Blockers (2018)


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Blockers (2018)

Today Sam,  Julie and Kayla’s parent go to sent their daughters to school at first day. Since then their family become friend after their daughter become friend at first day.

Now they are going to have prom party, they make their parent too worried. Their daughters also plan to lost their virgin at night.

Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter accidentally see their daughter’s private message. They found that they try to have sex at prom night, they decide to stop them.

They following them to the party, but their daughters decide to leave the party to somewhere else.

They try to get in the party but they have prove that they are not cop, they do all thing they asking him to. But cops shows up so they have to escape from party

On they way they following their car, they crash their car. After that Lisa get contact with Julie, they upset each other but after they talk they open to each other.

They try to break in to one of parent to find where are their kid, they almost get caught but they get the phone and know where are them.

But their kids realize themselves and didn’t have sex, they found their kids and talk to them.


Escape Plan 2 : Hades (2018)


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Escape Plan 2 : Hades (2018)

In Chechnya, Lucas is abducted to force the government to release Abdel Salman Al-Arka from prison. The other prisoners are worried what will happen to them, after time is passed nobody call them for exchange.

While they are going to killed, one of prisoner, Shu has chance and help other to escape. They success but one of hostage is shot to death because Kimbral try to destroy the factory.

After back to office and report to his boss, Breslin fired one of the man, Kimbral that responsible for hostage.

After that 1 year in china, Yusheng Technology tried to launch satellite program to market. Shu’s girlfriend wants him to guard her boss, his cousin during the program.

In Thailand while them are on vacation, they are ambush by someone and sent to Hades.

Shu wakes up and found out that he is in Hades surround by prisoners. Then he is forced to fight with other prisoner. He found that after he win the fight he will earn free time alone.

After that Shu found that Kimbral also inside Hades, he try to remember what Breslin taught him.

A man shows up and try to convince Shu to tell his cousin to give them the patent they want. His cousin tells him how important of this patent, he try to safe the world by keep it safe.

After talked with Kimbral, he thinks that they try to after Breslin. They are sent to there because Shu’s cousin competitor.

Breslin notices about Shu’s missing, he goes to see Derosa to meet someone for more help. But they are ambush, their informant is killed.

Shu try to start the chaos so he is sent to medical bay, but he found that there is no doctor there. They use the robot instead of human, Shu can’t use doctor to help him out.

Shu notices the cook there, he convinces him to help him get they layout and get out there. Shu notices that room layout change every night.

Shu found out that one of prisoners get hand of the prison’s layout, he convinces them to work with them to get out.

But later Shu and Bresline found out that Kimbral is the one who run the prison, Kimbral tells them that he took them in to revenge Bresline. He plans to break Shu and give them the patent from his cousin.

Kimbral plans to take Bresline to the Hades, so he can have his revenge. Bresline wakes up in Hades. He sent Bresline to fight with other prisoners to break Shu.

But Bresline plans himself as bait, he gets inside with communication to his team outside. He also plan with Derosa outside, while inside they gather a lot of prisoners to work together. After they get Hades layout, they start to work on plan to get out.

They hack the system and stop the system, Bresline and other escape. But Kimbral try to reboot his system and stop them.

Bresline following to Kimbral, he tells him that he want to find Hades but he can’t do without Kimbral. He knows that Kimbral will come after him and he did.

Derosa shows up from outside and help them destroy the Hades and get all of them out. Bresline fights with Kimbral and kill him in battle.

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)


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Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

After the last attack from Kaiju, world has been recovery. One of the pilot’s son, Jake lives as scrapper, by steal part of damage Jaegars.

One day he messes up and upset his customer, his part he wants to get is grabbed by someone else. He try to chase after him, next day he following to his lair and found that he try to build another Jaegars.

He found that actually he is her, Amara and they found someone following him to her lair. She launch they Jaegars out, but she is following by Pan Pacific Defense Corps’s Jaegars. They finally get captured, she tells him that she build her Jaegars to fight if Kaiju back.

