Hell Fest (2018)


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Hell Fest (2018)

3 girls enter the Orange Grove Community Fair
Horror Night, one of them get lost during enter the maze. She get into the dead end and see someone with scary mask, she is killed by him.

Nat just arrive at Brooke and Taylor’s house for her vacation, she surprise them as she didn’t confirm that she would come. They plan to go out at night for fun, they try to couple her and Gavin together.

Before Nat and 5 of her friends enter the Hell Fest, one of her friend tell them story about some missing girl who found later that she is killed. They think it’s just a rumor or story they try to scare them. Gavin has crush on Nat, but she is not sure.

A mystery man shows up at Hell Fest’s entrance, he is upset after he heard one of the girl complaint to one of actor. He steals knife from one of the shop and following her.

Nat and her friends enter one of the scary maze, they found a woman and mystery mask man. That girl try to run away from him and ask help, but they thought that this is just part of show like they just saw.

Once Nat’s friend leave, he killed the woman in front of Nat while she is watching. But Nat notices something is off, she also leaves him. That mystery man start to stalking them instead.

While Nat and Gavin take their photo at booth, Brooke spots that mask man steal their photo away. She try to chase him and get photo back but she lost him.

After that they decide to get in next maze, but Gavin try to impress her by try to get doll for Nat. He leaves alone, while Nat and friends are waiting in line.

He meets mask man, he try to get his photo back then he is killed by mask man, while Nat and friends are in maze. He steals his phone and chat back to Nat, so they don’t aware that Gavin missing.

During the show in maze, Nat’s car stop. She spots the mask man inside and he comes to her. But apparently he is a part of show.

After that they enter another maze, this time Nat get lost and alone. She saw that mask man again but fortunately there is a glass wall. But one of her friend is kill by him this time.

Then when Nat wash herself, that mask man show up again. He try to get in the bathroom and grab her.

One of her friend join the guillotine show, Nat found out that mask man is near by and try to warn her but too late. She is hurt, she try to get out but that mask man following her and kill her at public. Other friend try to stop him, he is killed too.

Nat and Brooke run away and hide in the maze, mask man keep following them. They try to hide and try to call to get help, but that man keep coming after them.

They make a chance and hit him, Brooke escape out but Nat is knock down. Then he comes after Brooke, Nat following her and try to help.

She success stab him and escape from him, at the entrance they found polices. But they can’t find him.

Halloween (2018)


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Halloween (2018)

At smithy’s grove, rehabilitate facility, Aaron comes to observe Michael. He wants to understand him before he transfer to other facility. He shows him his mask, try to provoke him to speak but instead other patient start to panic.

Aaron is following the Michael’s track, first he goes to see Laurie. Her house surround with fence and security camera, he tells her that he wants to get more new info for his radio show. She told them there is nothing new about it.

He try to convince her to see and talk with Michael, she doesn’t response them. She just learn from them that his granddaughter is going to wedding.

Her granddaughter, Allyson expected her family to invite her grandmother. But they don’t want, she plan to call her for Halloween.

Laurie goes to see Allyson and give her some money, Allyson asks her to say good bye for Michael for her family.

Tonight, Michael is going to transfer to another facility. His doctor decides to go with him, while Laurie is waiting him at front of facility. But she decides not to.

She shows up at her granddaughter’s party, but she made the mess and upset everyone. Her daughter explains her childhood’s life to her granddaughter before she is taken away by social service.

That night during transfer, the facility bus get accident all patient are out. Father and boy found the accident and try to help, one of survivor tell them to run. But Michael shows up and kill the boy and take his car.

Hawkins is called to accident’s side, he found Father and son’s body. He found Michael’s doctor still breathing, he takes him to hospital. Then he found that Michael is on loose.

Michael is following Aaron for his mask, he try to fight him but he is killed by him. Laurie just heard about accident, first thing she did is hide in her safe room.

