Supernatural Season 11 Episode 15


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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 15

Beyond the Mat

Wrestling sober man is hang up by invisible power, after he try to hung up his opponent on stage.

Dean tells Sam about the dead wresting man, Lucifer commands his hell to find another hand of god.

Dean and Sam go to funeral, they met with their heroes. They go to see their show, after that outside the show one man is killed during he goes out pee.

Dean goes back to ask around, one of them tells him about curse. She tells him that when they were on one tour, they found a body near the trash.

At night one of wrestler Harley fight with other,Gunnar. He excuses him for using drug. Dean goes to check that one of wrestler is demon or not. But Sam found him later that he failed.

Sam and Dean go to check Harley’s room, they found his room’s trash. They found from footage that he is kidnapped by Gunnar.

Harley wakes up and found Gunnar, he try to sorry him but he said it’s not depend on him. Duke shows up to him and ask him what he wants, he tells him that he wants his soul or his service exchange for what he wants.

He refused, Duke cut him injured and tells Gunnar to finish him. Dean and Sam following him and found Gunnar and Duke, He asks Gunnar to kill him, while he stop Sam.

Crowley is tricked by one of demon to lead Lucifer to his archive, he is going to takes his rod. But Crowley already takes it, he absorbed its power and attack Lucifer. But one of his demon protect him, while he try to hit 2nd time he has no power. Seem it can use only one time. Crowley escapes after that.

Duke tells Sam about mess in hell and darkness, so he has to build his own nest. But Dean and Gunnar shows up and kill Duke.




The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 15


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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 15

I Would for You

Rayna regenerated and get back, she keeps after Stefan. Rayna shows up and rescue Matt from get killed from Julian’s vampire. She asks them about Stefan.

Stefan and Valarie are on the road, they are looking for witches that Freya suggest, it might help him from her.

Damon shows up while Rayna are looking for information, Matt help him and knock her down. Damon takes out her heart, and cut her in piece.

But she stills alive back, Damon try to convinces her to stop. But she won’t, Valerie and Stefan are knock down by witch.

Bonnie goes to see Enzo, she found Alex. She tells her that she wants to get Rayna, she shows the shaman that help Rayna. Enzo tells her that every time Rayna dead, the shaman is decay. Bonnie tells Damon about that, he killed her again.

Enzo tells her that every time she revived she will be stronger, but he tells her about link between victim and Rayna. So if her last life gone, Stefan will die.

Damon goes back and dig her up, he helps her before she died. Stefan asks Caroline to run with him. But she wants to stay to help Alaric.

Armory shows up before she killed Damon, they capture her. Alex tells Enzo that she also need to get Bonnie too.

Damon tells Stefan after he is back that he wants to leave him to side with Elena, Matt shows up at night. he tells him that all vampires must leave city otherwise he will expose him and Damon.

He agreed to leave, but he decides not to involve with Caroline and Alaric. Bonnie found about Damon’s plan, she tells him that she is not OK.

3 years later, Stefan goes to wake Damon up. They try to escape but Rayna finally use Caroline hostage, Stefan shows up and get captured.

Rayna tells him that he should transfer his mark to Damon, it was his idea.

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 14


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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 14

The Vessel

In 1943 while Nazi captured France, his woman asks him about treasure he just hand on it. She wants to see what is it, after she confirmed what is it. She kill him and get it back for men of letters.

Sam tells Dean about Nazi’s secret weapon that can help them win the war. They describe it as Hands of god. But it’s missing and get by one of women of letters.

At hell Lucifer takes over it from Crowley, he is chained. Sam and Dean try to find the clue about the artifact, they figure out that while it ship to bunker it sunk.

They decides to ask to Castiel about it, he tells them that he can make them time travel. But Dean tells Sam he will goes alone with Castiel.

Dean appears on the ship, but Castiel is missing. after that Castiel shows up alone he tells Sam that he didn’t get on the ship.

Dean disguise as the crew and try to find Delphine, once he meets her she knocks her down. He tells them that he come from future. He also tell them about their fate.

