Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 11


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 11

The Path of the Righteous

After Fisk rushes Vanessa to the closet ER, they try to help her. Karen goes to see Matt at his house, she tells him that Foggy is missing.

She found that he lied to her, she try to convinces him to open to her. But he won’t, then she tells him about what she found. But he thinks that is not enough, he tells her to tell Foggy about it.

Wesley ask Leland about Gao if her unhappy, he asks him to check if she is the one who after this.

Karen try to convince Ben to publish out the story of Fisk kill his father, but he thinks it will point less. Then Ben tells Karen about an attempt of killing Fisk, he thinks someone he worked with might not like that Fisk go public.

Fisk tells Wesley to found out who did this, after Vanessa is better he wants to send her away from him. After that her doctor shows up, he tells him that she will alive.

At night a man is chasing by Matt, he catch him and asks him about Fisk’s armor. He tells him where he gets it.

Leland shows up, he tells Wesley that Gao might be not the responsible. After that he found from Fisk’s mother that someone came to visit her.

Matt found where is Fisk’s armor from, he found the man who build it. They fight, after he knocks him down. He starts to cry that Fisk will hurt Betsy, he convinces him to do the suit for him and he will helps him keep Fisk from him.

Karen found Foggy sober at the bar, she asks him about what happen. He won’t tell her anything, she upset and leave. After she talked with Ben on the phone, she is kidnapped by Wesley.

He tells her that he knows that she went to see Fisk’s mother, instead kill her. He offered her a job, to convinces Ben that Fisk is good man. While Fisk call him, she grabs his gun. She shoots him dead.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3

Blood Ties

In 1700 BC, Rip goes to see Vandal and try to kill him. but He failed. They found than hawkgirl’s condtion is worse, they have to stop the time jump and stop at 1975.

Sara suggests Rip that they should go after Vandal’s money instead of kill him, Captain Cold wants to go with them. Stein and Palmer try to fixed hawkgirl.

Rip and Sara get in the bank, while he is looking for information. Sara found that people in bank are same kind of her people, they show up and attack them. Sara kill them all, except the manager because Rip stop her.

Caption cold and Heatwave want Jax to help them steal emerald from central city, they convince him to take them.

Palmer’s suit is damage during inside hawkgirl, he escapes out of her body before he kills her. Stein convinces him to try again.

Rip and Sara found out about Vandal’s plan about hawkman. He wants to go there ASAP, but they found that Captain Cold, Heatwave and Jax are disappear. They decide to go alone.

They found hawkman’s body, before they try to get his body. Vandal ‘s men show up. Palmer and Stein success safe hawkgirl.

Vandal shared his immortality to his men, hawkgirl awakes and warn them about Sara and Rip. Stein tells Jax about Sara and Rip’s problem, they rush to there to help them out.

But because of this attack, Vandal knows Rip’s family name. He tells them he will wait to kill them. After that they left.

Next day they are at hawkman’s funeral. Gideon tells them she found Vandal at in 1985.


Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10

Nelson v Murdock

After Matt wakes up, he found himself fixed. Foggy is also there, he tells him that Claire fixed him. He is really upset at him. In past, Foggy and  Matt met first time in college. They are roommate.

Matt asks him not to tell Karen, he covers for him that he is in accident. He asks him to tell him everything.

Fisk goes to see Gao, she warns him about Nobu’s men. And about him and Vanessa, she tells him to choose wisely.

Karen found Ben at office, he comes to gives her his story. He is going to back off from their case. He tells her a reason, she shows him her help.

Fisk asks Leland to convinces Gao that everything OK, he convinces him to do that. Matt explains how he end up doing this to Foggy.

He tells him the first time that he starts to beat the bad guy, because of his doing to his daughter.

Ben and Karen go to see Fisk’s mother at hospital, they found that Fisk killed his father. At night while Fisk is at the ball for donation, someone poison all the party. Vanessa also get poisoned.

Foggy upset with Matt a lot, he goes back to office and quit.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot 2nd part

They just arrive at 1975, Rip tells them about his meeting with terrorist. Rip tells them that they need plan first, but they don’t want to believe him. They disguise as arm dealer and try to kidnap him.

They found Vandal on stage, while auction Vandal senses of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  He offered the buyer to kill them to get discount. They start to fight, Hawkman and Hawkgirl try to captured him but he armed the nuclear warhead and escapes.

Firestorm lets it explode and absorb the blast, Rip tells them that they lost the surprise. Because now Savage knows their ability, and Palmer left piece of his technology which Savage get it and in Gideon prediction, the city is destroyed in 2016.

Palmer tells them they can detect his piece, while Hawkman and Hawkgirl tells them about Egyptian dagger and they need Captain Snow and Heat Wave to steal the dagger. Firestorm and Sara will goes to talk young Stein and asks him how to detect Palmer’s technology.