Laurie goes to see her daughter, try to warn them about Michael. She tells her that they should hunt down Michael or get out the town, but her daughter doesn’t believe.

At Halloween’s night, Michael wander around the house and start to kill people in their house.

Allyson and her friends go out for Halloween’s party, Laurie try to call Allyson to warn her but she doesn’t notice. Laurie is by herself and try to find Michael from dispatch and road.

One of Allyson’s friend, Vicky while she works as babysitter in house. Her boy screams and tell her that there is someone outside the house. She doesn’t believe him and try to comfort him, she goes to check but Michael is already in house. She is killed, her boy friend try to get him but he is killed.

Hawkins arrives at the house first, he found 2 bodies. While outside Laurie spots Michael in house, she try to shoot him while he coming at her. She shots him away, Hawkins show up and team up with her.

Laurie goes to warn her daughter about Michael, they plan to go to safe place. But they can’t reach Allyson, her phone is trash. She just break up with her boyfriend, she upset with her friend who try to kiss her. He screams try to ask her help, but too late. She see Michael after he kill her friend, she is running out.

Finally she meet Hawkins, he will take her to her family. Laurie takes everyone to the basement and prepare them.

Hawkins and Allyson found Michael, he hit him with car. While Hawkins try to kill Michael, his doctor kill him and take his mask. He plans to reunion him and Laurie to see his response.

But Michael wakes up and kill him, Allyson take chances and run out. Michael takes one of patrol car and drive to Laurie.

Her daughter’s husband goes to check but he get killed, Laurie spots Michael outside, she asks her daughter to hide. Michael almost get her but she escape to safe room.

Michael now int the house, Laurie try to kill him by lock him in cage. But she failed and knock down, Allyson shows up at house. Her mother hide her in safe room, but Michael heard the noise and try to break down to safe room.

Michael breaks down the safe door, while her daughter waiting for him and shoot him. Laurie wait for chance and knock him down to safe room, after all of them get out they trap him down and burn him alive along with house.

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)


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Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

At MI7’s headquarter in London, their system is hacked and all cause their all identity of their agents expose. The Prime minister has no choice but bring back old agent to fix this problem.

For now, Johnny are working as teacher at school. But he also secretly try to teach his class the spy technique.

Then he receive secret letter from MI7, so he rush back to the headquarter. So MI7 calling all retired agent to fixed the problem, but during the waiting Johnny accidentally disabled other agents.

He is assigned to fixed this problem, MI7 try to give him new hi-tech device which he doesn’t understand. He preferred the old gadget, old car to be sure that their digital enemy will not see their coming.

He and his assistant, head to France. after checking information from MI7. They found that Lynch might be their target.

They try to steal his phone so he can check his phone, but failed. He ends up almost burn entire restaurant. But with his distraction, his assistant can get the phone and they found next clue on boat name “dot Calm”

They try to sneak on the boat, but they are spot and captured. But they escape and success their mission and they try to follow the boat’s owner. Seem she knows about him, she try to seduce and get info from him. Actually she is Russian’s spy who try to get info from Jason.

But after she find out that he is not exist, she is ordered to kill him. At night she failed to kill him many times even she has chance.

MI7 found out that Jason is owner of the ship, now he is the guest of the Prime minister. Johnny rush back to MI7 to inform his boss, but they don’t believe him.

To find the evidence, they ask him to break in Jason’s mansion. He meets Russian’s spy, she try to steal Jason’s item. They decide to cooperate, but they are made. She decides to turn him up.

But he get chances and escape out, he hijack the student’s car and try to escape from Jason. He stole Jason’s phone with evidence but he swap it with someone. The prime minister is so upset at him, he get fired.

His assistant tells him that Prime minister just agree to take Jason to the International summit, where he can make another attack easier. He help him to stop Jason by use his wife’s submarine to escort them to near the summit.