Dean try to convinces her to help him, finally she believes him. He tells them when they ask are they going to died. She shows him the weapon and give it.

But their ship can’t escape them, they decide to fight with them. Delphine try to remove the blockage. They try to escape the destroyer, Delphine tells him to kill her to remove the blockage.

While the destroyer drop the bomb to their ship, Castiel try to cast the spell for archangel. Sam tells him to use his soul to make him has enough power.

But Sam found out Castiel is Lucifer, while he try to take out his soul. Castiel makes him stop. He tells Sam that they need Lucifer to safe Dean.

German’s destroyer contact them to give them back the girl and cargo, then they will spare them. Delphine tells them she will destroy first ship and help Dean out. She use power from it and get him back.

Dean is back, Sam tells Dean that it’s not Cass. After Lucifer knocks them down, he try to use the hands of god. But it’s not work, they found that it can use only one time. Sam cast him out.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14


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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14

Moonlight on the Bayou

Caroline takes Josie and Elizabeth to see Klaus at new Orlean, but she found that Klaus is gone for 3 years.

Stefan is on running from Rayna, he is heading to the Valerie’s safehouse. She tells him that it should be able to stop her from tracking.

Damon and Bonnie go to see Enzo, he shows them the armory. Enzo tells them about Alex, woman who is from armory. if he help her she will gives her information about his family.

Alaric tells Caroline that he wants to leave to Dallas, she against him that he wants to hire nurse with him. She wants to go with him.

Stefan goes to see new Orleans and meet Klaus there, Damon tells Valerie about the armory. She tells him it’s a lie, he has to get out from that ASAP. But Enzo knocks them down before they leave.

Damon wakes up in the cell along with Tyler, he tells him that Tyler works for them for a while. He wants him to give Stefan’s location otherwise when Tyler transform he will be with him.

Bonnie gets out from Enzo, while Damon called him about Klaus’s blood. After he found that Stefan is following by Rayna he wants him to leave. But after he talks with Caroline, he promises her that Stefan will safe.

Stefan found that Rayna is closed after him, she meets him. But before she killed him, Klaus shows up and stop her.

Bonnie try to help Damon out but Tyler accidentally knock her down, Damon try to heal her but it’s not work. He takes her out.

Alex tells Enzo about his family, she tells her that his father founded the Armory. Alex tells him that she is his family.

Damon decides to escape from all his friends life, so they don’t need to worry about him anymore.

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13


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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13

Love Hurts

Mel’s husband has affair with their baby sitter, Staci. She tells him to tell her the truth. After that when she is alone, someone she knows show up and grab her heart out.

Sam tells Dean about Staci’s case, they head to there to check. Mel and her husband didn’t tell them much, after that Dean go to talk about Mel’s husband. Sam goes to check her body.

Mel’s husband tells Dean that he has affair with Staci, he has camera that might captured murderer. He shows him the feed, it’s him who kill her. But he said it’s not him and he has alibi.

Sam and Dean found that he is shapeshifter. At night while Dan is alone, Staci shows up. He freaks out, she tells him that she wants her heart. She grabs his heart out.

Dean and Sam found from witness that killer is Stacy, they go question Mel. Seem she already know that her husband has affair but she didn’t kill him. They suspect that she is shapeshifter, but she is not.

After they left, Mel try to destroy all evidence. That night while Mel is alone, she found that her husband try to get in. She try to escape from him, she escapes and go to see Dean and Sam.

She tells them about white witch, she did what she tell her. She shows them her spell, Sam found that it’s a curse.

Dan shows up and following her, Dean decides to kiss her to get transfer. It works he is after Dean, they escape from there.

They go to see white witch at her shop, they found that they will come with looks like their desire. They found that they have to kill the witch to destroy it.

Sam found witch heart, but he is captured by her. Witch tells him that she wants to punish the cheater and woman who want them back. Amara shows up and attack Dean, Mel shows up and help Sam. Sam shots witch dead and destroy the heart.