Jake get words from Mako, his sister that she wants him to train new recruit in exchange to get him out of the trouble.

They arrive at base, Amara is cadet and she found out that Jake was Ranger and Pilot the legend Jaegars.

Jake believes that the war is ended and he wants to to leave the base ASAP. Hermann tells Newton that he thinks Kaiju will come back and they need solution.

At base, they purpose the new drone that can replace the pilot the Jaegars. Some of them question about vulnerability of the drone, they try to prove it to council in next day.

Next day Rouge Jaegars show up and attack the city, it try to kill Mako. Jake and Nate’s Jaegars try to stop it but he failed, Mako is killed.

Jake try to help Amara to sync, by sync with her. She almost lost in her memory. Jake found that someone try to kill Mako to stop her from against the drone. They found the trace from Mako’s message.

Jake with his Jaegars goes to the abandon base, he get attacked by rogue Jaegars. They manage to destroy it, but they found that it’s a Kaiju’s brain that pilot the Jaegars.

Amara and her friends sneak up into Rogue Jaegars and one of them get hurt, they get caught and expels from base. She tells Jake that Jaegars come from the drone Jaegars builder’s company.

They day they launch the drone Jaegar, all of them are controlled by Kaiju. They start to attack the base, Hermann found that Newton is the one who plan whole attack. The Kaiju’s brain get control of him.

While other drone Jaegars try to open the dimension and let Kaiju out, Hermann and drone company success to stop all drones. But 3 Kaijus are out in the world, now they are working together to fix the problem.

Jake and other figure out that all Kaiju are head to Mount Fuji, if they reach it the world will end. They fixed the Jaegars and head to stop them, with Herrman help they fly to Mount Fuji in no time.

They fight with 3 Kaiju, but Newton merge them to be new Big Kaiju. One of them get killed during fight, other Jaegars destroyed. Only Jake’s Jaegars left and try to stop it but failed, Nate hurts but Amara shows up and replace him.

Jake has a plan to stop Kaiju, they drop the Jaegars on the Kaiju and kill it before it destroy the world.

Tomb Raider (2018)


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Tomb Raider (2018)

Himiko, first queen of Japan is captured and entombed beneath the mountains. Lara’s father is missing while going after her to be sure she is not unleashed.

Lara growth up and living by herself by work as bike courier, one day she get arrest by police. Her guardian, Ana shows up and help her out. She tells her about her father investigation and she might lost her manor if she won’t sign her inheritance.

Next day she decides to sign, she receives the clue about her father. She goes back to manor and found the trace of him.

From that she learned that her father was tomb raider, he left her message to destroy his project about “Himiko” to be sure it’s not fell into wrong hand.

But Lara decides to check what make he missing, she following trace to Hong Kong. She found son of the captain who bring her father to Yamatai’s island, he also tell her that his father also missing 7 years ago.

She convinces him to head to Yamatai’s island with her, from her father’s journal she found the organization name Trinity also looking for Himiko.

Their ship is sink before they reach the island, she manages to get on island. But she is attacked by someone there, she wakes up and found captured by Trinity’s men, Mathias.

He is the one who kill her father, because he doesn’t want to corporate with him. Now he has all her father’s information that can help him find Himiko.

Lara has a chance to escape when there is chaos happen, she run out and escape from him. She wander around and reach the beach, but she has no way out.

At night she chases out the mystery man, she found that he’s her father. But look like he doesn’t remember her at first, he almost crazy.

He is upset after knows that Mathias get all his information, he tells her that they have to stop them. Lara with only arrow and bow go back and help them out, she after Mathias for satellite phone.

Then she found that her father is after Himiko, Mathias try to force him to open door. But he won’t, Mathias convinces her to help them open door.

She opened the door because she doesn’t want her father to die, after open she head down the tunnel. Inside there are traps and many corpses.

Finally they found her’s tomb, Mathias insists to open her coffin. They found her body, they decide to take her back.