Johnny sneaks up in castle and accidentally rescue Russian’s spy from Jason. She successfully escape, after Prime minister finish the summit. Jason show himself and before he threat the summit, Johnny show up try to expose him but he’s too late.

Jason threat the summit to give him all control, while they as signing. Johnny accidentally destroy Jason’s ship while he try to call MI7.

Jason try to escape with helicopter, Johnny taunt him and successfully stop Jason and save the world.

Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)


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Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)

Ehan just wake up in safe house In Belfast, there is someone at the door. He give him the book with the new mission, apostles and Lark.

He needs to stop them from get acquire of nuclear device before they do, Ethan, Benji and Luther go to Berlin to stop the exchange.

But something goes wrong, they are interrupt by apostles. They captured Luther and trick them and get the device instead.

After that they go to see Lark’s associate to get information about Lark, they trick him to believe that the device already trigger and get his code.

Ethan found that Lark and Widow will meet together, he is sent to find Lark by CIA. But CIA also wants Walker to work with him to work with him and get device too.

They jump of the plane but during landing Walker is stroked by lightning and pass out, Ethan help him out.

They found the Lark, but they fail to capture him. Ethan has no choice but go to see Widow by himself. He convinces her that he is Lark.

After talk to her he found that she is after Lane, head of Syndicate. If he gives him Lane then she will give him the device.

Walker tells his CIA’s boss that Ethan is real Lark, they want to use Lane as decoy to expose Ethan.

Instead of kill all police and get Lane, Ethan decides to grab Lane and disappear. But he is setup and chased by polices, after he escape from them. They are ambush by Ilsa, she try to kill Lane.

Ethan escape from her, he didn’t not plane to exchange Lane to apostles. After meet with Widow, she wants him to give Ilsa too.

IIsa tells him that Mi6 wants to kill Lane to protect their secret, Widow wants him to meet apostles’s courier at London.

Ethan found out that Widow actually work for CIA she wants to delivery Ethan the real Lark, and Walker is here to stop him.

Walker actually work with Lane, he help him frame Ethan so he can get the device. But actually it ‘s a trick to expose Walker as Lark.

But Lark’s team show up, they help him escape out. Ethan is chasing down Walker and he is chased by men. He escapes from them but Lane and Lark escape.

Lark warns Ethan that if he ever come to him again, he will kill his wife Julia. Ethan and his team found that Lark heads to Kashmir.

He surprises that he meets Julia there at camp, seem she is setup by Lark. They setup the bomb to explode there, Ethan and his team try to stop it.

Lark start to detonator, Ethan try to get key from Lark by chase him with helicopter. Iisa found Lane and try to kill him, but she is captured instead. Benji try to save her, but instead she save him.

Ethan ram his helicopter into Lark’s, they both down on the ground. Ethan try to get the stopper from Lark. They almost fell down to the ground, but Ethan manages to get stopper and save the world.

Solo A Star Wars Story (2018)


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Solo A Star Wars Story (2018)

After Han failed to do exchange task, he goes back to his hideout. He try hard to pay off his debt, then he is taken to see Proxima for his failure. He is punished by her, he decides to escape from them with his girlfriend, Qira.

They plan to get their own ship and travel through galaxy, but they are chased by Proxima’s men. They try to get out through the gate but when they failed, Qira is taken back.

He apply to be pilot in Empire, he is expecting to be a pilot. But after that 3 years, he found himself still fighting in the war. He try to find the way to be a pilot, but he is blocked and ignore.

Then he made himself a trouble, he found that his caption is fraud. He try to blackmail him but failed, his captain send him to feed the beast.

He found that the beast is Wookie, he try to talk to Wookie to work together to escape out. They break the cage out, they following his fake captain and convince him to take both of them with him. Han found that Wookie name Chewbacca.

His captain has new job,  he plans to make money from this and get enough money to get his ship. They plan to rob the train’s cargo, but the guards show up and try to stop them.

