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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 11 Spilt Milk

Morgan is with prostitute, she also just has the child. She asks how bad he wants to get her milk, he said he will kill for it.

Grace name her child “Thomus”, Oliver managed to get them together alone. He asks what is she remember, she see only light. He asks her about Alma, she tells her that she is dead.

Kit asks Grace to marry him, then Monsignor comes in with nurse they are going to take their child out.

Mother Claire shows up to Lana, tells her that she will help her out. So she can expose this place and shut it down.

Oliver tells Kits that if he hand him the tape, he will find his baby back. Lana is leaving the facility,  they passing by them. Kits help her out, by distract him.

Olivier notices something and see she get out in cab and he can’t stop her. At night she goes to see him at house, tells him the tape is at police. She point the gun to him.

She asks him about Wendy, he tells him that he cut her to piece and scatter it all. Once police nearly comes, she shot him to dead.

Lana get out and didn’t press charge to kill Oliver, she writes the article to take down BlairCliff.

Nurse tells Kits that now he can leave, before leave he wants to see Monsignor. He tells him to release Grace, and get his Thomas back. He tells him that Grace already died, they have her certificated. So he can get problem out, he agreed and let them out.

Kits takes them to his old house, inside he meet Alma and her son. Lana goes to see doctor, she wants to get out her baby. But suddenly she changed her mind.

Lana get court order to talks to Jude, but she found she is dead. Monsignor already cremated her. But actually they locked her down.

Lana finally give birth, at first she doesn’t want to feed him but then she give him.