The Flash Season 2 Episode 11


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 11

The Reverse-Flash Returns

Flash try to stop crime all the morning, he goes to stop the chemical truck. After that Caitlin tell them that turtle is dead, Reverse Flash found Flash is in this period.

Cisco and Wells try to figure out what’s trig his ability. but they found that reverse flash is in town. Flash found him kidnapped Dr. Mcgee, they escape.

Reverse flash wants her to help him figure how to use tachyons, Caitlin tells Barry about Jay’s condition. She thinks if they find his doppelganger she might be able to help him.

Wells make goggled for Cisco to looking for reverse flash, he found that Mcgee is dead. But Wells thinks that he just see the future. They left to find them before she died.

Cisco found them, Flash rush there to safe her. He stop him from back home, he chasing him out. He knock down him.

Joe tells Barry that Patty knows that he is Flash. At night she confronts him about it, she wants him to tell her truth. But he won’t she left.

Cisco has seizure, they try to stop him. Wells thinks he gets affected because Reverse flash is captured. Wells will send him home, Wells tells them that this is the original of reverse flash where he learned about him.

Flash send him back to his time, Cisco recovered and OK.


NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 8


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 8


Today is Hugo trial, King goes to the court to testify him. One of the witness Don is missing from the protection, King try to get him back. But when he is in his car, his car explode.

They spot the suspect’s car scene, they following car crash. They found that they might chase after Maslow, Don’s partner.

King goes to see Hugo to ask him about Don, but he won’t say anything. King takes Sonja to take Maslow back to testify.

They found where bomber is from evidence they found from car crash, car is registered to Frank. But real Frank is dead, Chris and Brody go to see place. They meet Don’s wife, she expect them to be Frank. She tells them about Frank he is new AA from her group, she is his sponsor.

Chris and Brody following Frank’s phone and found his apartment, they found the trap in his apartment. They found him dead, they found that Frank already tracking them.

King and Sonja go to see Maslow, he asks him to apologize him then he will testify. On the way they are ambush, Maslow get chances and escape.

They found that they are not link to Hugo, so they are wonder who after Maslow. They found that explosive is come from Zed, they think he try to get King.

King is chasing by Zed, he lures them to him. While Sonja takes Maslow out, King lure them to the car where he ambush them. He arrests them, after that they found that Maslow is working with Zed.

King get Maslow back to testify exchange for not charge with murder, after that Maslow testify Hugo on trial.


The Flash Season 2 Episode 10


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 10

Potential Energy

At night while Barry dates with Patty, he grabbed her and throw her down the building. He wakes up and found it’s a dream.

Cisco tells them about plan how to slow down Zoom, he tells them about turtle to make him slow down around them.

Flash found him at police station but he can’t catch him, he slows him down and escape. They are looking for him but they found his next target.

Barry decided to takes Patty on date while looking for turtle, Wells tell him if he cared he should keep her far away.

But Barry ignores and invite Patty in, he is going to tells her that he is the Flash. Then they spot turtle. Patty try to stop him, but he slow them down and try to attach her. Flash rescues her on time.

Barry goes to see Patty, she is really upset him. At night Wally goes to illegal race, after win he see Joe.

Barry found that Patty is kidnapped by turtle, Patty wakes up and found he is captured by turtle. He tells her that he saw Flash save her. He wants to hurt Flash by kill her.

They found where is turtle, Flash goes to see him. He slows him down and start to knock him, Flash force the speed to over come his power and knocks him down.

Patty tells Barry that she is leaving city to study. At night Wells kill the turtle and takes something out from his head.

At night reverse flash and Gidean shows up in town, they are not expected this.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 7


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 7

Broken Hearted

2 paramedics get in the house to check the injurer, instead they found killer. He killed both of them.

Brody’s mother arrives at airport, she goes to pick her up. She tells her about her sister, she thinks it’s one of her ex-boyfriend.

NCIS found that killer dial to NBHC to get only 2 people work there come, they think killer take one of their’s credential.

The killer hijack the truck with classified machine, NCIS found that he goes there to destroy implant heart for Max.

They go to see him at hospital and found that Brody’s mother is in charge of Max. They found her has rare blood type, as his implant gone he is dead.

They found he is shutting down the dark website which will shutdown most of their operation. They found Janis is his coordinator who arrange this transport, she tells them about Blake who assigned her work.

