go, but he promises that he will help her home.

Brienne and Jaime found North’s men army, they try to trick them off but one of them remember him. She has no choice but kill all of them.

Robb decided to nor marry Frey to cross the bridge, he wants to marry Talisa instead. Catelyn feels disappoint at him. He marry her there soon.

Stannis is upset after he lost a battle, her witch tells him not to give up. She shows his victory inside the fire.

Theons is upset about knows about Stark’s army surround him, yet he stills feel bad about to be Stark’s prisoner. Maester tells him that he is winterfell’s lord, he can run to join nightwatch.

He try to convinces his men to fight with Stark’s army but they knock him down instead and killed maester.

Tyrion found that his face is injured, his men and power are stripped from him. But Shae stills love and loyal to him.

Daenerys and Jorah go to see the warlock to get her dragons back, but he lost her during find the way in.

Arya and her friends out by help of Valar Morghulis, he asks her to go with him to Braavos. He will teach her how to kill, but she wants to see her family first. He gives her a coin and tell her to give to any man from Braavos, she will see him.

Bran and Rickon found Maester injured and their castle is burned. He tells them to go to the wall, Snow will protected them.

Daenerys wander and found several doors, she found that each door lead to different place. One of them go to the king’s land, there she see her son and Drogo alive. But she knows that it’s a illusion, when she back she see her dragons.

Warlock tells her that when dragons born, their magic also born. He wants to chain her there inside, she commands them to burn him alive.

Snow is tricked to kill half hand, he wants to help him out from death. He is free and they will take him to see their king.

Daenerys takes Xaro’s key and open his vault and found nothing, seems he try to tricks her. She put him inside his empty lock. They start to raid the city for buy the ship and army.

Sam is left while the other hear 3 horns, he hide and see the army of nightwalker

Kong Skull Island (2017)


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Kong Skull Island (2017)

2 pilots’s plane crash down on unknown land, they keep chase and try to kill each other. Then they spots the big gorilla there before they didn’t see anything anymore.

In 1973, Bill Monarch’s company CEO try to convince Senator Wills about explore skull island. He finally convinces him and get his military escort to there.

At Vietnam, while Colonel Packard is desperate for what he will do after war is end. He gets the call to escort team to the island, he is happy to takes the job.

Bill also Conrad to as his tracker, they want him to guide them and lead them safety on island.

Weaver try to get her favor and wants to following the team to Skull island, she thinks something important is there.

After brief on the island and plan, Conrad and Weaver curious what happen there. Because they found they prepare a lot of weapon there. They will use helicopter from Packard to get over the storm surround the island.

After see the storm some of them against idea to enter it but Bill convinces them to start, helicopters starts to enter the storm and pass through the island.

They start to make their survey but drop the bomb on island, 2 of them are hit by big gorilla. The other spot it and try to attack but their attack is not work, all of them are taken down.

All Packard’s team gathering together and regroup, Packard found out from Bill that he know about this island. He was the only survivor from past attack, he wants to prove that it exist.

He will get back and bring more Calvary here. Conrad and other spot another huge animal on island.

Conrad’s team spots the human’s tribe and they are surrounded, they also meet the other survivor from past. He leads them to the tribe’s village, they learn about the Kong the protector of island.

He tells them that there is worst thing in island, underground lizard and Kong is the one who protect them from it. Kong is the last of kind, if he dead. They big one will come up.

After Conrad tell him about the backup in 3 days at the north, they plan to get there on time but by river. They start to help him fix the boat so they can make it to north.

Chapman is one of Packard’s men, he see that big gorilla hunting down the big octopus. Conrad team travels to Chapman to get more armor, but he is attacked by one of the underground lizard.

Conrad and his team with the boat they built, leave the village to the river. They plan to meet with Packard nearby, he tells them that he wants to go to west to find Chapman. Conrad agrees with him but they must comes back in 24 hours.

They arrive at the Kong’s parent graveyard, they spot the big underground lizard. Conrad found that Chapman is death, Bill is eaten by the lizard. Weaver manages to kill one of lizard.

Packard stills plan to kill Kong, Marrow and other try to stop him but he won’t listen. Conrad convinces him to let the civilian escape with him.