They shake off them but the other pirate show up and try to get it from them, their pilot is hit and injured. Han decides to pliot the ship instead, during fight they lost 2 persons. He decides not lost another one, so he drop what they get and escape.

His captain tells him that they now owe to Dryden’s group, he will try to make up with them. He can be free because they don’t know him, he refused and decide to go with his captain.

There he meets Qira, he found that she changed and she worked for Dryden. They try to make up with Dryden, Han suggests them that they can steal raw item instead and refine them.

Qira vouches for them, they start to according the plan. He goes to get pilot andhis ship, millennium falcon. They fake Han and Chewbacca as slave and sell them, so they can infiltrate to the mine.

They seize the control’s room, they free the slaves. Han also success and get raw item, they success to escape. But then they meet Empire’s spaceship, Han decides to get shortest route to escape.

They manage to shake Empire off, but they end up in the huge monster’s nest. With raw item they get, it help them out. They success to refine the raw item and ready to pay off their debt.

Unfortunately the pirate show up try to rob them, they explain them that Dryden’s group is the one who rob the galaxy.

Han decides to help the pirate to prevent Dryden’s group to get profit from what they get. They try to trick, Dryden but failed because his captain betray him.

But Han already think about that case, he tricks Dryden and destroy his private army. But his captain decides to double cross them and take all goods.

Qira manages to kill Dryden, she tells him to after his captain and help Chewbacca out. But when he left, she contacts Maul and tell him that Dryden’s dead. She lefts him there.

Han give the goods to the pirate so they can use them to fight the Empire, with reward from pirate he uses it to win the millennium falcon.

Skyscraper (2018)


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Skyscraper (2018)

Will and Ben are with assault FBI team, they try to rescue the hostage situation. But he failed, all hostages and his team and dead except him. He gets bad injury and send to the hospital, he meets his wife, Sarah who operate him.

In Hong kong, they create a high tower name Skyscraper. It created by Zhao Long Jing, People in world are very excited about it. Today Will and his wife are going to present their company to Zhao Long Jing.

Will and his family staying in Skyscraper tower during time they make presentation, Zhao wants him to check his security system of his tower. His friend Ben voucher for him to get this job.

During way they go back, Will get burglar by someone. Before leave Zhao gives device  that allow Will to be able to access tower’s security. Ben found out that the device is not stolen, he called someone.

While the same time, group of mercenary enter the building. Ben exposed him that he wants his device and want to kill him. But during struggle, Ben is shot and death. Before die, he tells him that his family is in danger.

Will try to go back to the building, but his device is taken. Then he is blamed that he is the cause of the fire. While the other mercenary’s team get in the control room and make fire more intense.

Will escape from arrest and climb to next crane and try to get in the building to help his family. While Hong Kong’s police team try to get him.

Zhao found that his rival is the one who set the fire, his rival try to get his secret and kidnap him. He manages to retreat to his panic room, his rival found that Will is also in the building and can help them get to Zhao.

Will meets his family before Zhao’s rival try to get them to get his help, he manages to get his family to the floor below the fire.

While Zhao’s rival try to after Will’s daughter, Will try to get her but both of them are captured by Zhao’s rival. They force him to get Zhao out or they will throw her off the roof.

Will find the way to get to Zhao, they go to top and try to exchange his daughter. They trick them and get his daughter back. Sarah gets the device controller from one of the mercenary and fixed the system.

The system back online and close all fire. Zhao and Will are rescued.

Tag (2018)


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Tag (2018)

Malloy is applying for position janitor in Callahan company, his interviewer is very curious what is he doing there. Actually he try to tag Bob in their game since they are children.

After success tag Bob, he tells him that they should join force to tag Jerry. Jerry seems to be only one of them that never been tag for 30 years. While Malloy tags Bob, he is interview with Crosby. She decides to join them to get their story.

Malloy goes after Chilli by act as decoy, then Bob can tag him. After they explain to Chilli , he agree and they go next to Sable and get him.

