Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5

The Door

Sansa gets message from Baelish, he wants to see her. She and Brienne go to see him, he tells her about army. She upset at him, he tells him what he did to her. She tells him that she won’t believe him anymore. He suggests her that if she needs an army she should look for her uncle.

Jaqen tells her that faceless man is the one who found the Braavos city, he gives her 2nd chance to atone her mistake. Sansa tells Jaqen what she saw and success.

Brann and 3 eyes raven go to see the ancient tree, while he see the creature make the white walker from men.

At ironborn’s meeting to make new king, Yara name herself as king. But many of them against her, Theon shows up and support her as queen, then their uncle, Euron show up there.

Yara tells them that first thing she will execute king’s murderer, Euron accepts what he did. Euron tells them that he will get dragon queen and march together with them and win the 7 kingdoms.

Yara and Theon escape from ironborn when Euron name as king, he found that they are escape. He wants to hunt them down, he found that they take their ships.

Jorah shows Daenerys his stone, he has no idea how much time he has. She sorry for him, he tells her that he love her. She commands him to heal himself and return to her.

Tyrion’s plan seem to work, city seem to be peace for now. He thinks the plan to make people safe but invite priest from lord of light. She is willing to help them, Varys asks her about Stannis and another priest of lord of light. She convinces him with secret from past.

Brann try to find out thing by himself without 3 eyes Raven, he saw the army of undead and knight king. He touch him, he wakes up. 3 eyes Raven tells him that they must leave now, he will come for him. And he will become him.

Snow and them try to figure out the ally that they can trust, she tells them about Blackfish. She wants to send Brienne to get help from her uncle, she tells her that she doesn’t trust anyone here.

Army of dead arrive to them quicker than expected, their barrier now is broken. Meera goes to wake him up and help him escape, undead break in. Meera kill one of the lord, Brann’s wolf is killed. They try to escape out, then night king shows up and kill 3 eyed raven.

Hodor try to hold the door while Meera takes Brann and escape, he found that he is the one who make Hodor this way.


What Happened to Monday (2017)


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What Happened to Monday (2017)

In future, world has too much populations. The world faces the shot of food, but with the scientist they make crop that can help feed them. But it also bring genetic problem, then UN declared new law that one family must has only 1 child. One with more than children they will put them in sleep.

One of family give birth to 7 babies, their grandfather plan to hide them from the law. He named each of them from Monday to Sunday.

30 years later, Monday comes back from the work. Soldiers are taken the people children to sleep, people starts to resist the solider about that.

Monday to Saturday, all of them have different characters and habit and looks, they share their life, work. Monday is very stress for her presentation tomorrow, their grandfather teach them how to work together. Among them Friday is the most genius, he teaches them how to live secure one day by day for each of them. They can go out as long it’s their day, and never tell other about their sibling.

Thursday is the first one who get outside, he teaches how to live in the world. After comes back they have to share detail with other.

One of them, thursday wants to be in sleep, she sicks to be live in this life. In past she sneaks out and make the other worried, she tells them that she fell. She breaks her finger, their grandfather chops off the other finger as her. He tells them everything happen to one will happen to other.

One day Monday found out that the government start new protocol, now they will ask them the question when scan too. She was threaten by one of her work rival, That night they found that she didn’t back home.

They are wonder where she is, they are worried that she will never back then their life will be over.

Next day, Tuesday goes out and try to figure out where is Monday. Her doorman tells her that he didn’t see her come back, she pass the checkpoint and get inside company. She found that she get promotion, her assistant tells her that yesterday she left early for celebrate.

Tuesday goes to check at the bar, she found that Monday and Jerry has argued before she missing. They plan to corner him, then she is corned by CAB. They tell her to get in their van and cut her connection.

She is taken to see the head of CAB, seem she found what she did and about her 7 siblings. Tuesday try to refuse but they doesn’t believe her, she try to make a deal but they said it’s funny that was the last one said.

The other found out that Tuesday also missing, then they found out that CAB is at their door. They kill their doorman and looking for them, they hide while Thursday try to fight them. They help each other and kill them all. But during fight, Sunday is shot and dead. They found that Tuesday is dead.

Cayman tells his assistant, Joe that she need them to take care subtle otherwise it will destroy her credibility.

