The Librarians Season 2 Episode 7


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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 7

And the Image of Image

While Librarians is at London, they found a man is hit by car before a woman flow up. Stone gets her before hurt, they are wonder why clipping book doesn’t warn them.

They found one of student die of OD, Baird and Stone go to check with his mother. They found he is also enter the club before he died, it’s as same club that they found girl flew.

That night they go to check that club, but only Baird and Cassandra are allow in. Ezekiel success to sneaks inside, both of them are taken picture by photographer. After that Baird and Cassandra are following by weird man.

Cassandra figured out next victim, Ezekiel and Stone found her but she suddenly heart stop. They try to help her by pump her heart and success.

That man try to help Baird with Cassandra, Baird thinks that photographer might be evil. But after check he seems clean, Jenkins also shows up. She tells him about photo, they found that victim get effects from some bad behavior that they didn’t do.

That man tells Cassandra that he is Dorian grey, Jenkins found that the club is on the street own by Dorian grey’s painter. They think Dorian grey own the club, Jenkins tells them if they destroy his paint he will die.

They sneaks in his gallery and found his paint and destroy it. but they found it’s not work. Baird thinks that he might hide in club, they go to check his basement.

They found that Dorian use a lot of image to build his image, he shows up and hurt himself. Cassandra get injured instead, he threaten them.

Baird tells Ezekiel to replace all his picture with himself pictures, Baird chasing him to the roof. He try to threaten her by jump down, but they switch his picture to make Baird’s picture instead. She jump down and make him dead.


The Originals Season 3 Episode 8


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The Originals Season 3 Episode 8

The Other Girl in New Orleans

Aurora kidnapped Camile to her lair, she turns all of her men to vampire. Freya and Elijah captured Tristan to tortured for Rebeccah’s position.

Klaus found that Aurora gets Camille. He goes after her, … following him too. One of Strix wants Marcel to subdue Mikaelsons and get Triston out with stake.

He shows up to Elijah and wants to get him out, he try to convinces him to avoid declare war with Strix. He doesn’t agreed, Marcel and Strix shows up to get Triston.

Klaus found Aurora and Camille, she try to threaten him with her life. Marcel back stab Elijah while Hayley is ambush by them. But he help her out, he tricks Triston to leave.

Marcel found that Freya is injured, he helps her with his blood. Aurora tricks Klaus to away from Camile, while her men is in transition and try to kill her. Klaus shows up and help her.

They convinces Elijah that Marcel is on their side, He goes to help Triston with Klaus’s blood. He agreed to takes Marcel with them, he gets some information to Mikaelsons.

Klaus and Elijah think from information they get from Aurora and from Marcel, they can find Rebecca.

At night Freya call Finn’s spirit and talks to him.

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 6


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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 6

And the Infernal Contract

A woman is running from something, she goes to hide in her room, before the fire shows up on ceiling and pull her in.

From Clipping book, Jenkins asks Librarians to check about her case, Baird goes to see her friend Sam. He is running for major. He wants her to check about girl missing, Brandy.

He tells her that she worked for his campaign before missing, then she see the librarians. Ezekiel tells her that Sam texted her before missing, Baird is upset because Sam lied to her.

Finally he tells her about place they usually met, they go to check in his place and found the ceiling opened and Brandy fell down dead.

Baird tells Sam about magic, but he won’t believe it. Jenkins found symbol they found in that room. He tells them about devil’s contact, someone make deal with devil to kill her.

Ezekiel and Cassandra found that Brandy’s phone is blocked by magic. They found about Keating and devil, he make the contacts every 44 years. And next one is due now,

They are looking for his contact, Ezekiel found where is it. Jenkins and Cassandra disguise to get in to steal it. Baird and Sam waiting to get the contact.

Jenkins talks to devil to stall him, while Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra found way to get contact. Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra found secret door. They get the contact and get out, but Sam knock Baird down and grabbed contact.

Devil shows to him and wants him to sign, Baird try to convinces him. But she failed, Sam signed contact. He wants to be a hero, they thinks to be a hero they must create the big disaster.

They found that they try to blow up the main gas line, they go in to stop it. But Contact try to stop them they leak more gas and trap in the room.

Baird convinces Sam to let go the contact, Devil goes to see Library to make a deal with them. Jenkins try to help them, Devil goes to get contact back from Baird. He found that she did sign contact to void it, he said to her that she has to make a wish. She did wish him to be human. He becomes human and can’t hurt anyone.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 12


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 12

Sister City, Part II

Ducky and Palmer are release by hijack, they are there to looking for body. They thinks they are politic.