The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13


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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13

This Woman’s Work

In 1842, Rayna asks her father about her father tattoo. She wants him to teach her how to fight. After that 5 years, she finally win his father. But that day also day that she lost him to Julian. He compelled her to kill her own father,

Rayna breaks out the cell, Bonnie shows up to Damon tells him about huntress. Then she figured out that he has fun. While Stefan found Caroline’s condition is worst, now they take her baby out.

Enzo called Bonnie about Rayna’s sword, he threaten him to help him get sword otherwise he will tells Bonnie about Elena.

They found that babies doesn’t want to get out, so they can feed Caroline’s magic. Stefan tells Caroline about Valarie’s plan to get the baby out. They need the help from Beau, Nora and Mary.

Damon and Bonnie found that Rayna hostage Enzo, she shots Bonnie down. Damon throw the sword out, Rayna goes to after it.

In past, Rayna is goes after Julian she is the one who mute Beau. After that Julian and them escape.

Mary calls Bonnie about huntress coming for Beau, they have to escapes. Valarie stays to help Caroline. But Rayna shows up and killed Beau, Mary and Nora escape. After she burn him down then she enter the hospital.

Damon and Bonnie shows up , Damon try to stop Rayna. Bonnie tells Stefan to help Damon. While Bonnie help Valarie on her babies, before Rayna kill Damon. Stefan blocks her and get stabbed but he alive.

Caroline’s babies are out and safe, Enzo tells Damon that Elena still alive in new York. Last time it’s was Tylers’s decoy coffin.

Caroline found from Bonnie that Stefan is on run from huntress, Damon tells Stefan that he will find the way to stop huntress. Elaric takes Josie and Elizabeth to Caroline.

3 years later, Caroline takes Josie and Elizabeth to see her old friend at new orleane.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 15


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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 15


Alex try to get Kara work with DEO again, Kara stills upset because of Hank. She tells her may be she should work alone.

Cat gets the thumb drive from hacker, he wants her to publish it. But she doesn’t want to, Lucy try to convinces her but she is not agreed.

After that hacker hacks in Cat co, she tells them that she disappoint in them. She tells them now that they have control all communication, traffic, bank. They see a lot of accident happen, Kara goes out to help people.

Next day at Cat co, she wants them to find the hacker identity so they can stop her. Winn found the way to hack back hacker, but she hacks back to Winn and shows up. She is Indigo, she starts to attack Winn and Jimmy.

Hank and Alex shows up to help them out, Indigo escapes. They tells her that they following the signal to her room. Kara still refused to work with him.

Non goes to see Indigo, she tells him that she just start apocalypse. Only them can survive.

Alex comes to get Winn to help them stop the hack, Jimmy tells Kara about superman’s fortress to find out about alien info.

His robot tells them about indigo, it tells them that Indigo is one the most dangerous prisoner there. Jimmy try to convinces Kara to work with Hank but she can’t.

Lucy found that Indigo plans to nuke city, she will take the general who can do that to do it. She infiltrate into the base with his phone, she knocks them down and get their key and launch the nuke.

supergirl shows up and fight with indigo, but she found that she already launch it.  She try to hold her while the missile is firing. Kara gets off her and following it.

She try to stop it, but it won’t change course. She asks Hank for help, he tells her how to stop it and she did it on time.

Kara goes back to capture her, but Indigo goes to captured Winn and threat Kara. Winn upload virus to her and killed her, before she dead she tells her that she is the one who takes her out the Phantom zone.

The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6


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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6

My Struggle II

Tad call Scully about Mulder, he tells her about fact. They found that his place is trashed, and he is missing.

Scully tells Skinner and Einstein about Alien’s DNA, Scully and Einstein go to hospital to check their DNA. Muler is on the road and he is beaten.

Miller shows up and show them about Tad’s interview. Scully thinks what he said it’s already happen.