Thursday think that they want them to disappear but they didn’t know why, Wednesday goes out today to find out what Jerry knows. She approach him while her sisters keep eye on her. He tells her to pass promotion and he will keep her secret.

He tells her that he see her contact with Cayman, then he is shot by sniper. She try to get hand of the contact, while CAB’s agent heading to her. Wednesday try to fight them, she manage to kill one of them but she is surrounded by them. She manages to get gun and shoot at them. Then she jumps down and escape.

They chase her and start to shoot at public, while at their house CAB’s agent show up at door. They found he is a man at check point, he tells her that he saw her at CAB other day. They found out that he is one of their lover, Friday tells her to get close to him so she can hack to bureau.

Wednesday survived until they finish, Friday tells her to the roof. They tell her to jump over the building and escape, but Cayman assistant is on other side and wait there and kill her.

Saturday found that Monday is his lover and live together for while. She manages to let Friday get in the bureau. They hack in to the cell and check the feed, they found where they lock people and see Monday there.

Thursday tells Saturday that he will show the world who is Cayman, then her men shows up and kill Saturday. They also attack their home, Thursday try to get Friday out. But she doesn’t want to get out, she goes back to house. She set the trap and try to kill all of them.

Before died she sync all evidence of their existence to Thursday, Monday’s lover found out about explosion at his lover’s apartment. He rush to see her and found her body, He is very upset, when he back to his van Thursday is there. She tells him that Monday is in the Bureau.

She disguise as dead body and get in the bureau, they head down to the cell where they lock Monday. But they found out that instead of lock them down, they burn them into ash. They escape out from there and find Monday, but they found that one that locked is Tuesday. She is taken her eye out, she asks where is Monday.

Monday goes to see Cayman, she is working with her for her promotion. She makes her sign contact, she send Tuesday to hack into Cayman speech to take her down.

Monday found out about Thursday, she takes gun with her. She doesn’t like what she has to be done, she tells her what happen to others. After that they start to fight and Monday is killed.

Tuesday success to expose Cayman to public, all of them see her lies.Monday shows up and try to kill Thursday, Tuesday and Monday’s lover shows up and help her out. Thursday found that Monday is pregnant, she asks Thursday to help her children.

Her baby is saving, while Cayman face the execution.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4

Book of the Stranger

Sansa, Briene and Pod arrive at night watch to see Snow, he is very happy and surprise to see her.

Sansa tells Snow that they should take Winterfell back with help of wildling, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Melisandre tells Davos that she will serve Snow, Brienne tells Davos that she is the one who kill Stannis and she won’t forget what she did to Renly.

Royce upset when he see Baelsih arrive, he knows that he try to trick him by get Sans marry, he almost get killed. Baelish tricks him to march army to help Snow.

Tyrion and Varys try to negotiate with master who try to kill Daenerys, he offers them the plan that they will satisfy. After that he has to deal with the slaves who upset when they know that they negotiate with masters.

Jorah and Daario tracking her and arrive at Horse gate, Daario also found out about Jorah’s stone. They sneaks in temple to get her out, but they are notices by Khal’s men. They meet her, she tells them her plan.

Margaery is released, she wants to go to see her family but high priest tell her that it’s a sin. They talk about book of the stranger, seem she knows it well. He tells her about his past. Then he allow her to see Loras, he is weak and want to give up.

Tommen tells Cersei to careful to confront with high sparrow, because they have her. He tells her what he heard from high sparrow. She goes to see council, they plan to use Lannister’s army to get rid of high sparrow.

Theon goes back to the Ironborn and found that his father is dead, his sister asks him how to do. He tells her that he wants to help her rule the ironborn.

Osha try to kill Ramsay but she is killed first by him, he knows about her from Theon. He said now Rickon is belong to him.

He send letter to Snow and tell him to send Sansa back to him, and he has Rickon. Otherwise he will kill him.

Sansa tells him that if he raise help, the loyalty of north will answer to him. They must save their brother.

At the trial, Daenerys is at front of the council of Khal. She tells them that she will leads the Dothraki instead of them. She burned all of them to die. Then she walk out from the fire, she tells them that she will rule them they thought that she is god.