They explain to him that they will tag Jerry at his wedding, but first they need more information. They go to see Lou, to see where is Jerry.

They plan and lure him in the place, where they will ambush him. But they all failed, then Susan is Jerry’s fiance shows up. She want them to sign truce that they can’t tag Jerry any time during wedding.

They agree with her for be fair, they are now planing new tag. They sneak in his house, but they are confused by Jerry and lost again to him.

Next day Malloy try to ambush Jerry again but he still fail, next they gathering at rehearsal. But Jerry fight back them by invites their old friend that crumble their team.

Then Jerry lures them into the wood and trap them, that night they plan to get him at his gym. They found there is Jerry about to.

They plans and prepare and lock the entire building, but Jerry stills find the way out by fake Susan miss-carriage.

Malloy decides to give up on fight, they go the wedding to celebrate with them. But after Malloy heard what Susan confess to them, he wants to play game again.

During the kiss of bride, Malloy sprint up and try to tag Jerry. But he missed and get himself unconscious, he’s now admit in hospital.

Malloy tells his friends that he has tumor, he possible will not make it next round. His friends still not believe him all, think that he try to fake it.

Jerry finally show up he allow Malloy to tag him for last time, after tag Jerry tag back and they start to play around again.

Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut Unrated (2018)


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Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut Unrated (2018)

Deadpool plans to end his life with the explosion at his house, before that he was at Hong Kong and take out the gang. He also take down other gang around the world, and then he comes back to take out Sergei’s gang he missed.

After he backs home to celebrate with his girlfriend, his rival following him home. She is killed. He following him and kill him, after that he is moan for several days. Then he decides to brown himself up.

Colossus shows up and carried him back to Xavier’s school, he try to cheer him up. He takes him to help him take care about mission to rescue other mutant, Russel. They end up taken to the Icebox.

While Cable from the future goes back to the same year as Deadpool. He plans to attack the Icebox, he is looking for Russel. While he try to help him, he breaks the device and become immortal again.

He take Cable off the prison, then he realize that he has to take care Russel. He found that all mutants are transfer to super max. While Russel try to find alliance, he goes to see the most dangerous man in the cell.

Deadpool try to recruit other heroes to help him to get Russel out, while Cabel also find out Deadpool’s plan. But Deadpool’s team entire team are gone before can intercept the convoy.

Deadpool intercept Cable on time, before he is killing Russel. But why Cable and Deadpool are busy, Russel release Juggernaut out. He makes entire convoy crash, after that he leaves with Juggernaut.

Cable shows up and ask Deadpool to help take down Juggernaut, and stop Russels before he has his first killed. They agreed and get help from Colossus and his team.

Colossus shows up and fight with Juggernaut, while Cable and Deadpool try to stop Russel. He shows to him that he really want to protect him, Russel change his mind. The future of Cable is changed.

Cable decides to go back in time to safe Dead pool, because of that he can’t go back in his time. He stays with them to be sure the world will not down.

Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom (2018)


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Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom (2018)

