Limitless Season 1 Episode 13


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 13

Stop Me Before I Hug Again

Brian and Rebecca go to check the crime scene, they found victim is killed by the marrying man.

FBi has their profiler come at office to help the case, he tells them he think the killer might be the utility company. Brian thinks otherwise, he thinks he might be the locksmiths. After he catch him success, that profiler invites him to quantico to help him.

Naz allows him to go with Rebecca, at there they are checking about Russell the other serial killer. before back profiler gives him advise to write book and movie like him.

Brian and Rebecca goes to see one of man that FBI catch for serial killer, Hanna. He found that profiler gets wrong guy. Naz tells him that Hanna confess.

Brian figure out why Hanna lies, he thinks that Hanna is manipulated by someone. He thinks that Gilroy the doctor who fix Hanna can do it. They found the mark on his head, they think Gilroy might be the killer. But they have no evidence enough.

Brian goes to check Gilory files and found about Nolan Bale, his father fund him the research to help his son.

Brian goes to get DNA from Nolan and prove that he is killer and Gilroy helps him, after that they are arrest.


Grimm Season 5 Episode 8


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Grimm Season 5 Episode 8

A Reptile Dysfunction

Nick tells Wu, Sean and Hank about Meisner, Eve and Rankin’s dead last night, they can’t do arrest them anyway.

Monroe shows Rosalee the letter she just received, the writer tells them he wants to come here to see her.

A couple goes to vacation at Diamond’s lake, one of them is attack by reptile type man. Logan gets up the shore and tells his friend that he has no choice but to kill him. After that they call police, they come to check also the reporter.

Trubel shows up at office, she identify all victim last night. They are all from black claw, then she takes him to see Meisner

He tells him that they work for government, he takes him to see Juliette. She tells him that she is Eve, she talking about working together.

They tells him about Wesen’s war, he shows him also about his mother’s graveyard. After that Sean shows Hank and Nick about Diamond’s lake. They go to check there, sheriff there tells them about the past of the town.

Nick and Hank found that after killing, business of Wayne and Oliver are better. Nick found that they are Wesen, Nixk thinks they might involved.

At night Wayne goes to see Logan, he wants him to do monster in lake again. At night Logan goes to attack the guest and kill him.

Logan goes to threaten Wayne that he wants half of his, otherwise he will kill him. Oliver tells Wayne that they might have problem with Logan, Wayne decides to kill him.

At night Truble shows up to Wayne and Oliver, Wanye tells her that it’s Logan’s idea. They tells her to get rid of him, she agreed. Wayne goes to see Logan to asks him to kill his brother.

Logan goes to see Oliver, while he is going to kill him Trubel shows up. After kill, Wayne tells her to kill his brother. Nick and Hank show up, he freaks out and run away.

He jump in the water and get killed by sheriff’s men thinks that he is monster.

Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 13


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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 13

Project Reborn

Tommy found out that he is in labyrinth, Rin tells Emily that they must find Miko. Tommy is captured by plug to take his power, it transport whole building to Erica’s new city including Ren and Emily.

Ren and Emily try to find Otomo, they found Miko and him. But Miko doesn’t know him, Tommy found another him, he chasing after him.

Luke and Malina is at gateway, they found that first solar flare is coming. He goes out to face it. he absorb the solar flare and safe the world.

Tommy found out about his forgotten memory, about his mother, his father. Phoebe try to attack Malina, Quentin try to stop her. He try to convince her, but she won’t. He shots her down, Malina is safe.

Otomo shows up and send Ren to the game to help Tommy, he meets Miko there. They work together to help Tommy.

Malina decides to fight the solar flare alone, Ren success to release Tommy. When he back he found that Erica hostages his mother and Emily.

Tommy uses his power to be at 2 places, he help each of them out. He goes to see Malina and stop it, but it’s not working. Tommy found that they need some one between them to make their power work.

Tommy goes to take Noah from the past, he shows him what he need. Noah tells him to takes him to gateway, they use him as conduit and stop the solar flare.

And another him goes back to send everyone back, while they and Noah save the world. 3 months later, federal agents ask Quentin about Evo who save the world.

Tommy and Malina get the card from stranger. When she asks to her grandmother, she tells her that her father is coming for her.


Grimm Season 5 Episode 7


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Grimm Season 5 Episode 7

Eve of Destruction

After Nick found that Juliette alive, he try to following her. The other will go to see Rosalee and Xavier at spice shop.

Nick goes back to ask Trubel about Juliette, she tells him about Chavez taking Juliette’s body out. She thinks they turn Hexenbiest to weapon.

Xavier tells them about Wesen’s revolution, if he can’t not to join. He tells them that they left him because they want to get to Nick. Monroe thinks they should call Wesen council.

Nick found from Trubel that Meisner might know, he call Meisner about Juliette, but he won’t give him now.

Hank tells Nick that Billie get away, they with polices go to check her house again. But they don’t found her, but found the bomb in her house.

Lucien goes to the trap and found Bille, she tells him about Juliette. He tells her that they will find her.