Blake is missing with large deposit, they found his car in the river. They found his body with his heart missing. They found they heist the first heart.

They think killer try to sell the rare heart, they are checking on one who in waiting list. They found one of doctor, Susan can do surgery and she is missing. They go to check her house, killer might take her out. They found her dog, it might has killer blood.

They found killer that he is Gaylan, they found that he and Thomas are together. Thomas also needs that heart.

They are chasing him by machine he needs for surgery, they found where they sold in on dark web. They try to look for where they operate instead, they found them at old hospital.

They found Thomas and doctor, she tells them his brain is dead. They take his heart back to Max.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 9


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 9

Running to Stand Still

Zoom is chasing down Wells and grabbed him, he asks him to release Jessee. Tonight is Christmas, Iris tells Barry about her mother and her new child. She wants to tell Joe about hers.

At prisoner, weather wizard shows up and break in with his storm power. He release captain cold and got to release Trickster.

Barry found that Patty’s father is killed by Trickster, she is upset and wants to get him. Trickster, Captain cold and weather wizard  plan to get rid the Flash.

Barry and Cisco plan to create wand that Barry used to get rid of weather wizard in another time line.

Barry and Iris found captain Cold at his house, he warns them about weather wizard and Trickster’s plan.

Trickster hack in police system, they try to track him from the video. Patty and Flash go there, they are get in trap. Flash gets her out safety.

Trickster disguise as Santa clause and distributed children the present box. At night Wells meets with Zoom secretly.

Flash found weather wizard, he goes there to stop him. But he lure him to Trickster, he tells him about 100 bomb box that he gave to kid.

They force him to stand down to end him otherwise he will detonate the bomb. He starts to attack him, Wells and other try to find the bomb. Wells found one of it and try to send it to dimension and destroy all of them.

Flash arrest them, Patty shows up and lock down Flash. She wants to kill weather wizard, he try to convinces her not to do it. He convinced her, she arrested him.

At night, Wally Joe’s wife son shows up. Wells goes to see Zoom, he tells him that he knows why he try to send vilian to here. He wants to make Barry stronger and takes his power later.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 6


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 6

Insane in the Membrane

At city today it’s Red Dress Run, during that there is a woman is chasing by man with gun. She running to the top of building and fell down dead.

NCIS found that she is Kelsey, witness tells them that she scream for help. But they can’t find anyone chase her.

They found that she is high on flekka, Loetta shows them the other victim. Seem they have a lot of problem in city.

They go to check Kelsy’s friend, she tells them about flekka’s party. She gives them the party’s address.

Sonja, Chris and Brody go to check the party and found dealer, Anthony. He start to get crazy and knock them down before escape.

Next day they found Anthony is killed, they think he is killed by Triad. They called this killer “the ghost”

NCIS found another lair where they sells the drug, they found flekka at Kendrick’s house. They ask him about Triad and the ghost.

Sebastian found the ghost, Liu. They found that councilman related to him, King goes to ask him. He tells him a way to make Kendrick talk.

He helps them setup Liu to meet with them, Sonja goes undercover to see Liu. He gives her the drug, he forces her to kill Kendrick. She help him out, NCIS shows up and get them all.

King found that Singh is the one who fund Liu for drugs, he wants to swamp the city to make he win the vote. He refused them, he said that it’s Councilman try to blame him. But finally he confess.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 8


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 8

Legends of Today

Barry try to practice but he is not faster, Wells and Caitlin are looking way to improve his speed.

At night, port guard are attack by criminal that captain bring here. He is looking for a woman with wings.

At night Kendra takes Cisco to her coffee shop. Then that man shows up, he refer has priestess. Cisco send distress signal to Flash, he rescues them. Cisco expose Barry.

They ask her why he wants to hurt her, he doesn’t know. Cisco tells them about what that man call, Chay-Ara. Barry thinks they need to help from Arrow.

They go to there to ask some help from Arrow, at night Arrow and his team fighting with …. Flash shows up and rescues John. He tells them about he request.

Cisco tells Barry about his vibe about Kendra with her wing, that man shows up and attack them. Thea shot him down but they found he’s not dead.

Cisco tells them about his vision, he tells them about Kendra. Malcom shows up and tells them about Kendra. He tells them he is Vandel, he is immortal.