Einstein asks Scully about how they can shutdown their immunity, what triggers it. Then she gets call from Monica, she tells her about man with cigarettes. She tells her about his ultimate weapon that can kill anyone by decide.

She tells her that both of them are protected, she tells her that he send man to offer Mulder for the deal.

Mulder goes to see that man, he tells him that he wants to make deal with him. He wants him to work with him otherwise he will dead in week.

City’s hospital now filled with patient, Scully thinks that she can amplify her DNA then can build vaccine from it. Einstien decides to help her create it. But they found that Scully’s DNA has no it. She found that all doctor and nurse are sick too.

Einstein thinks that her sample is too small, she starts to amplified her cell for cure. Einstein is also sick, Mulder’s condition is worst, he is infected. Miller shows up and help Mulder out.

Scully finish her vaccine, after that she left to find Mulder and Miller. She gives them the vaccine, but she found Mulder’s condition is worst they need their children to safe him.

Then Aliens’s UFO shows up to them.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14


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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

At night Non shows up to see Kara and Alex, he wants her to go for Astra’s funeral. She agreed to go with him, after the funeral Non tells her that they will pause for mourning 2 weeks. After that she will be next one.

Kara goes to office and found that Cat hired another assistant, Cat call Jimmy and Lucy about Max’s missing. She wants to find the way to help Max, she thinks that he might be kidnapped, worked on project or he has affair with someone.

Jimmy tells Kara that they should not hold Max, at DEA he brief his agents about one of prisoner missing. Alex and her team found him and armor man. After he knocks them down and he takes him out.

Armor man tells DEO’s prisoner that he is Master jailer, no body escape. He execute him.

Alex and Hank go to ask local police about him, one of them tell them about the killing of alien. All of them are decapitate.

Lucy found that Jimmy knows about DEO and supergirl, she is upset. Alex and Hank foudn that Master jailer is after each prisoner one by one.

Kara goes to stop him before he kill the next prisoner, but she failed. He managed to escape her and get prisoner with him.

Jimmy try to convinces Kara to release Max, after that Alex tells Kara that they found that Master jailer is one of the cop. But they point to wrong one, his friend Draper is Master jailer. He shots down Alex and the other police.

Alex wakes out and found that Kara is kidnapped, Kara wakes up and found captured with Crypton red light. She meets the other prisoner, Master Jailer shows up.

Alex found hat Master jailer is one of the guard of fort ross. They found where is him, Master jailer tells Kara that he is going to punish.

Alex and her team are at his cabin, but it’s empty. Then she found Drapa’s ship, she breaks in it. And give her sun light, Kara breaks out and knock him down.

Kara and Alex decide to let Max go, Alex tells him that if he exposes them. DEO has all his evidence and document will takes him down with them.

The X-Files Season 10 Episode 5


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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 5


2 men park their car and get in art gallery before they detonate themselves. Next day FBI Miller and Einstein go to see Mulder and Scully they asks them to help them about finding terrorist cell. One of the bomber is survive the explode, one of them think that they should talk with the survivor.

Mulder call Einstien tells her about terrorist’s cell, Scully calls Miller about how to get survivor’s confession.

Mulder tells her about his theory, he wants her to help him administrate the magic mushroom to him so he can communicate the other terrorist cell.

Scully tells Miller about way the communicate with survivor. Then 2 men shows up and demand survivor’s body. But they won’t agreed, they leave.

Einstein found that Miller is with Scully, she is upset and call Mulder to see her, she willing wants to help him.

Another FBI shows up tell them about bomb threat, he wants them to evacuate but Miller and Scully won’t. After they left, one of nurse try to kill survivor. But Einstein and Mulder shows up, he takes magic mushroom and wander around instead of talk to survivor.

After Mulder wakes up, on they way they gets out. Mulder spots Noora. She is survivor’s mother, Shiraz. She tells them that she heard him talk to her in dream and prayer. Mulder also remember that he talks to him during his high in arabic. After that he is dead.

Mulder tells them what he heard, they found out about babel hotel. FBI get all of his terrorist cells.