Limitless Season 1 Episode 9


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 9


Brian starts to nag Naz about his headquarters and his own case,he keeps bother her until one day he tells her that he will gives her FBI’s most wanted list to her.

He located one of them to her, she finally agreed. He gather some of agent to help him catch them. He starts to separate the work to each agent to following them.

Brian and Rebecca’s work get one of them, while he following the other they has been spot. Bolye and Casey call Rebecca tells her to help get another one, Brian found another one.

Brian found Lawrence’s room, he thinks that he is innocence  and try to find his wife’s killer. Lawrence shows up, he convinces him that he is innocence. He thinks he can prove that he is.

He tells her about Lawrence’s invention, he thinks if Lawrence get NZT he will remember all detail about that night. Rebecca agreed. They found that his rival hired Phillips to kill him.

In exchange he will tell them where is the other, Naz tell him to stop hunting them. Because many bureau thinks it’s not their job. She gives him headquarter as he requests.

At night his father asks him about his problem, he tells him about NZT.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 9


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 9

Cape Town

At night the fog rescue a woman from robbery attack, next day he is found dead in garbage.

Clive shows The Fog to Ravi and Liv, he is real life hero that patrol city during night. Clive tells them that last night woman he helped is at station.

Clive and Liv go to question Stacy’s boss about robbery, Liv get vision about hastag has fight with the fog.

Blaine bring a man to the morgue, he tells her that he knows how to tainted utopium. They ask her to help him by turn him to zombie, he gets up.

Clive and Liv question hastag, he tells them about the fog are assembly a team. Liv asks other hero about the fog plan. But seem they afraid to join them, Ravi shows them that one of Boss’s body guard is killed. They found address of victim of robbery in his body.

Blaine and that man they rescue tells them about the source of taint of utopium buried somewhere.  Liv then see vision about Boss’s gun, she rush back to Clive. But he tells him that they can’t invade there without cause.

At night Liv dress as superhero and goes to stop the exchange of Boss, Clive questions one of the robber that night. He tells him that actually the victim kill the fog because she just rob Boss’s casino.

Liv knocks down all men in the warehouse, she found the victim of robbery there. She attack her when she has chance, while she is going to kill her. Boss shows up and kill her.

She wakes up and found all guns are disappear, Ravi tells her that Boss help her life. She try confront him at station, Clive tells her it’s a mistake that get her works with him.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 8


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 8

When Pirates Pirate Pirates

Naz asks Brian and Rebecca to her safe house, she is going at DC. She worried that he might get kidnapped again, he is not captured to test lab because she put tricks on his file.

Naz wants the director to find out who responsibility to sign paper for Brian. After she backs from DC, agents takes her away to investigate. New boss shows up, Johnson.

He cut off his NZT and put him in safe house, but Brian found before Naz gone she tells him to go to safe house. But Brian needs to goes back to get his NZT.

At safe house, they found Ava, Naz’s daughter. She tells them Naz is guilty, she tells them about Mitra, Naz’s cousin. She is captured by pirate, that’s whay Naz is arrested because she send money to pirate.

Brian and Rebecca plan to use bait to lure the one who sign off Brian, at night Ava gets the information about Mitra. She is overtaken by another pirate, Brian tells Rebecca about his own NZT.

He just learns new language and try to locate the pirate. He found her at Indonesia, he found that Mitra is held by Wong sa.

Boyle tells Johnson about medical record of Brian, but he wants to goes to DC with him. Johnson agreed. Boyle found out that Deputy director is the one who behind this.

Brian found the people might related to Wong sa, he made himself captured by them. He found the old captain of pirate, he try to convinces him to release Mitra.

Boyle get paper from his source about black op, Brian call Eddie to asks help from him to expose the deputy director. Naz is back to CJC, Mitra is released back too.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 8


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 8

The Hurt Stalker

Regina is the one who drop letter to Dale’s house, at parking she is attack by someone. She attacked him back but another man shoot her down.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi after see her that she was his ex. At morgue they found that the bullet kill Regina is may come from Clive. The detective that works on the case show them the recording that Clive threaten Regina.

Dale shows up at morgue and give them the Regina’s album, seem she stalk him for a while until he fire charge against her.

At night after Liv eats her brain, she become paranoid. She found out about Rita from major’s phone. She promises him that she will fight the brain.

Liv and Ravi ask Clive about Regina hows they met, what’s going on. They go to check about last couple that Regina’s client. She has vision about that man couple, he also cop. She think he has affair with Regina.

They found Regina also has affair with other one in same station as Clive. But he has alibi.

Liv found out about cop that is an original guy of Regina, she accidentally be in his car. She found that he is chief police. He locks her in prison.

After Ravi gets her out, she shows him the photo of Regina wear her last client ring. Her brother run off, they are all arrest.

She tells her that she is going to kill her brother, she has no choice but shoot her dead. She confess to help her brother.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 7


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 7

Brian Finch’s Black Op

Brian pretend to sick today, while he wants to go out he is kidnapped by men. At FBI, CAI’s agent shows up and tell them they want to use Brian for their operation.

Brian found that he is kidnapped by CIA, they want him to work on black op. They want him to captured one man from the wood, Alexsey.