At morning, Bishop give Chris the body of Pavlenko. King tells Gibbs that he met Byle before he was missing. They think that Eva might kill them.

King goes to see Luca, he meet Eva there. He try to get her in but she won’t, Luca help her escape.

They found the place where Byle hidden their place, Pavlenko used t be there. King and them go to check, they found Byle there. But he is also poisoned. But they safe him on time, he tells him about Manta Ray project.

They found the transmitter in Pavlenko’s body, they track it back to Paulina another Russian operator. After that they following her to see Eva, but she escapes. They found Paulina hidden while her another agent dead.

She tells him that Eva worked under Pavlenko, after that Luca escape from NCIS. He goes to meet Eva, King following him there. Then a shooter shows up try to kill them, Eva chasing after him.

King following her and help her from get killed. He questions her about it, she tells him that Pavlenko and her found out about Manta Ray project that her government try to get it from Byle. They warn commander Lively about it, so he try to stop it.

Next day NCIS goes to arrest Byle before he escape out of country.

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 5


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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 5

And the Hollow Men

Librarians sneak in the museum, they are looking for glass globe. Baird found Flynn inside the armor. But Ezekiel found it and drop it, he try to chase it.

Stone found Ezekiel fells sleep, after that Baird and Flynn discover that this is a trap but too late they are fell asleep. Cassandra  and Jenkins feels the vibration.

After wake up, Jenkins tell them now their back door is unstable. Flynn found that he is hostage, he found that owner tracking down Librarians. He tells them about his place, owner shows up. He try to send signal to them, owner tells them he is Ray.

They found Flynn’s position, they are going to help him. They exit to the port, Ezekiel try to find them. But they just found the container full of artifacts, Ray and Flynn are on the car and he drive off.

While they are checking in container, Moriarty shows up. He found the artifacts same way they did. Librarians takes artifacts and escape except Baird, because door is closed.

Flynn try to figure out who is him, finally he found who is Ray. He thinks he is Library. Jenkins tells them that Library is dying, he thinks that the library is eating itself.

Moriarty convinces Baird to work together, while Ray and Flynn are going to find his memory. Jenkins try to find something for library to eat before it eat itself all.

Flynn found the way to get the temple for staff, while Baird and Moriarty are following them and found their car. They enter the temple like them, while Flynn and Ray found stuff. Moriarty shows up with Baird.

Ray touch the stuff and he starts to remember. But his memory is too much, Flynn try to ask him let it goes. While Jenkins plans to getting eat by library, he asks Librarians to get out.

Flynn tells Ray to give stuff to Moriarty, as he is fiction so he can take it. Ray gives it to him and seem better, he remember everything.

After last resources are out, they found Flynn,Ray and Baird. He introduces them him.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 11


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 11

Blue Christmas

Few Intruders break into the house and rob the owner, NCIS goes to check the house that night. They question victim’s husband and daughter.

They found that her husband is navy commander, he found that his computer is missing. They found the tracking on his computer and following it, but they found Danny with commander’s computer.

He tells King that he doesn’t know how it’s come from. He tells Loetta about party he went.

Brody, Sonja and one of NOPD go to see who own the gun, he said it’s Danny who bought the gun. They found Danny’s print on the backpack where computer is.

They try to ask Danny but he won’t say anything, he convince him to speak but Loetta tells him to wait lawyer. NOPD shows up and take him.

They found that Alonzo is one who talk with Danny, his father think he is not criminal. They found acid in his room same as thieves use to break in. They go to find him at school, but as soon he see them he run.

They found Alonzo and Danny are friend since kid, they try to find Alonzo while King try to make deal for Danny.

Loetta convinces Danny to talk, he tells them about place he and friend go often. King and Chris go to check place and found Sofia, daughter of victim. She shots Alonzo because he is going to kill her.

She confesses that she is the part of break in, they question other of their friends. Finally Danny is get out. But they found out that Alonzo didn’t kill victim, King found that Sofia is the one who kill victim.

She confess that she is the master mind, she wants to get rid her because she takes her father from her.

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4


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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

And the Cost of Education

At night in campus, there is a celebrate. One of them Peter is drag away be giant octopus. Librarians are prepare for going to Wexler university, seem the founder has rituals. Before they going to check that missing person.

At campus they go to check about Peter, they get a lot of weird story. Cassandra and Ezekiel found one of their student hunt for magic, she helps them get in the party.

Stone and Baird go to talk to Dr. Bancroft, while they are talking with him Giant Octopus take him out. Cassandra and student go to check the basement. but they found nothing.

They found that 5 buildings are line circle like magic summoning, they go to check each building for magic.

