NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 20


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 20

Seoul Man

A man after he setup the fire in room, destroy all evidence before he leaves from Seoul to LA.

Hetty and Granger assign Callen’s team to PSO, for all Asia represents. While they protect high level navy, there is protester. Deek and Kensi found one of them Ahn, he is South Korean Agent.

He tells them about North korean’s plan about double agent, but after that Hetty tells them that they are there to get North Korea’s mole out.

Sam injects himself in South Korean staff, he convinces them to listen to him for their boss’s protection.

Nell tells them that they found that North Korean might plan something, at night Korean’s commander take his men to the club.

But Deek and Kensi found that one of commander’s men Kang get hand of his gun and heading out. But they lost him outside.

They question Dawn, the woman meet with Kang. She tells them about their secret meeting, he tells her that he worked for secret mission. But they think he has plan on her.

Next day they following Kang, but instead he turn himself in. He tells them about his secret work. He tells them he wants to defect because of Dawn.

They are moving them to safe place, but they are attacked by North korean’s agents. But Kensi and Deeks shows up on time.


Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11


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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11

Blood Calls to Blood

Jace doesn’t believe that his father still alive, after found that he is poisoned. He try to convince him that he is his father.

After that they head to Luke for help. Jace’s condition is worst. They ask help from Raphael, At institute, one from Clave shows up and asks Lydia about her plan with marriage. She tells her that it must not interfere with Isabelle’s trial.

Jace’s father tells them about what he heard from there, he tells them about Renwick’s place.

Alec goes to Magnus to be Isabell’s lawyer, in exchange he wants his bow and quiver. He’s agreed.

Luke and Clary go to check Renwick, they spot something inside the building. Magnus is represent Isabell on trial, he tells them that what they want is cup.

Jace, his father, Luke and Clary go to Renwick again to get Jocelyn. She found her, she try to wake her but Jace and his father shows up, they left Luke out while demons are after them. Jace tells her to get Jocelyn wake up.

At trial Lydia decides to withdraw the case, but Inquistor won’t agree she tells them that if they won’t give her the cup, Isabelle will be exile.

Jace and Clary found that Jace’s father is Valentine disguise. Before left he tells them that Jace is his son. They are upset, he left.

They takes Jocelyn back to institute, Clary give the Clave the cup. Alec still upset to Jace, he tells Isabelle that Clave get the cup now she is freed.

Luke tells Simon about Jace and Clary are brother-sister. He is very happy.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 3 Episode 14


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Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 3 Episode 14


While Mack and his brother spent time at their home, they found that watchdog’s men attack the government facility down.

Coulson send Mack to check out as he is closer, he also sent Skye and Fitch to help there. They found that watchdog might get hand on stuff from Stark, Coulson thinks he might be Blake, the former SHIELD’s agent.

Mack found out that his brother is one of watchdog, he warns him to stay out but he won’t. Coulson takes Lincoln on mission to find Blake.

At night Skye goes out to get one of watchdog, she try to get his information about them from him. Mack and her will go to stop them at meeting.

They found that Blake is there,  she try to tell Coulson about him. While him and Lincoln go to see his safe house. But they have been made, Mack call out mission but Skye decides to get Blake alone. But it makes Fitz get shot with stuff, he is going to implode.

After they found him at basement, Coulson tells Lincoln to kill Blake, they found that he is hologram. And he is stalling them. They found that Blake is looking for Skye.

Watchdog shows up to Mac, they think that he is the inhuman. Mack try to get them out, he managed it but he get hurt.

Coulson found out later that Malick is funding after watchdog, look like they stolen something out of ATCU.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 20


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 20

Djibouti Call

Today Cabe introduce them new intern, Tim. they brief them mission to install device to protect military base.

Next day they go there and install device, Brian notices something about Tim. He thinks that he was here in this base before. Walter try to check who is Tim. While Tim and Cabe goes out together.

Cabe and Tim sneak in the house with arm men, they are looking for the box. After they scan it, they left and will back again. But Cabe are made before he escape, Cabe is captured by them. But Tim escape.

Tim back and found Brian and them snoops around his record, he tells them about Cabe captured. He tells them that they try to stop the terrorist.

They found that Cabe still alive, Tim tells them about mission to discredit them. They will build them same bowl and switch with them and help cabe out.

Tim and Paige disguise as buyer to distract them, Walter and Toby will try to get Cabe out. Happy and Sylvester get in to switch bowl,

But after they get bowl out, they are made. The real buyers shows up, they try to kill them but they escape. On the way out Paige is hit, they are chase by them.

They managed to get out safety, their plan also work.

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 10


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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 10


Lucifer and Chloe check out the body, he is poisoned. She thinks that he might done by his employee. They tells them that he is their pops.

But they all angry with him, still they love him. One of them is his son, he was the last one that eaten with victim.

Chloe asks his 2nd, she is the one who prepared him the meal. But during question her, she is also poisoned.

Dan shows up and tell them about Naomi, she showed up and has argue with the victims. They go to see her, they found that victim’s son and Naomi are together. She tells them that pops never approved about their relations. They think that his son might kill him.

Trixie sneaks up and goes out to see Lucifer, but instead she found Maze. They talk a lot and get their relation start.

At night Lucifer takes victim’s son to cook for Chloe, she is worried that he is poisoned. After talk to him, they think that he is innocent.

After that they found Anne poisoned herself to make her release from case, they go to confront her. But she trapped them in fire, she burned down the restaurant.

Lucifer gets her out safety, she also get evidence against her out. Victim’s son shows up and fell sorry about lost.

Dan goes to confront Malcom, he wants to stop him from kill Lucifer after he knows that he plans to kill him. Then they have fight, Malcome knocks him down.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 14


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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 14

Devil’s Due

Hades wants Hook to choose some of Emma’s to be here instead of one they release, he won’t.