The Hitmans Bodyguard (2017)


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The Hitmans Bodyguard (2017)

Bryce wakes up in morning and go to his work, he works as private bodyguard CEO. Today he escorts the Japanese man to the airport, but he failed his client is killed while he is in airplane.

2 years later, he lost everything and become a private bodyguard. Today he has to escorts his client from his place, he is chasing by someone. He already take care all hitmans who after him, he escorts him to his old car instead.

At Belarus, president and his men search the university professional’s house after he teach his class to offend him. He captured his family and kill them for treason. Laser that 3 years at the court, he testify on the president for what he did to his family.

At Interpol, Kincaid agreed to testify on president to make his wife, Sonia free. They escort him to the court from Manchester. Bryce’s ex wife, Ameria is also in the escort team.

During the way, they are ambush. All escorts team are killed, only Kincaid and Ameria alive. He help her clean them up, but he is injured. She try to escorts him to court alone. He suggest her to call someone that not Interpol to help. She called Bryce to help.

Sonia is locked in Dutch’s prison, she is captured because him. She upsets to him, Interpol tells her men to add more security on her.

Bryce goes to see Ameria and Kincaid at the safe house, he is upset because of her that he lost the client. He thinks that she is the one who leaks his client name. She said she didn’t.

When they meet each other, Bryce and Kincaid knows and hate each other. They end up make Kincait faint because lost of blood, she tells him about his testimony. She tells him to keep him alive, then she will get his career back.

Interpol’s mole gets notice that Kincaid is in the safe house, he sent his men there also the Interpol’s agent. But because of Kincaid shots the president’s men, that make Interpol’s agent go after them too. But they manages to escape out without them notice.

Ameria goes back to Interpol, they found that she get Bryce to help them. She tells them that their office has leak, their mole convinces Ameria to help him. She doesn’t know and agreed.

On the way to court, they talk about their life and business. Kincald tells him how he got arrest, while both of them have different work style. They are chasing by them but Kincald takes care them but they lost car.

They hitchhiker on the nun van, Kincaid make friends with them while Bryce keep his grunt. They take the ferry across the ocean to Amsterdam, he takes them to safe house. But he escapes from Bryce, while entire city are full of president’s men.

Bryce found that he goes to visit his wife, he get rids the hitman during the way without him notices. But Kincald knows about it.

Bryce found out that it’s Kincald that shot his client, he accidentally saw him when he leaving. He found it’s not Ameria that expose his client, he upset and dump Kincald. He is surrounded by present’s killer, while Bryce keep calm and do nothing. But finally he decides to help him.

Both Interpol and President’s men are after him, Bryce following them and help him out. But he is captured by President’s men, they try to asks him where is Kincald. He tells them he is behind them but they don’t believe, Kincald kill all of them and get him out.

They are at Hague where court is, but president men surround them. They try to blend in the city but they are spotted anyway, they are split. They both are chased down by them, Bryce try to shakes them out and go to help Kincald.

Bryce and Kincald arrive at he court, they make it on last second. He testimony on the president, he tells them about how they meet. He also has all prove that he ordered to kill the innocent.

Ameria notices that Interpol’s mole might plan something, she following him. While president there confess everything in court, he plan something. He ordered the truck with the bomb inside head to the court. He try to bomb the court, in chaos president try to kill Kincald but Bryce protect him.

President get chances and escape with helicopter, Bryce tells Kincald to finish him. He following him and try to shoot him down. He takes down his helicopter and kick him down the roof.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3


Davos see Snow revive from dead, he is also surprise. Melisandre also surprise for what she done. Snow remember everything before die, she asks him what he see when he died. He tells her there is nothing.

The night watch and wildling are very surprise to see Snow alive, Tormund tells him that wildling thinks that he is god.

Instead of take Gily to old town, he takes her back to his home instead so they can have life.

Brann and 3 eyed raven go to see his father’s past while they had fighting with Targaryen’s knight. He comes for his sister, but his father is weaker than him. But someone help him out to defeat him, he is heading to tower.

Brann tells 3 eyed raven that he doesn’t want to be an old man in tree, but he must learn everything.

Daenerys is arrive at Khal, they take her to the place where all Khal’s widow are there. They will trail her for he didn’t return to them when Drogo died.