A submarine pass through the abandon gate and looking for The Indominus Rex remain in the ocean, when they try to go back they are attacked by something huge. While team on land try to close the gate and leave, they also attacked by another T-Rex. But fortunately they success to secure the DNA’s sample and escape but they also let something escape the gate. After that many years, Malcom try to answer the committee’s question about Jurassic park, seem they have hard time to understand him. Claire try to reach congressman, she is part of dinosaur protector. She try to get votes to help them alive. Now their island is going to explode, she try to find way to help them. She goes to see Eli and Lockwood, he used to work with Hammond long times ago. He said that Hammond wants to let the rest of Dinosaur to live on island alone, but now that island is exploding. Eli wants her to help him capture Blue to preserve them as they are the last of their species. She goes to see Owen, they used to be together but they break up for a while. He knows that why she comes to see him, he refuses to help her rescue Dinosaur. Owen used to work with Blue, after think well at night he decides to help her. They fly straight to the island, they meet Ken. He and his team will be with with them to protect them. Owen found that the volcano is more active than they think, after locate the Raptor. Owen and team try to capture them. Owen confront one of Raptor he raised, but Ken and his team doesn’t want to wait. They try to sedate it, instead they make it panic. It is shot when try to attack one of them. They try to get it back to camp and cure it, they leave Owen alone there. After wake up he found that lava is coming to him, while Clare and her colleague are trap with one big dinosaur that come to them when they try to open the door. They manage to get out and found that Volcano is explode, Owen shows up and tell them to run. They get in the pod and try to run but the are attacked by dinosaur, Claire and her colleague get in the pod but Owen has to run. Pod fell down the ocean, Owen help them get out before they drown. They learn from Owen that Eli lied to her, they try to get all dinosaur back but not for protection. Owen and them sneaks on their ship to escape out the island, while Eli try to convinces his investor by try to sell him Indoraptor. Owen and them found Blue, they try to treat its shot. But they need to get blood from T-Rex, while they are taking it somehow they wake it up. But they manage to escape out and use blood to help it. After ship dock, Owen and Claire found out that they are at Lockwood’s estate. They load all dinosaurs in the basement. Eli kill Lockwood when he confronts him about selling dinosaur. Eli starts his dinosaur auction, Lockwood’s niece found that he is dead and she found that Eli try to get rid of her. Owen and Claire are captured when they try to sneak in the house, but one of the dinosaur next to them just awake and open door for them. They found Maisie, Lockwood’s grand daughter. She is running from Eli, she tells them about Eli’s plan. Owen and them see the Indoraptor in the auction, he try to stop it from getting out. They try to make chaos and get chance to get it out, he destroy the cage controller. Ken found it and try to sedate it, it fakes to sedate and kill him. Indoraptor get out the cage and rampage, Eli tells Owen that Maisei actually is clone of Lockwood’s daughter. Then they see one of Dinosaur attack Eli’s men, they run out. They found that Indoraptor is killing men around, and they are looking for them. They try to escape from it, but Claire is hurt. She tells Maisie to run, Indoraptor chasing after her. Claire tells Owen to go after Maisie and help her, but when he is in danger. Blue shows up and help him out. They manage to kill it with help of Blue, then they found that because of system failure. The dinosaurs are dying because of gas, she open entire gates and release them all. Eli is killed by eaten by T-Rex during escape. Now the escape dinosaurs are scattering everywhere.

A Quiet Place (2018)


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A Quiet Place (2018)

In this town, almost nobody live here. Except one family. He try his best to not make noise while gathering the supply from abandon supermarket. His family still lives in this town, they use hand language to communicate each other without sound.

At supermarket, one of his youngest son wants to get the toy with sound. But his parent doesn’t agree, but his sister secretly give it to him. During way back home, his youngest son turn on the toy with loud sound.

It draws something from the wood, they coming after him. His father try to get him but something take him first.

1 Year after that  incident, The family is more careful than ever. He try to get help from anyone that survive. His wife is going to get another baby soon.

One day father and his son goes out to find supply, his wife’s baby is going out. She accidentally make a sound, one of them is in the house try to find her. She lures it with alarm clock and try to get out of the house.

Father comes back home and found her with new born baby, he hides them under the house while the monster gather around them. He tells her they are safe for now, then he goes out to find their other children.

When his wife wake up, she found one of the monster is looking for her and her baby nearby. She try to hide him from it, then one of his son fell down the silo and make sound. The monster hear them and try to get them, but some how his daughter’s device chase it away.

They try to go back to house but then there is one monster nearby, their father try to fight it but he missed and get killed to safe his children.

His wife is very upset, she took her children back in house and plan to hide from them. But one of them go down near them, her daughter notices their weakness.

Her mother shots one of them down, now they know how to kill them. She found that they are coming for them.