Rumple tells Emma that they will need to borrow soul there and pass in to Hell. He goes to see his old wife, he tells her about Hook.

They go together to hell, Milah decides to go with them. After they stop at the pier, they decides to stay on boat. Emma goes in alone to help Hook.

Hades shows up to make a deal with Rumple, after Regina found out about her lover’s grave. She and Snow go to check his grave and found that he already moved on.

After Emma and Hook get out, Rumple tells them that Hades kill Milah and destroy their boat.

Regina tells them about plan to heart split, but they found it’s not work. They found that hades just make the tomb of Regina, Snow and Emma. That’s why they can’t split her heart.

But when Rumple goes to get boat from Hades, but he found that he tricked him. He found that he has contact that can get his child from him, now he wants him to work for him.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 16


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 16

Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

Rita goes back to Liz’s room, she is looking for brain. But she is kidnapped by a man. Liz didn’t notice them, while Major and Ravi help Payton move back to Liz.

Payton gets call from Cassidy, she wants to testify her lover Nick because he cheated on her. But before finish she is hit.

Payton comes to ask Liz about Cassidy, she wants to know what Cassidy knows about Boss. She try to trigger her vision but after hard try she saw the stash house but don’t see the address. Then one of her friend tells them about Cassidy’s regular, but after question him seem he is not.

Detective Vega shows up and ask Liv about Drake, Clive tells her about Nick. They go to ask Cassidy’s friend about Nick, But then Liv found the witness. But he doesn’t remember much.

At night Clive and Liv following one of woman that might be Nick’s lover, they found him but they think that he is not killer.

Ravi and Liv found that Blaine losts memory after he takes cure, but he is also back to human.

Clive and Liv found the killer, they are one of Cassidy’s friend. Ravi found the secret about Major’s secret.

Clive and Liv found that Cassidy’s friend kill her, they found all evidence to get her. Liv decides to see Drake but his mother tells her that Boss might kill him.

Liv found out that Drake is undercover cop, while Ravi confronts Major about what he did. He try to explain to him but he won’t listen, Ravi knocks him down.




NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 19


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 19

Means to an End

While Laurel is running in the wood, she is attacked by someone. But she managed to knock him down.

She tells King and Sonja that she notices someone following her a while. King goes to check the crime scene but local police there doesn’t happy about.

At station, Laurel tell them that that man is not in van. Sonja tells King that they found van, they go to check it and found full surveillance on King’s place, morgue, NCIS.

They check and found that that man can’t manage to get van, they found that van is custom made. King goes to see one that own the garage that part is taken to.

They found him use his emotionally and attack that man, Spooner. But they have not much thing on him, King decides to let him goes.

At night King following Spooner to his lair, but they notices him and try to run down him and escape. Inside he found their supply, militia is prepare for war.

They found that they are sending their data to Syria, after check they think spooner’s lawyer might involved. They found that she lies about his alibi.

She tells them that she is threatened by them too, after that they found that their target is SEAL.

They found that militia gets the SEAL personal files out, they are going to attack SEAL’s ceremony. They are heading to there.

But they already move them, they found spooner and them there. They are surrounded.

They found that they still in danger, Sonja is attacked. Spooner’s lawyer shows up to Laurel and try to kill her. King shows up on time, before she shoot at them. Sonja killed her.

Grimm Season 5 Episode 15


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Grimm Season 5 Episode 15

Skin Deep

At night a girl shows up to Malcome’s studio, she comes to let him takes photo. He convinces her that she can get career with it. After she gets his water, she feels dizzy. After she pass out, he sucks her face.

After wake up and back home, while she celebrate her work then she found that she is older. She is old and then died. At night Malcome delivery it to old man, he used it to make him younger.

At station Sean tells Nick and Hank about his campaign.Nick tells Hank about Eve last night, they suspect that Sean might involved.

Eve calls Nick at night, she wants to give him information. She shows him the Dixon’s shooter, she tells him that she wants him to tell her where is Sean.

Next day her friend found her as old woman and dead, Nick and Hank go to see her room and question her friend.

Malcome found out that his client use his stuff sell to younger woman, he is very upset. But his client tells him to make more he will get more money.

Nick and Hank go to see Monrole and Rosalee, they found about Wesen that can get youth out of human.

At night Malcome lure more people to be his model and suck out of his youth, Next day Nick and Hank found he dead. They found Malcome’s card, they go to see him.

Nick and Hank found out about his client’s clinic, they tell Rosalee to get in some sample so they can check.

Rosalee see that doctor, his face is weird like monster. She tells him she doesn’t want, she try to leave but Malcome shows up. Nick and them get in and fight with him. That doctor gone crazy and kill Malcome before he also dead.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 19


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 19

The Seventh Child

The child with bomb in his body is in the toilet, he decides not do to it. He and his twin run off from their handle. But of them Karim is hit by car and explode.

NCIS found that event and check about them, then they found that kids are son of one of Agent of Isalie. But when they check with them those boys are not their son.

Sam and Callen notices about boy, they following him up. they think he is on the roof. They found him try to put bomb underwater. Callen goes down to talks to him, he found that he holding the trigger.

Callen try to talks him down, but he won’t listen. They found the doctor that sell child in black market. They think while his parent try to make children, their doctor might try to create them too.

His parent try to proves to him that he is their son, he believes after he see their son. He wants them to help him now.

While they are remove his bomb, he tells them about the man takes him here. He tells them about stadium. They found their place, Sam leads the SWAT to get in there.

They get all of them and found the children with bomb, Callen and bomb squad found the way to remove his bomb.

Sam convinces all children from suicide.