Varys questions one of sons of harpy about their mission, he threats her son life. He tells her that if she cooperates she and her son will leave to Pentos. She tells him that they are fund by master.

Cersie, Jaime plan to kill everyone who wrong her that day, they also plan to kill high sparrow. She also wants to be in council meeting, they want king’s landing to take care of Dorne. All of them disagree by leave the meeting.

Tommen and his knights goes to see High sparrow, he wants Cersei to mourn her daughter. He try to convince him on his cunt.

Umber tells Ramsay about wildling and Snow, he ask help from him to fight with wildling. He gives him, Rickon and Osha as present.

Snow executes the men who kill him that night, after that Snow tell them that he will leave Castle black. His watch is end.

The Mummy (2017)


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The Mummy (2017)

In the past, crusade knights are gathering and put one of knight in coffin with his gem. Now in present, after machine success open the knight tomb while they dig the tunnel. They found 2nd crusade knight who invade the Egypt.

Henry is lead his men to stop the other to disturb the tomb, there is a incident about Ahmanet inside the tomb. She was princess in pharaoh but later that she lost her position to his wife, she make promise to Set to get power. She receive dagger with red gem, she becomes monster. She killed her father and his wife and their son, but when she try to bring darkness to world. She is stopped and mummy alive, she is buried in darkness forever.

Nick wants to going to Haram to get treasure for Henry for pay back, he forces his friend to go with him in village to help him. They are firing at by armed insurgent, but his friend call air strike to save their life. It chases down the armed insurgent out, after attack he found Haram buried in the ground.

Dr Jennifer shows up and complaint that Nick steals map from her, but after she spot the Haram she is very happy. She tells the colonel that she need time to secure the Haram.

Nick and her get down and check the Haram, they found mercury drop from the wall. She said Egypt believe it will weak down the evil, after they enter deeper they found the other tomb. There is a well with the watcher around it, Halsey found that this is not tomb but prison.

Nick manages to pull the coffin up from the well, while he looks at the coffin he see Ahmanet in his vision.

They take the coffin back with them, Nick spot a lot of crow around following the coffin. After the take off, sand storm is coming hit at them.

Nick starts to see vision about Ahmanet, while his friend after he is bite by spider at tomb. He becomes undead, he kill the general and try to kill the other. Nick shots him several time before stop, then their plane is attacked by crow and crash down.

Jennifer is asked to identify the body, while in morgue Nick wakes up and found himself still not dead same for his dead friend.

They are looking for coffin in crash site, search team found several body and one of them found the coffin with mummy. When he try to check the body, he is killed and eaten, then other also eaten. She wakes them as her army and heading to village.

Jennifer tells Nick about knife and jewel, and Arhmanet. Nick keeps see his friend since he wakes up. His friend tell him that he is cursed, he tells him that Ahmanet has plan for him.

He imagine that is attacked by the rats and Ahmanet is after him, he try to tell Jennifer about Ahmanet but she doesn’t believe. He tells her that he know where is the coffin.

Ahmanet killed several people and get the life back, Nick leads Jennifer to where Ahmanet is. He found himself in the church with several mummy, Armanet shows up. She try to invited Set in Nick’s body, but she found that her jewel missing.

Jennifer shows up and see what happen, he tells her to run but Ahmanet attack her. He helps her out and escape with dagger or set. But she controls his mind and make him goes back to her.

They are attacked by her army, while she is getting her. Soldiers shows up and capture her and him. They are taken to Henry, he found that he is the antique and rare collector.

He found that Henry sick and he needs some cure, he shows him Ahmanet. She is chained, he tells him that he is working on destroy evil. She is the most evil he ever found, he wants to dissect her. For him he will be Set’s body, she tells her that if he become Set he will be able to control power, and he will has her.

From mercury that injected into her, she release him from her control. Armanet found the stone, she tells Jennifer that Henry plan to use dagger on Nick to get to Set.

Jennifer goes to ask Henry about it, he accepts that. Henry’s symptom shows up while he try to injected himself, Nick stop it. Henry becomes Hyde, Nick is locked with him. They fight, while Ahmanet control one of them and release herself.