Lara found that Himiko sacrifice herself to protecting the world, one of them get infected. Seem she has disease, she sacrifice herself to stop it. Mathias still want to get part of Himiko’s out.

Her father also get infected when one of infected attack him, Mathias get chances to escape. He tells her to after Mathias and stop him.

She after him and put Himiko’s part into him and kill him, she manages to find the way to get out the tomb before everything collapse.

With Trinity’s transport, Lara and the rest goes back home safety. After back she sign the inheritance and found that Trinity is also part of her company and Ana seem part of them.

A Wrinkle in Time (2018)


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A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

Her father, Murry teach Meg a lot about experiment. Meg is going to live with Charles as brother-sister. One day her father disappear, she keep miss her father. She starts to make trouble at her school.

One night Mrs. Whatsit shows up at their door, they are confuse what happen and who is her.

One afternoon one of Meg’s friend, Calvin show up. He wonders himself why he is there. Then Charles tell them that they need to go to see Mrs. Who, they following him to see her.

Meg’s parent work on the research about space and time before he’s missing. He almost failed in presentation at public, they think he crazy.

One afternoon, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who shows up to tell her to find her father. But Mrs. Which shows up and tell them that they are not ready. She tells them how to find her father and he needs her help.

Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Calvin and Charles are leaving. Meg and Mrs. Which are leave together out, she wakes up again in Uriel.

Meg starts to find her father by asking the flower about her father, they tell her about direction that he might goes.

The It shows up and move her father, Mrs. Whatsit suggest them to see the Seers that may can help them. They arrive at Orion, Meg learn that she doesn’t appreciate herself much. Mrs. Which try to convince her to feel in herself.

They meet Happy Medium, she asks him about her father. They show her the problem about the It and what darkness will do. They tells her they are the warrior of light that can fight the darkness.

With Happy Medium’s help, she found that her father is on Camazotz. When they try to take her back, Meg found herself in Camazotz instead. All Mrs. tell her that they can’t help them on darkness’s planet they have to continue their own.

They lost Charles after Mrs. leave, after that they tell them to cross over the wall. They success to cross the wall, where they meet Charles again.

They notice a lot of house there, they saw strange family who offer them some food. But Meg refuse, they wander to the beach and meet Red.

He try to give him some food, Meg tells them that they can’t trust anyone. But Red manages to take Charles with him, they try to chase them. They found that It controls Charles, he try to talk them down.

But Meg use item from Mrs. Who and found the way to see her father, she meets him. She explains him what happen to Charles, they are forced and taken to see It. Murry decides to take them back and leave Charles.

Meg resists, she is taken to see It. She try to convinces him back, It try to make him weaken. But with Mrs. advise, Meg knows how to do next. She win Charles back from It.

3 Mrs. show up and tell her that she weaken the It, now she is the warrior of the earth. After that Meg takes them home.

Death Wish (2018)


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Death Wish (2018)

Paul is surgeon, his life is quite good and nice. His daughter is going to college, one day the burglars breaks in his house and kill his wife and shot his daughter when he’s not at house. He found them shot and sent to his hospital, his daughter is in coma.

After weeks, he stills get no news from the detectives. He feels that he failed to protect his family, so he is looking for firearm but he doesn’t want to have any evidence link to him.

One day he has the patient that in the gang, and he accidentally drops his gun. Paul takes it and keep practice it.

One night Paul wander around the city to find the clue about what happen to his family, he stop the car robbery. But he is taken by video but he doesn’t notice.

His video is uploaded, he is called “Grimm Reaper”. Everyone in town talks about him, after that he lean about Ice cream’s man. He threaten and force the kid to work for him. Paul walks into him and kill him cold.

One night he gets the patient that he believe is one of his house’s burglar. But unfortunately that he is dead, he checking his stuff and can track down the other.

He found the other members, but he is made. But he managed to killed 2 of them, the last one tells him the last guy he wants. The detective come to meet him and tell him the progress, that night Paul goes after the last guy.