Monroe tells Rosalee about Juliette, Rosalee tells Alexander about revolution. He tells her about black claw, he aware about problem and will proceed. Monrole tells Nick about Council, Trubel knows about them.

Adalind starts to worried about Kelly and Nick with Juliette. He tells her do not, at council one of black claw goes there and kill the council. Alexander escapes.

At night Trubel goes to see Meisner, ask him about Juliette.  She backs to Nick and tells him, he will meets her today.

Black claw’s leader tells his men that they will rise, they will make Xavier pay. Nick and Hank go to see Billie’s parent, they know and proud about her. They get nothing from them.

Alexander tells Rosalle about all dead council, he also has following but he escapes. Xavier is attacked by one of inmate and dead, Hank thinks they must have spy in police station. Rosalee and Monrole tell them about dead Council.

Nick goes to meet Juliette at restaurant, she tells him she is Eve. She also remember anything, while meet with him. She kill a man, he fight with his body guard while she escapes. Meisner tells Nick that the dead guy is one of black claw.

Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 12


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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 12

Company Woman

First Solar flare is starting, people starts to panic.  Tommy tells Emily that he will help people as much as possible.

Tommy decides to get in machine, to help transfer them. Ren shows up at gateway and allow him to enter it.

Luke tells Malina that instead of find Tommy, they should make him comes to find her. Matt controls Taylor to kill herself to threaten Erica to gives him the devices. Taylor tells her about her baby, she thinks that she gets power from her baby.

Tommy found that they plan not to help everyone, he upsets and leave. Erica found that he is missing, she tells her men to find Claire. He will listen to her.

Ren tells Emily that he is looking for Tommy, they are looking for him. Tommy goes to get his mother, he shows her the Erica’s city. She tells him to has faith.

Taylor forced Erica to show her Francis, but she convinces Taylor to forgive her and come with her. But she refused.

Luke takes Malina to see Tommy at Claire’s old school. He takes her on the TV reporter, so Tommy can see her. He gets her message and goes to see her.

Rene and Tommy are at school, but Otomo gets Tommy first. Rene try to kill Malina but Luke try to stop her. Farah also there, Rene try to shot her But Farah block her.

Ren and Emily found the center of Otomo’s game, they are looking for Tommy. They found where they put Tommy, they found they knock down Otomo.

Tommy is captured in the game.

Now You See Me 2 (2016)


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Now You See Me 2 (2016)

In 1984, Lionel Shrike performs the show by try to escape from safe. But he failed and dead that night.

Present, Thaddeus try to send message from prison to 4 horsemen for what they did to him. He is going to revenge them.

Tonight, Daniel is following the tail of the eye and end up in the locked door. Someone talks to him, he tells him that there is a new mission for horsemen.

Dylan is trying to proof his boss about horsemen’s plan. But they don’t listen to him, seem his plan to distract them work.

Daniel comes back to his home and found strange woman in his room, she wants to work with him for the eye. Then he gets message from Dylan to meet.

They gathering together and found Lula and Dylan, he introduces her as new member. They are not happy, Dylan tells them about Octa’s CEO, Owen. He tells them they eye plan to expose Octa.

Next day they infiltrate to Octa’s opening, they hypnotize him and steals his opening. But someone hacks the stage and reveal Dylan’s secret. He tells the other to escape, they found some one change their plan.

They found themselves in Macau, they are captured by men. Dylan try to reach them but he can’t, after he get call from Thaddeus. He found that this is his plan.

All horsemen found that they are captured by Chase’s boss, Walter. Chase is Merrit’s twin. They met his boss, he was the partner of Owen.

He wants them to help him get something from Owen, they all against it but Daniel decides to work with him.

Dylan goes to visit Thaddeus, he offers to help him get his men back. After leave, Thaddeus tells him that his men are in Macau.

Daniel and other plan to steal the chip for Walter, they are invited see the chip at facility. They take that chance and steal the chip out successfully.

Thaddeus and Dylan arrive at Macau, they go to see his source’s shop. He found his father’s belonging while Thaddeus escape.

Dylan found Atlas at the meeting, but he tells him that he doesn’t need him anymore. But he found that he is tricked by Walter. While they are beating him, Dylan shows up and help him out. But he is captured instead.

Walter put him in the safe where his father die, then dump him in the river. Dylan found the secret of his father trick and try to get out but he unconscious. But the horsemen shows up and help him up.

They plan to get back at them, but they plan failed and all of them are captured by Water again. After they get the chip, they throw them off the plane.

While Walter celebrate, he found that he is tricked by them. They reveal the face of Walter to the world. After that FBI shows up and arrest Walter and them, they escape.

After that Dylan found out that Thaddeus is his father’s friend and partner. They found that Thaddeus is the eye.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13


At Ben’s funeral, Karen tells Ben’s wife that she cause his dead. But she tells her that no one force Ben.

Leland tells Fisk about Gao leaving, Fisk notices that he is hiding something from him. He thinks that he kill Wesley because he found that he and Gao stealing from him. But he tells him that he didn’t but they did the poison to make him on track.

Leland threat him that if he hurts him, his witness will goes to fed and make him arrest. Fisk is so upset, he kills him and ask his men to find his witness.