Nick manages to stop Hyde and change him back to Jekkle, Jennifer tells him that he knows where to find and destroy the stone. Ahmanet call her sand to help her bring him back.

Nick see his dead friend again, he leads him to the stone. He wants to delivery him and stone to her, so his work is done. Ahmanet call the dead to attack them and get stone.

Ahmanet grab Jennifer from Nick, he try to following her but he lost them. He found her body drowned, he try to help her out while undead army following him. He is taken to Ahmanet, she try to make him give in to her but he won’t.

Nick manages to steal dagger of Set, he try to breaks the stone. But then he decides to stab himself and become Set, But he try to control power and beat her down, he takes her power back and turn her back to mummy. He put the life back to Jennifer,

Jennifer wakes up and found Ahmanet’s body, she see Nick but seem he doesn’t belong to himself. After that he escapes, he tells her he will find her.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2


Bran stills stay with 3 eyes crow, both of them wrag to some where else in the past. They look at his father’s past, he also see Hodor who can talk. Seem he and Lyanna knows each other. He drags him back before he drown, Brann said that it was his home.

Meera has told that Brann will need her help when he is outside, the war is coming to them.

At night his men still not back, Thorne asks them to come out otherwise they will died. While they try to open door, giant and wildling break out the gate and make them surrender.

One of pleasant talk bad to Cersei while he drunk, he is killed by kingsguard. She is forbid to get out red keep by order of her son.

Tommen thinks that Cersei order to kill Trystane, he is upset to her. He feels so bad that he is the king but he has no power. High priest shows up to Jaime, he confess a lot of thing to him.

He try to provoke him but he found that he surround by Sparrow. He has no choice but let him leave.

Tommen goes to apologize Cersei, she seems to be calm. He tells her that he wants to avenge her.

Varys tells Tyrion and other that all master gets their slave back. Tyrion tells them that they should free her dragon. He goes in the cave to free them out, when he is inside he start to think that he makes mistake. He convinces them not eat them, he free both of them out.

Arya finally pass Jaqen’s test, he gives her eyes back. Ramsey tells Bolton that they should follow Sansa to the night watch where Snow there, but he disagree because they will make all north against them.

Bolton has another boy, Ramsey tells him that he is happy for him and kill him by himself. Ramsey tells the other that Bolton is poisoned by enemy, he also kill Bolton’s wife and her newborn by feed to his hounds.

Brienne tells Sansa about Arya she met but she lost her, Theon afraid to go to see Snow because what he have done. Sansa promises him to protect him, he said he wants to go back home.

Greyjoy is upset after he lost the castle, his daughter tells him she is not sorry to try to rescue Theon. Greyjoy meets his brother who suppose to die long time ago. He kill him that night, next day they tell her daughter that by law she has to win the fight to become king.

Davos asks Melisandre to help Snow and bring him back, he tells her that she didn’t need the god to help her. She uses her magic and revive him from dead. She thought that she failed, but she did.

Wonder Woman (2017)


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Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana is at the Louvre the same day that Wayne’s guard takes her briefcase to her hand, she received the picture of her that taken from the past.

While she was a child, she wants to practice hot wot fight like the other amazon, while her mother, the queen thinks that she should study instead of training.

Her general tells her it’s time for Diana to start her training, her mother doesn’t agree. She doesn’t want her to fight. She tells her the story about Zeus, Ares and Amazon. Ares jealous of human that Zeus created, he make people fight each other. Zeus create also Amazon to help people, Ares kill all of them until he fight with Zeus.

Zeus success beat down Ares but before died he create amazon’s island to protect them from Ares. Later she shows her the weapon that can kill the god, But at night, her general secretly training Diana in secret.

One day her mother found out that the general secretly train her, she upset. She tells her that Ares might alive and will find her. She decides to let her train and it has to be harder than the other.

Diana grow up as strong and beauty amazon, one day during training she release her true power and knock down her training.

One day while she is on shore, she saw the airplane head to island and crash down. She jumps down and help the pilot out, he is chasing down from the Germans’s army They following him and pass the barrier.

Her army shows up and fight with them with arrows and sword, while they are shot with guns. While Diana is going to shot, her trainer protect her from gun and get shot instead. Before died she tells her to take god’s killer.