Packard get the weapons and try to lure Kong to him, Conrad decides to save Kong from Packard. He try to convinces Packard not to kill Kong.

Then the bigger lizard is shows up from the lake and take down Kong, Conrad and other try to escape from island.

The big lizard try to come after them, Kong shows up and stop it. While Kong is beaten, Conrad’s men shows up and distract it.

Kong uses the chain from boat savage to success kill it, Conrad leads the other left the island.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9


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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9


Stannis’s fleet are closing the King’s Landing, Davos worried that they might not be able to break the castle.

Tyrion is worried about Stannis that he might be able to break the wall and kill everyone inside, Cersie asks Maester to bring her some nightshade.

That night Stannis’s fleet arrive, Tyrion gets map of underground tunnel from Varys which is built by Targaryen. It has many escape route out of the city in case of war.

Joffrey will leads his army to fight Stannis, he ordered Sansa to welcome him but she upset him instead. She wishes that he won’t come back.

Stannis’s fleet approach the gate, while King’s Landing fleet has only one and coming to them. Tyrion lights up the wildfire from that ship and burn Stannis entire fleet.

Stannis stills not give up and lead his men to the city, his men is approaching the shore. They fire the arrow to intercept them but they are too many of them they have to fallback.

Cersei notices Shae while they are hiding along with Sansa. But before that one of knight shows up and tell her the situation, she commands him to take king back.

Finally Stannis and his army get in the wall, the blackwater are down. His army storm the gate and break in.

Joffrey decides to go to hide in keep instead of lead the people, their solider’s morale starts to drop. They don’t want to fight anymore, somehow Tyrion convinces soldiers to fight. He leads the soldier and attack them from the back and stop their storm but they are surround with Stannis’s men.

After Cersei heard about the defeat, she flees to her castle and leave the other. Shae tells Sansa to go back to her room and gate the door, she found Kingsguard inside. He tells her that he can take her home. She refused him and thinks that Stannis will not kill her.

Tyrion is injured during fight, then he see Tywin’s army show up and stop them. Cersei almost kill herself and her child before she see her father.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)


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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Newt just arrives to port at New york with his briefcase, while detective questions the witness about what happen at crime scene. Something destroy whole building down Mr. Graves shows up there, while they are checking something coming up from the ground and straight to underground.

While Newt is at front of the bank, Jacob bumps into him before get in bank. Then Newt notices that it escapes out.

He follows it to the bank and found see Jacob too, then he notices Nifler on the floor collecting coin. After he lefts, Jacob found that he lefts an egg. He picks it up with him during the questions for his loan.

Newt found that it is in the vault, he try following it but Jacob tells him that his egg hatch. Newt pulls him the vault with him and follow it, he found it is collecting more money.

While he captures it, Bank’s manager shows up. Newt has no choice but freeze him, after he catch it. He get both of them out of the vault before few guards shows up. After that Jacob knocks him and escape.

Outside he meets american’s witch, Macusa Tina. She try to warns him to not show himself to Muggle. Then she brings him to Witch’s command in New York, there he meets Mr. Graves.

While they are going to inspect his briefcase, they found that he switches the briefcase with Jacob, after Jacob arrives his house. 2 creatures gets outside and start to attack him.

Tina and Newt have to find them, after they notice the chaos on street. They found out that it happens at Jacob’s place. Newt gets in his house and fix this house and erase some witness’s memory.

There he catches Murtlap, he found that Murtlap bites Jacob at his neck. But when he try to erase his memory, Tina stop him. They take him back to her place for break

Seem Nifler stills hiding in his room, while the other creator running around on street. One of them hiding in the attic.

.. and Langdon try to convinces Mr. Shaw about witchcraft, but he doesn’t believe. He chased them out.

Tina takes both of them to her house and meet her sister, they give them dinner. Jacob is very impress what he see.

Tonight Mr. Graves meets Credence at the alley, he wants him to gives him some information about child.

After dinner, Newt takes Jacob to his hidden room in his briefcase. He gives him the antidote. Then he shows him several of his creatures, Paracelsus, Graphorns, Pickett, Occamy, Obscurus, …

Newt notices that something missing, he gets some idea where is it from Jacob. He agrees to help Newt to find his creatures. On the way the found his Nifler in jewelry’s shop.

