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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 8 Think Lovely Thoughts

Henry asks Pan if he save magic, it will save Wendy. He said he will save her and them, he is happy to be a hero.

Rumple and Regina found Emma and other, Neal tell them about Rumple’s prophecy. They all upset to him, Rumple tells Neal about Pan and his father.

Rumple tells Emma about cure he┬ácan do it for David. Neal tells him no exchange, now they are at Pan’s place. They can’t find Henry but instead they meet Wendy.

Wendy tells Neal that she comes back to save him, they ask her where is Henry. She tells them she doesn’t know, Rumple knows that she lied.

She tells them that Pan is dying, now he’s tricking Henry to trade his life with him. They head to skull cave to help Henry.

Emma and them go inside and found Pan cast the spell only Rumple can get in, they give him back pandora’s box.

Emma notices that moon make shadow, they thinks if they block the moon they will have no shadow and also can enter. Pan notices Rumple, apparently Pan is Rumple’s father. He try to convince Rumple to stay with him.

Pan steals his box and activate it, Rumple is captured in box. Pan asks Henry for his heart, Henry get out his heart out. Before he gives to him, his family shows up.

They convince him that Pan is lie, but Henry still believe him. He put his heart in to Pan.