Amazon try to questions Steve, he won’t tell them anything. but with their lasso, it forces him to tell the truth.

He tells them that he is British spy, he try to get secrets from German. He found that they have Doctor Poison who help them build the weapon. He stolen her book and destroy her facility before escape.

He tells them he needs to back so he can stop the war, he found that they have no idea about the war. Diana tells them that this might be Ares’s work, she wants to go out and stop them.

Her mother tells her that she will do nothing as she is not amazon like the other, after talk to Steve. She decides to go out and help him with war, she takes the sword and shield from the tower. She escapes out of island with him, but her mother shows up and let her goes. Before left, she tells her there is no man on earth deserve her.

She asks him to take her to where is intense fighting, that is where she will find Ares. But he doesn’t believe her, she tells her that she is built from clay by her mother and make alive by Zeus.

Doctor Poison continue her work, she tells the general that she needs her book otherwise she might not finish. She gives him the formula that can restore his strength.

Steve takes Diana to London, she surprises to see a lot of thing in city. He tells her he will takes her to the war when he delivers the book. With his secretary, they take her to buy new cloth.

While they are in city, they are ambush by other spy. He is beaten up but Diana manages to knocks them down.

At the British’s meeting, she become the attention in the room immediate she is at room. He gives them the Doctor poison notebook, they try to translate it but no can. Diana can read her notebook and found about gas mention.

He asks them to stop her operation but they said they can’t send army while they are negotiate with them, they don’t want him to interfere.

Diana is upset about that, Steve tells her they will go anyway. He goes to recruit his friend to help them, Sameer and Charlie. They are surprise to see her ability, one of his boss shows up and support their secret mission.

On the way to the front line, she see injured soldiers. She feels awful for them, while Germans general Ludendorff decides to kill all his commanders as they don’t want to continue war.

Diana and them go to front and see suffered people, they tell her that the german is in opposite side. She see one of people, she wants to help them. Steve tells her that nothing they can do now, she upset and go out alone by herself through the field of firing.

She is stormed by machine gun, Steve and other following her and get them one by one. Because of her they take the field and city back. She destroy the tank, stop the bullets and beat soldiers.

After that town people cheers on them, before left they take her picture. Then Steve gets news that Ludendorff is nearby. His commander tell Steve to chase further to destroy the peace. But he insist to continue.

Next day they head to Ludendorff ‘s castle, Steve try to disguise as German inside. Diana find the way and get in too with her way. They meet Ludendorff and Doctor Poison inside there, Steve found that Diana intention is try to kill Ludendorff. He try to stop her before she got both of them killed.

They found that German fire gas to the city they just saved, Diana and Steve rush back to there and found all people are killed. She blames him for stop her, he makes those people killed.

She following Ludendorff to his facility, she gets in and fight with Ludendorff. He uses the formula and fight with her, she believe that he is Ares. After kill him she found that he is not Ares and the war still continue.

She is upset about man, Steve convinces her that man can be worst and can be help. He asks her to help him stop war, she won’t. He goes to stop the gas by himself, then she see Steve’s commander. He is actually Ares.

After talk with him, she found out that she is child of Zeus. She is the one who can kill god, he shows her the nature of man. He try to recruit her to be his side, She starts to fight with him.

While Steve and his friends try to stop them, they tells him that the bomb is on timer too. It’s set to London, Steve decides to sacrifice himself, he gives her his watch before left.

While she is beaten down, she see the sacrifice of Steve and his friends to stop the war. She upsets when see Steve die, she killed all Germans in hits. Then she knocked down Ares.

After he is killed, human seems to be back into their peace. After that the war is over and peace is signed.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

The Red Woman

Snow’s wolf knows about what happen and try to help him, Davos heard its sound and found Snow’s body. He tells them to carried him inside, then the red woman, Melisandre shows up. She tells them she saw him march to Winterfell. His friends want to revenge Thorne but they are outnumbered, Davos tells them that Snow has another friend, if they want to revenge.

While at night watch’s meeting Thorne confess that he killed him because Snow betrayed wildling. He convinces the other night watch that he did right.

Ramsey found out that Sansa is missing, his lover is dead. Bolton tells him that because of him, Theon and Sansa gone and they need them for north.