They go to central park, they found the damage that one of his did, Erumpent. He lures it with its musk but Jacob accidentally lure him. Jacob run for his life, Newt following up and rescue him.

Then while Shaw has the talk session at party something invisible show up and kill him, they think it’s witch.

Then Tina shows up in wizard’s command tell them about that Newt arrived at New york yesterday and some of his beast escape.

They think that one of his kill Shaw, then she shows them Newt and Jacob from his briefcase. They arrest him and take his briefcase, after he tells them that he thinks Shaw is killed by Obscurus.

After investigate, Mr. Graves decides to kill both of them because of they found Obscurus found in his briefcase.

Tina’s sister shows up and help Jacob out, while they are taking him to erase his memory. He tells her about Newt’s briefcase then they break in Graves’s office and take briefcase out.

Newt and his creatures Swooping evil,  help Tina breaks out. They run and found Tina’s sister and Jacob. She hides them in briefcase and escape out.

Tina tells Newt that they have to find all his creatures before Graves use them for all accident. Newt tells her that only Dougal is missing, Tina tells him about someone whoe trade the creatures, Gnarlak.

They go to see him about Dougal, they knows where is Dougal is. But he betrays them by tell the Macusa. They get out before they are captured.

While his mother try to punish Credence, she is killed by Obscurus. Newt and them found his Dougal. He understand that why he is escape it help to take care one of Occamies.

They success to get it back, they take them all back to the briefcase. After that one of his creature warn them about danger.

Mr. Graves goes to see Credence, he found that Obscurus killed. He notices that it’s a little girl that live with him, he following her to old house. He found her but he realize that she is not Obscurus but Credence.

He turns into Obscurus and running out on street, Newt see it and try to catch him. Credence destroy part of city. Graves try to calm him but failed, Tina try to distract him while Newt try to help Credence.

Newt try to convinces him, while Wizard’s commander start to make barrier to contain him.

While Newt almost convinces him, but Graves shows up and attack him. Credence upset and attack both of them, Tina shows up and calm him down. Then another wizards shows up, they kill him.

Graves upsets and quit, they try to captured him. He upset and start to attack them, Newt captured him with his creatures. Newt uncast him and reveal this truth form, Grindelwald.

Newt helps them to remove everyone in city’s memory by use one his creature. It cause the rain and delete entire memory of city, while wizards fix all city.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8


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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8

The Prince of Winterfell

Theon’s sister arrives at Winterfell, she blames him for what he did to boys. He burned and kill them, she tells him that his father wants him back. But he refused to go back, he wants to keep Winterfell.

Snow found that his men are captured too, they want to kill Snow too but Ygritte help him out by tell them Mance wants Eddards’s bastard.

Robb found out that Catelyn release Jaime out because she wants her daughters return. He upsets and guard her in camp, he sent men to following him back. Jaime is escorts by Brienne’s Catelyn knight.

Arya keeps listening on Tywin and try to send news to Robb, but she can’t find the way to tell him on time.

Tyrion and his men plan to siege the castle from Stannis, they think they found where they will be attacked. Tyrion try to tell Cersei to send Joffrey in battlefield with solider but she disagree and hostage his lover instead. But Tyrion found that she didn’t get the right one after that.

Arya try to kill Tywin but his helper can’t help her, so she thinks to escape from the prison to warn Robb instead. At night he told them to walk past the gate, but they found out that all guard are killed.

Tyrion try to protect the city, while Joffrey doesn’t think that Stannis is a threat. Some one tells him about Daenerys and her dragons, he thinks she is not threat for now.

Bran and Rickon are alive, seem Theon burns pleasant’s children to fake the other.

Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (2016)


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Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (2016)

Jake is a teenage, he works in store. One day his colleague pick him to see his grandfather. But he tells him that he is in danger, once they arrive at his house.

Jake found that his grandfather’s house is broke in. He notices something at his backyard, he found him dead. Before he died, he tells him to find someone name Emerson. He see something big show up before it run out.

When he was child, his grandfather tells him about Miss Peregrines’ island. He used to believe his story about special children there, but nobody believe him.