FBI found who are this unit, they found there is another one in unit. At night CIA team caught Alexsey, they question him. Brian found that CIA is going kill Alexsey.

Another of this CIA unit tells Rebecca about her unit, and what’s happen to Alexsey. They killed his family, Brian try to help Alexsey out but the one he tells betray him and kill their leader.

He tells him they are going to see Alexsey for 10 millions, Brian try to tricks them to turn each other. He plans to poison him too, while he get chances to talk to FBI he sent them the stress signal.

Alexsey gets loose and kill all of them, he takes a pill from Brian and leave him. Brian is out of NZT, he lost in wood. But finally Rebecca following him and rescue him back.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 7


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 7

Abra Cadaver

Ravi and Liv go to check Syd’s body at hotel, he was the magician. The witness tell them that she heard him yelled at angel. Ravi tells Clive about the threaten card he found in victim’s room.

Blaine tells Liv about his customers are missing by zombie-killer, he wants to team up with her to stop Dale and stop the killer.

Clive questions Syd’s assistant because she is the one that Syd yelled to, she tells them about other angry magician.

At night when Liv goes to ask one of magician, Houdina. Liv gets vision when around her, she see that she and Syd are going married. They found her card is found on his body. After ask her, she thinks he is not dead it’s his magic.

They go to ask Magnus, he tells him about his past with Syd. Liv gets vision and found that he is the one who send threaten to Syd. But they still have no idea about how killer get in his room.

Payton goes to warn Blaine about Stacy’s boss knows about him. He gives her the card in case that Stacy’s boss show up again.

They found about that the maid that found body might be the one that kill Syd, Liv thinks she still in hotel.

Liv exposes their tricks how they enter Syd’s room. Syd is going to expose the magicians, one of them disguise as maid in hotel. While other distract security camera, they both confess.


Limitless Season 1 Episode 6


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 6

Side Effects May Include…

In file they found that her father goes to rehab in very expensive clinic, they decide to find out what happen to her father.

Naz tells Rebecca about war game, she wants her to be in this game with her for days. Brian goes to the clinic disguise as addict. He found something about his note, then before he leave he start to have symptom of NZT’s effects.

He goes to see Sand about the shot, he wants him to make Rebecca get fired from FBI. He doesn’t agree.

Brian try to find the way how to escape from side effect and avoid Sand’s task. He decides to contact Eddie.

Brian shows Rebecca what he found, they found all patient like her father are at UBent week before they all disappear, he think they are the one who built it.

Brian’s side effects is getting worse, he goes to UBent and ask them about NZT. But they refuse. But someone from UBent gives him the note, he goes to see her Karen about AE.

She thinks that AE is not dead, he may help him about side effects. He found him and give Rebecca’s address. She leave her mission with Naz and goes to find AE.

Brian wakes up and found Eddie, he gives him the dose. He said to him it’s a test. He wants him to be his partner, he wants him to work with him in project to save the world. He gives him some NZT.

AE tells her that NZT didn’t kill her father, he tells her that he didn’t make NZT. He tells her that her father starts to share it to people, then they start to disappear.

She tells Brian what she found, Naz tells her that she knows about her file. She tells her that she helps her cover, she tells her if she wants to know more about NZT she needs to be notices and get high clearance.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 6


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6

Max Wager

Ravi and Payton found that Major and Liv are together and very happy. They glad for them.

After left court, Cole tells Clive about minimum security prison he will be. Then 2 gun men shows up and kill him.

When Clive shows up at morgue, they are happy that his is safe. Clive takes her to question Thrunk who is on the same floor as dead security guard. But he won’t accepted.

At night Liv and Major found Clive and Dale, Major think they still keep looking about the previous case. Liv tell him that she is here for missing people case.

Clive and Liv found out that the taylor, the one that send debt collector to see Cole. They go to ask them, but he dodge all their question. He tells him about Cole’s life insurance.

Clive tells her that Cole’s wife make funeral at Blaine’s place, she goes to see him. He is drunk.

At night Stacey’s boss goes to see Payton, he threaten her and leave. Clive found the drug hidden inside Thrunk’s pet case, he can takes him in.

Liv found out that Cole’s friend who is basketball hero might involve about gambler. They question him, they convince him to confess that he hire gunmen to kill Cole because he keeps blackmail him.

Blaine’s father force him to kill his rival for him, but at night he is captured by Major and killed by him. But the truth is he didn’t kill them he freeze them in warehouse.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 5


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 5

Love & Basketball

Clive, Liv and Ravi go to check security’s dead body from last night. At station victim’s student shows up, they tells them that they knows who kill their coach. They tell them about RJ.

She has vision about RJ hurts some kid, at night Clive goes to see him and knock him down.

Liv asks Major to help the coach’s student, they work together. At night Blaine’s man gives Ravi the tainted utopium for make the cure. He tells Liv that it will takes months to test.

Clive found that victim raise fund through cloudfund, someone give money the day he died. He try to check who is that guy but can’t.

Clive and Liv go to check one of the man work on same building, they found blood on his room.

Ravi and Bliane found out the zombie killer with accident, they fight over it Ravi has no choice and destroy it before he gets hand on.

Clive found that he kill the guy for defense himself, he tells them about the guy works in company to clean up the mess. He is the one who kill security guard, and give them the money for coach.

He tells them he will testify that man.