He tells Paul everything and last name guy, Knox. After that one night the last guy call Paul and make meeting with him.

He is setup and get shot, but he failed to kill him. Knox shows up at hospital as victim and identify Paul as shooter. Now detectives are on him.

After that his daughter awake, he rush to see her. After that she leaves the hospital, Knox shows up. Paul knew that it was him, that night he prepare and wait him for coming.

Knox comes with his men, Paul killed 2 of them and kill Knox while he try to ambush him. Now he success to protect his family.

Maze Runner The Death Cure (2017)


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Maze Runner The Death Cure (2017)

Jorge and Brenda are waiting for the transportation train, they plan to rescue prisoners from them. Thomas and Vince also show up to help them, they success jumps on the train. They release the prisoners’s container out from the rail.

Then they are attacked by their air unit, Jorge and Brenda lure it out from train while Thomas and Vince infiltrate in and break prisoners out. Jorge and Brenda success and hijack the air unit and pick the rest up.

Vince and them plan to rescue prisoners the most they can and fix the old ship and get out the place.

Thomas and them get information from one of the prisoners that they are talking about city, they are surprise that if there is any city left. Thomas and them are looking for Minho which is not in the container they got.

Thomas wants to attack that city to help Minho but Vince and other is not agree, that night Thomas decide to left alone. But some of his friends show up and go with him.

Minho wakes up and found himself in the maze again, but turn out that he is dreaming during experiment.

Thomas and his team arrive at tunnel, they don’t like it but they have no choice but to pass it. In tunnel they are attacked by infected, they lost their car and need to walk by foot out. They are chased by them, when they are surrounded Brenda and Jorge show up and help them.

They arrive at the city and found there is huge wall surround it and they have to find way to get in.

Eva, Teresa and her team try to convince the investor to fund their experiment to find the cure instead of fund to secured the wall.

At around the wall, Thomas is spotted by security team. While people their try to rebel to get the wall. Then gun on the wall start to fire at them, while run they are captured by armed men.

Thomas found that one of them is Gally, they tell them what they want to do. He tells them he can get them in the wall. They meet Lawrence and get help from him to get in the wall. With secret drain, it leads them to the city.

With Minho’s blood, they success to get first batch of cure. They test on one of infected and they get good response, but they still failed.

Gally shows Thomas the plan how they can get in the building but he doesn’t agree because he think Teresa betrayed them before.

Teresa is disappointed about the result, that night she spot Thomas in the apposite. She try to catch him up, she following him and get captured. He convinces her to help him get in the tower to get Minho.

They ask her to remove their tracking so they can pass the door, with her lead Thomas and them get into the building. First they get all prisoners out, but they can’t find Minho.

Teresa found that he is moved to medical wing, during the way they meet Janson. He try to get her help, but she ignores him. She try to convince Thomas to help her experiment but he won’t.

Janson remember Thomas and surround them, Teresa help them escape while she tell Janson that she wants him alive. Brenda get the bus but she is spotted so she has no choice but run.

Minho wakes up and resist and try to escape, Thomas and Newt are cornered but Minho show up. They are cornered in room, they have no choice but break out though the window.

With Gally’s help they escape from the guards, while Brenda’s bus are surrounded. But with her plant they are pull up to the air and escape out of the wall.

Lawrence has secret plan to attack the city with his rebel, he had Gally plan the control of the wall. His rebel start to attack the city.

Teresa shows Eva that Thomas’s blood is a cure, while he is trapped between the fight of rebel and guards.

Jorge gets Vince and air unit to pick up Brenda, they are planing to rescue Thomas. But Newt can’t go further anymore, he try to get him out.

Teresa announces that she found that he is the cure and he can help Newt and everyone. Newt starts to turn and try to attack him, during the fight he is killed.

Thomas decides to go to Teresa to make cure, but Janson shows up and captured him. He wants to sell him for cure, Teresa changes her mind and help him.