After that at Jake’s birthday, his aunt Susie gives him his grandfather’s gift. It’s a book, that show whim where is Miss Peregrines’s island.

Jake convinces his parent to takes him to see Miss Peregrines, he and his father arrive at her island. While his father goes to see the beach, he and local teenage take him to see Miss Peregrines’s place at other side of island. He found that it’s gone, local tells him that it’s destroy during the war. He is upset about it.

Next day he goes to there again to see what’s left, the he notices some people inside. He is freak out and try to escape but he knocks himself down.

He wakes up again and found other children, they tell him that Miss Peregrines sent them to pick him. But when he has chance he run away again but when he run back to hotel he is surprised.

He found that hotel’s manager is change, while they try to catch him for spy. Other children help him out, they tell him about their loop that they stuck in.

He see the Miss Peregrines’s place which is not destroy, he meets her. She tells him about her ability, she is one of Ymbryne who take care of special boy and her goal.

He meets the twin, Claire who has mouth at her back head, Hugh boy who can control bees, Millard who invisible, Horace who project his dream, Emma who can float, Bronwyn, Victor who are very strong, Olive who can control heat and Enoch who can control doll.

He stays and has dinner with them, they all want him to stay. In movie night, Horace shows his dream which sometime is prophetic. After that They show him about reset time.

After that Emma send him out, they notice another hurt Ymbryne. Jake likes to his father about his whereabouts which make him upset.Jake found his grandfather’s letter, it warns Miss Peregrines about barons.

Jake goes back to see Miss Peregrines about warning, he wants her to tell him about her secret. But she won’t, Enoch try to show Jake Victor to scare him.

Jake try to ask everyone about white man eyes but nobody tells him. He tells Emma about white man eye that he saw at his grandfather place, she takes him her secret place.

She shows him his grandfather’s safe, inside he shows her what he saw. She tells them about barons, they raid the loop and kill children. She tells him that his grandfather try to hunt them down, she also tells him that Jake is also Peculiar.

She shows him about what killed Victor, and how Miss Peregrines kill it, hollows. Emma tells him that his Peculiar is can see monster.

Miss Peregrines tells Jake about barons, he steals Ymbryne’s ability and turn themselves to immortal but it failed and turn to Hollows. After that they hunt down Peculiar’s eye to turn themselves back to human.

After Avocet wakes up and tell them what happen, Miss Peregrines decides to leave island. They want Jake to stay with them and help them fight Hollows but he won’t. When he back to his father, he found that one of Peculiar’s adult s killed.

His eyes are out, Jake freaks out and run back to warn them but one of man there following him to the loop. He found that he is baron, he following him there for Miss Peregrines’s loop.

Baron takes Jake to see Miss Peregrines, she tells her children to surrender. She will give herself to him before Hollowgast show up. Barons takes Miss Peregrines out, Jake and other with Avocet try to protect children from Hollowgast.

But Hollowgast shows up and kill Avocet, while it takes Enoch. Jake shoots at it and help Enoch out, they run out to the attic. Try to escape before the bomb will drop down, they escape out before bomb down the house along with hollowgast.

Jake decides to follow them to Blackpool, Emma uses her power to get her secret’s place, the ship up. Olive uses her fire to start the engine, Bronwyn help them bolt the ship.

Jake and Emma discovery that he can safe his grandfather, he tells other children about his plan. They arrive at blackpool, they found Avocet’s loop in 2016.

They go there and found the tower where they found all hollowsgast and Baron. Emma try to taunt them to following them.

Baron’s man and 4 Hollowgast following them, Enoch rise up all skeleton, they make the Hollowgast visible. While Enoch’s skeleton attack them. They success get rid all of them, they go back to Baron.

They take down other Baron’s men while Jake and Emma try to stop Baron from getting Miss Peregrines and other Ymbryne.

Emma and Enoch found 2 Jakes there, they have no idea who is real. Jake found that one of Hollowgast is not die yet, it takes out Baron. Jake take it out after that, Emma and other children leaving.

Once Jake goes back to his time, he straight to see his grandfather. He tells him how to goes to see them again, with several loops through the world Jake finally met them again.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7


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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7

A Man Without Honor

After Theon found that Bran and other escape, he commands his men to following them. They have a chance to get help but they don’t want to harm the innocent. He still looking for him and try to torture the pleasant.

