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Grimm Season 3 Episode 8 Twelve Days of Krampus

At night teenager break in the car and steal stuff, while they unwrap the stuff one of them hear something. Wesen in Santa claus suit shows up and beat them, he get one of them in bag and leave.

Nick and Hank go to check place where they were last night, they found one of them in car he still alive.

They take him to hospital, his father tell them about his bad behavior. They question him about his friend Quinn, he tell them about Santa. He start to freak out when he see Santa.

At night, a teenage grab a woman purse and run out to parking lot. He is beaten by Santa and put in his bag, a witness see him.

Nick and Hank go to check at Quinn’s house. Instead he found Bud, he was Quinn’s father friend. They are also looking for him, they talk about him and his friend.

They found not much clue, they heard another attack they found also the teenage grabbed the purse. They go there and question some of Santa, one of them start to change and run off. They knock him down at front of the kids.

Bud show up at Nick’s door and ask about news, Nick tell him he has nothing more than two lumps of coal and leave. Bud realize something, once they back at station they found that the coal has source near the north pole.

Nick and Hank go to see Monroe and ask him about Santa wesen. He tell them about Krampus, he said he shows up to beats bad kids.

Bud shows up and tell them about Krampus, they go after him at forest. Hank found the track of him, Nick heard their scream.

Nick found him he knock him down and let the latest kid out, Nick knock him down with one punch. Monroe and Hank show up, they convince him to kill him.

But now it’s midnight, he changed back to human. Seem he¬†knows what happen, he just remember that he always wakeup in wood.

They decided to turn him to wesen council.