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Haven Season 4 Episode 1 Fallout

Duke is inside barn and try to find Audrey, then he drop in the tank at aquarium in Boston. He is arrest for trespassing, he yell to Audrey Parker while he is taken. Someone watch him on news and rush out.

Duke is arrest, he found that he is dead for 6 months. At Haven books store, people inside start to hear strange noise then the windows is explode.

Duke found that Audrey will visit him, he is very excited. But when she shows up she is not Audrey, she tell him she see him in her dream. She tell him she start to hear their voice 6 months ago. He try to convince her to takes him to Haven.

He call Dave, he asks him about Nathan. Dave tell him where to find him, they meet him in bad shape. He tell him the guard is after him, they plan to go back to Haven.

At Haven, Dwight Dave and Vinces check the book shop. Nathan Duke and Jennifer go back to Haven, they are blocked by the guard. They found Jordan leads them, then Dwight shows up.

They stop Jordan for pay back, as Duke is with Audrey that means she still alive. Jennifer tell them what she hear from Howard, Nathan said that he will convince her to kill him to end the trouble.

During the talk, tornado suddenly shows up and hit the town. Vince tell him he needs him to found out what happen and solve this first.

Lexi (Audrey) is working as bartender, she meets the man try to date her. Then she see other man has a gun and looking for someone. He sits and call her, threaten her to sit with him. Then first man start to fight with him, he threaten him to left.

Nathan and them check the evidence about what happen, Nathan thinks about Marion. She is Audrey’s first case. They go to see her, inside it’s very cold only Nathan can stay.

He found her, she upset at him she thinks her trouble came back because of him. She try to freeze him to dead, he asks her why her trouble comes back.

She tell him that Conrad gets heart attack, he try to tell her to let him go. He tell her about Audrey, he tell her he will fixed the damage. finally he make Marion accept.

Dwight convince him to be detective again until they found Audrey. At the gull, Duke found his brother wade.

At bar the first man confess to Lexi that the 2nd man try to attack her because he afraid he is going to tell her something about her secret. He tell her that if she doesn’t help him find who really she is a lot of people gonna die