Sansa and Theon throw off Ramsey’s hound, they still being chased by them. Theon lures them to some where else but failed. They found her, Brienne shows up and rescue her. She becomes her knight.

Cersei found that Jaime is back, but she is heartbreak when found that her daughter is dead. She tells him that long times ago, witch told her that her child will died.

Margaery tells high priest that she has nothing to confess, he tells her only she confess so she can leave.

Oberyn’s brother, Doran is killed by Oberyn’s lover, she takes his power and control Dorne.

Tyrion and Varys try to figure out how to fix the city, they found her people try to plan to do something. Then they heard the bell, they found that the city’s pier is burned.

Jorah and Daario tracking Daenerys and found her tracing, he thinks the Horde has her. They following them to get her, while Daenerys is taking to Khal.

She tells them she is the queen, but he doesn’t care. He wants to have baby with her, she refused then she tells him that she was Drogo’s queen. They tells her when Khal’s queen die, she has to be in the temple to live for him.

At Braavos, Jaqen try to teach Arya  to fight when she blinds. Thorne try to convince Davos to get out, otherwise they will dead at night. Davos thinks the red woman, Melisandre may can help them.

At night after Melisandre takes off her magic, actually she is old woman. 

Despicable Me 3 (2017)


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Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Bratt was TV start villain, one day he found out that he become old and get fire from his TV Show. He becomes real villain in real world.

He is found that he is going to stole diamond, the agency call Gru and Lucy to stop him. Gru faces him alone, he manages to get diamond back but Bratt escape.

At the agent’s meeting, they introduce the new boss, Valerie. She complains that because of him, Bratt gets away. He and Lucy get fired, they go back home.

When go back they found that his house has unlocked, he found that his children throw party for them. He tells them that he get fired, his minion happy and though that he will back to villain but he said no. Minions start to protest and going to leave him.

At France, Bratt goes to steal the diamond again and this time he success, that night someone comes to meet Gru at house. He is Frez, he is waiting to see him the next day and tell him that he has twin brother.

He goes to see his mother and ask him about his twin, she tells him that when she and his father separate they agreed to split the children.

He decides to go to see his brother, he found a lot of pigs at his house. Frez tells him that it’s his brother business.

He meets his brother, Dru. He is seem friendly and happy to see all of them, but Gru seem jealous of him. He richer than Gru, while he send his kids and Lucy out. He shows him his hideout, he found out that his father is also villain, Bald terror.

Gru tells him that he is not villain anymore, Dru shows him his gadget. Lucy lost her children while they are enjoy the festival, Agness and Edith are missing because they are looking for unicorn, Lucy thought they are in danger and knock all of them in shop down.

Dru and Gru are chasing by police after Dru steal few candy from shop, they escape from them. Gru feel fun.

While their minions following the pizza to the studio, they accidentally get on singing stage. They did the wonderful sing and win the prize but they are arrest for trespass.

Dru try to make Gru back to villain, Gru tells him that they should steal the largest diamond in world.

Agness is happy that she will see unicorn in wood, but Gru fail to tells her that unicorn is not exist, he end up didn’t tell her.

Minions are arrest in prison and become the boss inside, but they are missing Gru. They decides to break out and go back to him.

Agness and Edith go in the wood and try to find unicorn, Gru tells Dru about Bratt’s lair and his plan how to get diamond.

After Lisa win Margo’s heart, she try to tell Gru about it but she found out that Gru and Dru go on the secret mission.

Agness and Edith meet one horn goat instead but Agness believe that it’s unicorn, she is very happy.

Gru and Dru get in Bratt’s lair, but Dru is like a weight on him who make his mission more difficult. He end up notice Bratt, but they found that he building the giant robot. But Gru manages to get out, when they are in danger Lucy show up and help them.

Dru is upset after he found out that Gru try to take diamond to get his job back, they start to fight. But Bratt disguise as Lucy and steal his children and diamond, Gru tells Dru to help him get his children back.

Bratt’s giant robot walk over the shore of Hollywood, he attacks the city with his gum. He try to send the part of city out of space like in the show.

With Dru and his minions’s help, they manage to destroy his robot. Gru manages to knock out Bratt,

At night, Dru takes his minions and out as villain.