Rebel start to attack the building, and Thomas get shots by Janson. They escape from him but they surrounded by fire and trapped on the top of building.

Jeorge and other shows up with air unit and get them out, but Teresa didn’t make it. Thomas gets bad injured but after that he is fixed.

He wakes up in safe haven among with other survivors.

The Hurricane Heist (2018)


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The Hurricane Heist (2018)

In 1992, when hurricane Andrew shows up near Alabama, Breeze and Willie’s family is late after watch the game and try to escape the Andrew. But on the way they get accident, his father lost his life during the attack of Andrew.

After that Willie growth up and work for Maryland weather service, they notice that Hurricane Tammy is going to hit Alabama again. The town plan to evacuate everyone out of the town.

Corbin and her team has to delivery the old money from Treasury but she need to pass the town before Tammy hit them.

Willie notices that Breeze still in town and he wants to warn him out, while at Treasury someone try to shutdown entire system. Corbin need to get Breeze to fix the backup generator.

At Treasury’s gate, someone try to break in. While one of insider’s Corner let them inside. They try to break in the vault but they can’t because Corbin change the code when she arrive.

Corbin gets Breeze and head to Treasury, she notices something not right. She found that Treasury is breached, she almost caught but Breeze help her out. She run back to the town and get help from Willie.

They plan to get help from sheriff, but turn out that sheriff is also one of them. But they manage to escape out. They think that if they destroy the tower so they can’t get password and hack in the vault.

They success to stop the tower, Sheriff and Corner break up and kill each other for money. Corbin makes a deal with Corner to get Breeze and a hostage out, Willie use Tammy to get them out.

Corbin plans to use his car to make car bomb and get in the Treasury, but they are corner by them. Before they caught Tammy hit them with wave, they separated.

Corner gets Corbin, while Breeze found Willie. Corner forces Corbin to open the vault, Breeze and Willie see that Corner get the money and head out.

Breeze and Willie following them, and gets on the truck and take it. Willie try to get Corbin but she get her self out first and get the 2nd truck.

They are following Corner while the Tammy is after them, Willie plan and make Corner the last one and hit by Tammy.

The Commuter (2018)


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The Commuter (2018)

Mike has important meeting today, he take the commuter from his home to his meeting. Everyday he meets a lot of people on it and listen to their story. He does this everyday go back and forth to his work.

One day his company just lay him off, he lost his way to his home while worry what he will do. He goes to grab some drink and then goes to catch his commuter back home.

He notices there is a check up at station, then before he gets on the train he is bump with someone on platform and lost his phone.

He moves to front car until he get seat, he meets Joanna there. She sits with him and starts to talk to him. She tells him that she study about human.

She tells him to find someone who stolen the bag, he will get 100K rewards. After that she leaves the commuter, however he decides to find that bag.

He found the money where she told him, he believes her and start to find her bag. He walks around the commuter to find it.

At station, he is warned by someone that they are watching him if he failed to do what they want. They are threat him with his wife’s ring, he try to tells his friend to warn her. But failed, he see that they kill his friend at front of him.

They warn him that they are watching him, he has no choice but find that bag. He try to find more information about passenger.

He notices a man with bag and act strange while train officer try to check the bag, he decides to following him and fight with him. He success to put tracking on him.

He tells his copy friend what happen, he thinks that Joanna set him up. He found that they try to kill the witness as soon he arrive.

Mike found that man’s bag but not that him, then he notice that man is killed and hide under the floor. He found that that man is FBI, he get call from Joanna that he marks the wrong guy.

The commuter is stopped and checked by state police, they warn him not to get caught. He manages to hide from them but he almost fell off the commuter but he lost entire money.

He plans and make all passenger move to one car so he can figure out who is his target. He starts to tell the rest of passenger about his task, he is sure everyone heard that.

He notices one guy leave after he tells them, but turn out that he is the killer. He fights with him and manage to get him out the train.