During Cisco talks with Kendra, a man with wing take her away. Flash and Arrow are chasing them, he is Khufu he called her Chay-Ara.

Then he is fighting with Arrow and knock down flash. but they work together and knock him down. He explains them about them and Vandal,

Patty shows up and shoot Wells, Caitlin found out and tells her to call Joe. Malcom shows up tells them about Vandal go to get staff of Horus. If he gets it he will not stoppable.

Khufu wants to prove Kendra, he wants her to jump down so she will remember. He push her down, Barry helps her up. They found the staff, they go there to get it before Vandal get it.

Caitlin gives Jay the drug that will make him faster and he can remove bullet out of Wells. He did and safe him.

Kendra decides to jump on her own, she fly up with her wing. Flash and Arrow found Vandel and his stuff. He knocks them down, Flash helps Arrow out before Vandel kill them with his stuff.

They plan to get rid Vandel at Central city.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 5


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 5

Foreign Affairs

Teenagers while playing their firework, they found one of house nearby is on fire. They try to put out the fire, one of them found a body in the fire.

NCIS goes to check his body, they found victim is Australian navy, Colston. Agent Naomi shows up, help them on case.

Loetta found that victim died before burned, he also cut out one of his finger. Sebastian found that this killer did this before. They think killer is a hit man.

They setup the hit man, but instead they get Ross P. He tells them he is hired by someone to pick up. They scared the hitman off.

They found that Phil is the one who run off, they go check his place and found his office. They found killer kill the wrong person, he wants to kill Ryder.

After talks to Ryder, they found that may be his girlfriend might be in danger. Chris and Brody go to see her, she tells them about guy who tells Ryan to see Sugar Wells.

He tells them Ryan has debts with him but he didn’t hire someone to kill him. After that they found that killer might send the bomb to to Ryder. But they found the finger of victim, King thinks Ryder hire someone to kill him to fake that he is dead.

They found that killer last payment drop, but he is killed. They think that it’s not Ryder who hired him.

They found that Coulson’s girlfriend has affair with Ryder, they go back to question her. But they found that her friend might behind all this. She confronts him, he confesses to her. NCIS shows up and arrest him.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 7


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 7

Gorilla  Warfare

Barry feels better but still not completed, Wells tells them he will go back. But Caitlin doesn’t agree, he still ignore. She tells them they need Wells until Barry back to normal.

She goes to convinces Wells to stay and fight with them, from talk with him he think they will set the trap at STAR lab after close all other portal.

At night Grodd killed one of scientist at lab after control him steals something. Barry is healed but he lost his confidence.

Grodd just takes control on Caitlin, she knocks him down. Joe tells them about Grodd, they think Grodd takes her.

Caitlin wakes up and found Grodd, he wans her to help him. he wants her to make more Grodd.

Iris takes Barry’s father back to see him, Wells found Caitlin. They plan to use Wells to convinces Grodd to release her. He try to convince him but he failed, but they managed to knock him down and escape.

At night Caitlin goes to call Grodd out, Flash shows up to lure him to the portal. Caitlin and Flash works together to send him out.

Grodd is sent to the forest in world 2 where there is his kind there.

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 4


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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 4

I Do

Alison’s bridesmaid just sleep with Chris last night, today when she goes to Alison’s wedding she found the body.

NCIS found that he’s Max, he is drone’s pilot. After question all guest nobody can tell them anything. They go to see his wife, she also has no idea. But his son tells Chris Max’s threat.

NCIS found the protester on the base, they found that one of them Kelvin has past with paint they found on Max’s car.

They question him about Max, but he refused but he confess that he paint his car. He tells them about Max’s secret place.

They found that he is may be a spy, Sebastian found that he might use the flying machine to spy. King and Chris go to see company that provide his machine. They run as soon they see them, but they caught. They tell them that Max bought it from them, he wants to give it to his son.

They found Max spy on the land, the owner chased him out. Brody and Sonja go to check the field and they found a body of Louison, she is reported missing over year.

They question her husband, he doesn’t care now who did it. King and Chris following her running path before she missing. They found that she might be hit by car, Max goes to wedding try to solve her murderer.

Next day NCIS questions Alice’s husband about it. He tells them that his car is accessed by anyone in unit. But they found that Max help Alice’s husband unit, there is a record with his drone. During attacks one of them confess that he run over the girl.

NCIS questions him and finally he confess.