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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 9 Save Henry

Pan tells them that Rumple is locked in box, Emma stab Pan one time. He said he feels nothing, he fly out.

11 years ago, Regina goes to see Gold to help her to help her fasten the adoption process.

Emma and them tell the what happen to Henry, they to ask the lost boy but they won’t say. Regina is going to hurt them but Emma thinks they should give them a mother.

Emma convinces few of them about Pan’s whereabouts, they tell her that he might be at thinking tree.

Regina goes back to Gold, she thinks that he plan this for whole time. But Gold acts like he knows nothing.

Emma and them goes after Pan, they all captured by him. He tells them that Rumple is his son, now he is weak. He used the tree to help until he has power back. Regina break out and get Henry’s heart back from him.

They rush back to Henry and put his heart back, Henry is wake up and safe. After Regina left him on bed, Pan shows up. Neal let Rumple out the box, he notices of Pan.

Pan try to get Henry’s heart but Regina already cast protection spell on it. He try to grab his shadow instead, Rumple shows up and put him in box.

Regina cast Pan’s shadow on the ship, it makes ship can fly now they are heading home. But Pan already switch with Henry while Rumple put him in box.