They tell him to kill the witness instead for his family, Mike try to figure out who is the witness and finally he found.

They threaten him to kill everyone on train if he doesn’t kill the witness, he refuse. They sabotage the train and try to crash it, Mike and train’s office try to save all passengers by detach the last car.

They success and save the rest of passengers, he asks the witness what’s happen. Seem her cousin discover something he should not, he get killed and she has his data. She tells him that cops killed him, after that she run.

After that cops show up, his friend try to talk him out. But he doesn’t sure about safety, he release few passengers. After talks to his friend, he found that his friend is one of the cop who kill the witness’s cousin.

He set him up so he can has some money, but he doesn’t know that Mike will not do what they ask. He try to get witness out but Mike plans a trap, but all passengers start to claim that they are witness.

They has chances and start to help Mike fight with him, Mike plans and make his friend killed instead. After that FBI shows up and make them safe, his family also ok.

After that Mike found Joanna on the commuter, now he is a police.

Annihilation (2018)


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Annihilation (2018)

Lena has been question by hazmat suit, seem everyone in her team is dead except her. She didn’t remember much thing, except how she involved in this.

One day there is comet fell down on earth, at that time Lena is a professor in university. Her husband missing from his work for a year until one day he comes back alone.

She try to question him what happen but he doesn’t remember anything, then he suddenly has seizure and dying.

During the way to hospital, secret service stop them and grab them out. They are sent to Area X, after Lena wakes up then she found that she is in quarantine.

Ventress shows up and question her about her husband, Lena tells her that may be she can help her ill husband.

They show her the area that surround with shimmer, they tell her that they try to send team there but nobody back except her husband.

Lena meets Anya and her friends, they and Ventress will go with her into the shimmer to find out what happen to previous teams.

After they enter, they don’t remember anything for days. They found all communication to outside are down.

Ventress decides to go next, they found a hut. Then one of them, Josie almost pull down by big gator. Lena found there are mutations a lot like flower, animal.

They reach the old headquarter before Shimmer cover it, they found the message from last team.

They found in video that there is something inside the body, it freak them out. They are following Ventress and found one of body explode on the wall.

One night they found that something break into their fence, then they see the big bear grab one of them, Sheppard out at front of them.

After that rest of them want to get out but Ventress wants to continue to the lighthouse. Lena convinces them to join her, she tells them that it faster than go back.

When go deeper, they found trace of Sheppard. Lena volunteer to check if she still alive alone. Lena found her body, they are too late.

One of them tell them that Shimmer is like prism it will reflects and scramble everything, radio, signal, DNA included their DNA.

Lena found that she is infected by cut during journey, at night she and Ventress are captured by one of them, Anya. She found that Lena knew one of previous team. She tells them that she didn’t see any bear except Lena and Ventress.

Anya starts to hear the Cassie’s noise asks for help, she run out and quiet. Then the bear shows up with voice of Cassie, it try to lure them moving. Anya shows up try to kill it but she is eaten alive. Josie get chances to kill it and help the rest.

Ventress decides to go back, but Josie tells Lena that she doesn’t want either to fight them or face them light Ventress. She walks away and gone.

Lena continues to lighthouse by the coast, she found body and camera. Inside it she found that it’s her husband body, he recorded what happen to him. He killed himself with grenade, she see another one look like him look at camera.

Lena found the hole in the floor and the sound from it , she go down to see what’s inside. She found Ventress inside, she tells them that their body and soul will gone by replacement until they are Annihilation.

Lena see Ventress Annihilation to a bit and built back to human shape, she try to run escape from it but it shows up at front of her. It try to mimic her move, it blocks her from getting out. Lena tricks it by put bomb into it and get out, the fire caught on it and starts to spread entire lighthouse. Finally shimmer is gone.

She tells her interview that she think it didn’t destroy anything but change to new thing. Lena asks to see her husband, seem after shimmer gone he wakes up and seem normal.