Tywin still looking for the assassin in his men, after the man that Arya wants to shut him down dead in front of him.

Daenerys is so upset after her dragons missing, she thinks the thirteen is the one who take it. Jorah rush back after heard about it, she tells him to find them.

Snow and his prisoner wander around to find his men, they develop the relationship. She try to convinces him to leave the crow. But she lures him into the trap and get captured.

Cersei found that Sansa now available to give birth, they start to prepare her for marriage. She advises her not to love anyone but her own child.

Jaime plans to escape by use one of his man sacrifice as decoy, he kill the guard and escape. But he is end up catch and beaten by soldier.

Daenerys is at the council she try to beg the thirteen to return her dragons, she found that Xato is the one who steal her dragons. They kill all the council, Jorah shows up and help her escape.

Tyrion and Cersei worry about Joffrey that he will not be able to be the king, they start to think about their sin they did when they kill all Targaryen’s children.

After Jaime try to escape out, Robb’s general wants to kill him for revenge. Catelyn try to help him because she needs him for exchange with her daughters. She tells him that he is a man without honor.

Arrival (2016)


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Arrival (2016)

Louise’s daughter found sick and death after that not long. One day while she goes to teach at university, she notices about the arrival in the news.

There are 12 big objects land on the world, they start to evacuate people out of the town for safety. Whole world are reacting to it with different actions.

After that not long, Colonel Weber shows up at her door. He wants her to translate something for him, it’s a voice from alien.

But she tells him that she needs to see them to translate, he refused her because he thought she just wants to see alien.

That night he shows up at her house and take her to the site, she meets Ian. He is theoretical physic, they are both there to communicate with alien.

They arrive at the military’s camp near the alien’s object, they are given a doze for booze up immunity. After meet their team, they both send up to the object.

They tell them that every 18 hours the object’s door will open, after door open and they are in the chamber inside. They start to walk on one of the wall to the light ahead.

After they wait a while, 2 aliens show up. Louise doesn’t work well but she has more time to figure out.

Next time, they send them again to the object but this time she try to shows them the writing. At first they think that she failed again, but then they response her with some signs.

Colonel thinks that her method are not good idea, he thinks to teach them how to read and write. She explains him that her method is faster, he wants her to tell him next time she wants to say to them.

She try to communicate with them, but seem they are not responding. She decides to take off her suit to let them see her.

They responding to her different, Ian decides to do the same. They tells her their name, after that they are re-check for radiation and infected. But they are clean.

After contact with them several times, they start to understand their vocabulary. But some people in another part of world think that they should attack them first.

Louise starts to dream about those alien, next day Colonel tells her about China and Russia methods to communicate with alien, seem they did with game.

That day she starts to ask them what is their purpose to come here, they answer her that “offer weapon”. They start to panic, she try to explain to them that alien might interpret their language wrong.

After that some of the crew sneaks in to set the bomb in alien’s object, then Louise and Ian show up to see them.

Colonel send some security team to get them back, while talking to them one of alien try to tell her something. She approach them and they teach her how to write in their language.

They push them out of the room before the explosion, Louise and Ian are safe. After wake up they tell her that they are evacuate.

She try to convince them that they should stay, then they found that their ship is moving up. Now they can’t reach them, that night China decides to declare war on alien.

Ian and Louise figure out each of them receive only part, they need to work together to get full piece. But they have to find the way to convince other nation.

While they are arguing, Ian found that Louise is missing. They found that she goes to under object and it send something down to pick her up.

She is inside the ship, she meets them. One of them tell her that the other are dying, she sorry them.

They tell her that they want to help human because in 1000 years later they will need human’s help. After that they start to leave.

She starts to understand what they try to tell her, seem she can see the future of her and Ian and her daughter’s disease.

All nations start to prepare for war, Louise figures out what ‘s their meaning. But Colonel tells her that it’s too late.

Louise see her future with China, she is the one who convinces all nation together. She is running back to camp and call him.

She convinces him, all nations shared all information together. After that their ships are disappear.

After that Louise and Ian are married and have a daughter, even she knows that what will happen to them in future.