Cassandra found that student she met accidentally use magic, they try to find how to stop it.

Lucy tells them she knows how to fix it, but Cassandra try to convince her to stop. While she is so convince, she is taken out by Hybristic.

Cassandra wants to bring Lucy back, they use Ezekiel as bait to lure it out. He successes to get it out, he following Ezekiel. Cassandra gets in the dimension to find Lucy, she found her. She tells her that small Hybristic hunt something and bring back the food.

While Cassandra is captured by Hybristic, few women shows up and help her. They are come from Lake forum, they recruit her but she refused.

They are all back safety.Jenkins talks with Cassandra about Lake. He warns her about the Lake.


NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 10


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 10

Billy and the Kid

In 2005 while Katarina hit the city, Chris get called from victim’s wife. He goes to see her and found Phillips is shots, he tells him about blue tattoo shooter.

Today NCIS goes to check the shooting at restaurant, owner, waitress and navy Ford are killed. Chris and Sonja found another survivor, Fray hidden in fridge. He tells Chris about blue tattoo.

Chris thinks it might be same killer that kill Ford and Phillps, he asks Sebastian to check his old evidence.

They found that Ford was in group who help after Katarina, Sebastian tells them about blue tattoo it’s actually a symptom of disease.

Brody and Sonja found Chris at Ford’s house, they chasing a man they found in his house. But they lost him, they think he will comes back again.

Loetta found that Tagget is the tattoo man, he was arrested for 10 years. They think Tagget thinks Ford has his heist, in past they found that Phillip’s wife get handed of heist money. But she knows nothing about it.

From old photo in old case they found Frey inside, they question him. He tells them he has no idea where is him.

They found that Tagget is shows up at Ford’s place, it was Phillips’s old place. They think he try to get heist money back, but they found that his house is gone.

They found that Tagget might knows Phillips’s wife, they think that pack company mixed up their stuff during moving. He tells King that Tagget might following her.

Chris and King go to see her, King found Tagget hostages her. But they get them out and kill Tagget.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 12


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 12

Fast Lane

In night that STAR Labs explode, Joey is push down the tar pit. Today he just wake up from that pit.

At night Iris goes to see Wally race, same night Joey goes to see one of man who throw him down the pit, Daniel and kill him.

Wells just finish the speed force’s collector, he put in his suit. After that they found meta-man shows up to Clay, Flash try to help him. He knocks him down with water.

Cisco tells Barry that he is slower, but they didn’t notices the different. Iris goes to threaten the gang to stop Wally’s racing. He is upset that she make herself danger.

Zoom is not satisfy what Wells give to him, he want all Flash’s speed. After that Barry and Well go to test his device to shutdown the portal, it works.

At night while Iris and Joe go to see Wally race, Tar pit attack them. Flash get Wally out, but during the rescue Flash is not fast enough to grabbed the scatter piece. One of it hit Iris.

Caitlin found that Flash speed force is drop 2%, after talks Wells confess that he stole his speed for Zoom. Joe is upset and throw him to cell, they go out to get Tar pit.

Joe lure Tar pit out and Flash use Well’s device and stop him. Wells tells them about his daughter and Zooms’s plan. He tells them to send him back and close all portal so Zoom can’t cross ever.

Barry decides to help Wells. they tells him that they are going to save his daughter. They will go to his earth.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 9


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 9

Darkest Hour

Frankie is Nick’s fiance, found that Nick is in trouble. Then she see that entire city is gone dark, after that it’s a darkest hour Chris and Sonja try to bring the back up back.

Frankie shows up to King, she tells him about Nick’s trouble. After that she gets his message, look like he is dying.

Patton found where is Nick from the message she got, they go there and found him dead. They found his shoes is taken by one of homeless, they also found his blood on him.

They question him, he tells them about big monster. They found that Nick is beat to dead with metal weapon.

Chris and Sonja found from homeless about Dex of the club, they go to question him. They found that he is the one who cause the blackout, they found the weapon in his house.

They go to check where blackout start, they found someone cut the cable and cause all black out. They found that one antique shop is robbed during black out.

They go to check the owner of antique item, their son knows Dex from club. They think that Nick may one of the crew, but Dex greedy and cut him off.

Chris found truck they use in heist from dust they found at shop, they found Dex dead in truck. They found that someone try to looking for something from antique they heist.

They found Manny is truck owner still missing, Brody and Sonja found the hidden compartment inside the antique. They found that Gordon is Frankie’s father, they think their son is behind this.

They found that Gordon’s son go to see Frankie, they go to see her and found she is captured. They found he hostages her, they manage to get her back. They has evidence tie him.