Foggy tells Matt that he gets someone to help him. He thinks that it won’t work because it will end up the same result as Ben. He convinces Matt to use law to Fisk.

They go to see an officer that vigilante talks to him before, while that Matt overheard some cops talks about Hoffman. They are going after him.

Matt, Foggy and Karen are working together to check the case and files. They found one of the place that they might sell but no record. Matt goes to see that place, foggy try to stop him.

Hoffman and Leland’s men are attacked by polices, But before they finish him, vigilante shows up and rescue him. He tells him to turn himself. he will following and be sure he goes at the station.

Foggy, Matt are represent Hoffman to Fed, he gives them all information, all name. Fed starts to arrest all of them, his employers, polices, Fisk’s spy at publisher, senator.

Fisk asks Vanessa to do something for him, after that Fed shows  up and arrest him. At night while Matt and his friends celebrate.

At night during transfer Fisk, his men shows up and get him out. After Matt see in the news, he head to get his suit. And he following him to stop him. He is ins his new red suit, they fight each other and he knocks him down. Fisk is returned to police, after that they call him daredevil.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5


Stein is tricks by Russian, he is injected with drug to force him to give them the Firestorm formula. He tells Vandal that he will not gives him it.

Sara tells them about Russian mob, she thinks they can use them to help. They convince him to help them destroy Vandal.

Rip plans to attack the prison, he wants Hawkgirl and Jax still. Rip tells Sara secretly that they can’t help Stein then he wants her to kill him.

Jax sent the message to Stein that they are coming, Vostok is going to tortured Stein until he submit. But he won’t, they plan to tortured Palmer and Heatwave instead.

Sara and Captain Cold sneak in prison, Stein already surrender to give what they want to let Palmer and Heatwave live. He try to stall Vostok and wait they come to rescue, but too late.

Vostok found that she can merged with Stein, while Sara try to kill Stein. Jax and Hawkgirl show up, Rip tells her to stop failed safe. Captain Snow get Palmer and Heatwave out.

Vandal notices Hawkgirl, he is heading to her. Vostok start to merge herself with Stein, after he merge with him. He try to convinces her to stop before they end up dead.

Vostok uses her power to attack the inmate, Jax try to get Stein back. He stops her to attack, he separates from her, she becomes unstable and explode. After they escape, their ship is hit by Chronos. They are hit and end up crash and landing at 2046 in star city.

They meet the arrow but he is not Oliver.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 12


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 12

The Ones We Leave Behind

After Claire destroy the evidence, she goes back home and wake up in morning then found Fisk is at her home. She wakes up, she found Foggy at office. She didn’t tell him anything. While he left, Matt shows up but they didn’t say anything.

Vanessa wakes up, Fisk tells her what happen and wants her leave. But she won’t, his men tells him that he found Wesley. Fisk found him dead, he is very upset. He asks Leland to find out who did.

Matt goes to see Ben, he asks him about triad and drugs. He tells them about blind man may be the delivery.

Karen goes to see Ben, she tells him that she think they knows that they found Fisk’s mother. She wants him to publish the article as soon as possible.

Matt goes out to find the blind delivery, he found she get in the car. He following her to her place.

Fisk try to ask his mother what she talk to Wesley, but her memory is fade. Ben get fired when he try to convince his boss to publish about Fisk.

At night Matt goes to Gao’s lair, he found a lot of blind. Gao found him and ask her men to attack him. He following Gao, but she knocks him down and escape.

Gao goes to see Leland, they are the one who try to kill Vanessa. But Gao tells him she has no idea about Wesley.

Ben tells Karen that he will start the blog and tell world about Fisk, at night when he back home Fisk is there. He asks if he saw his mother alone, he said yes. He killed him.




DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4

White Knights

After they arrived at 1986, Rip tells them they need the document that hidden in pentagon.

They infiltrate in the building, they success get the file but hawkgirl suddenly berserk. They start to blame each other, from file they found that Vandal  is at Soviet.

When they are Soviet they found that Chronos is after them, they use Soviet’s plan to get rid of him but their ship also crash.

They found that Vostok is working with Vandal, Palmer and Captain Snow will go to see her.

Rip asks Sara to help out with Hawkgirl, while he and Heatwave go to check Chronos. Palmer failed to get Vostok but Captain Snow gets her instead.

Instead found Chronos, Rip found his time master. He offered him that if he returned now, he will off from all charges. Bu he disagreed.

Captain Cold gets Vostok’s badge from her, he and Palmer will go to see where she might build weapon for Vandal.

Rip goes to see his master but he found that he is betrayed, council wants to arrest him. Rip’s team shows up and help him, but Jax is injured.

At night, Stein will go alone in facility to find out about what Vostok’s built for Vandal. Inside they found bodies, he found that he try to built firestorm. He decides to stop the core, Captain Snow and Palmer already there show up to help him.

But Vostok shows up and hostage Snow, she threaten Palmer to stop. Stein are captured by them, Heatwave shows up and rescue them.

But Palmer, Heatwave and Stein are captured. Rip tells them the plan is to get them back before Stein tells them the secret.