Vandal tells his scientist to figure out how to understand Palmer’s technology, he gives them 24 hrs.

Caption Cold and Heave Wave are try to stealing the other, Palmer try to stop them and make them captured. But They gets out with help each other,

Firestorm and Sara get device from his young age, they track back to Vandal’s place and get it back. But young Stein following them back to their ship, now Stein didn’t meet his wife.

Heatwave found that the house they break in is Vandal, he captured them and tells them to get their friend. They agree to come.

Firestorm shows up and rescue them, they give Hawkman and Hawkgirl their knife. They go to fight with him, while other stop his guard. Hawkman is killed by Vandal, he tells him that Hawkgirl must be the one who kill him.

He also stab Hawkgirl, but the other shows up and knock him out. They gets her escapes on time and back to ship. She stills alive.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 9


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 9

Speak of the Devil

Matt is beaten badly by red ninja, he actually is Nobu.

Matt is at his office, Ben is there. They are talking about what they have to do, Ben tells them that vigilante went to see him. They think that may be they can tie Leland to Fisk.

Nobu shows up to Fisk, he upsets that in he didn’t get what he expected. He threaten him to do as he wants, Fisk asks Nobu to take care of vigilante.

Mrs. Cardenas shows up and tell them that now they double the price and try make them move out, she tells them she will try to ask other to change their mind.

After they are stuck on the clue on Fisk, Matt decides to see Vanessa at his gallery. He goes to see her for art to decorate at his apartment, Fisk shows up at gallery too. After that he left without do anything.

Matt is at office and found that Karen and Foggy found who are jump on them other night, but they can’t find them anymore.

Then Karen get called from that Mrs. Cardenas is killed by junkies near by, they go to identify her body. While they mourn about her, Fisk is on news and blame everything on vigilante.

Matt is so upset, he decides to kill Fisk. After that he keeps going after his men and asks about a man who kill Mrs. Cardenas.

He found that man, he tells him about a man who hired him and take him to warehouse at pier. He goes there and found red ninja, they remember each other from what happen at the port about black sky. They start to fight.

During fight he accidentally burn him alive, after he died. Fisk shows up, he tells him about his weakness. Matt asks to fight with him, Fisk beats him down. Before Wesley is going to kill him he escape to the river.

That night Foggy found that Matt is the vigilante.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1


In 2166 Vandal Savage conquer the planet, at master councils time master Rip hunter try to convince council to allow him to change the time to prevent Vandal.

He goes first to recruit Palmer or Atom, next is Sara Lance she is former of League of Assassin, then Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Captain cold and Heatwave.

He tells them that he need their help to stop Vandal, he shows them their world in 150 years from now.

Palmer goes get advise from Arrow, Hawkman convinces Hawkgirl to fight, Sara talks to Laureli and make her decision, Captain cold convinces Heatwave that this is their chance. Stein try to convince Jax to goes but failed instead, he drugs him and take him there. They go to see him at the meeting point, they meet Rip with his ship, Waverider.

He shows them Gideon, who will help them. They first go to see Boardman in past, he is the one who may know where is Vandal.

After they left, Chronos shows up on earth. He is after Rip, Rip and them goes to 1975, they have to see him before he died with unknown cause.

After he found him, he remember Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Rip asks him about Vandal, he tells them about their relations in past. Then he tells them about their past live, they are his parent. He tells them how to track Vandal.

Gideon tells Jax that their ship is attacked by Chronos, Rip notices that and head back to ship. they fight with him and escape.

He tells them that Chronos is sent by Time council, he stolen this ship and escape. He tells about Salvage killed his wife and child.

All of them will thinks about to join him or not, Jax tells Stein that he wants to be part of team.

Sara convinces Palmer, Captain cold, Heatwave that they should be able to change their fate.

All of them agreed to continue to find him, in 1975 Vandal is get hand on nuclear weapon. He plans to start the war.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 8


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 8

Shadows in the Glass

After Fisk wakes up from his night mare, he has breakfast and get dress. Before he left dress room, he see his child shadows in the glass.

When Matt found from Karen and Foggy that they are investigate Union Allied, he tells them it’s dangerous. They tells him about Ben too, Matt tells them not to do something illegal. They will use law against them.

Nobu upsets of Fisk because he lost blacksky, but Fisk tells him that he did on his part. There is no police that night, he upset with them and leave.

Matt and them are looking on information about Union Allied, they found some connection. Then they found out that Blake is alive. Fisk try to threat his partner to helps him get rid of his partner, he goes to hospital and kill him.

Matt goes to see him too, he convinces him to help him get the responsible down before he died. Leland tells Fisk to protect him otherwise his money will gone.

Gao shows up to see Fisk, she asks him about what happen to Leland and Nobu. She threaten him and make him very upset.

Matt goes to see Ben, he tells him about Fisk. He asks him to expose him otherwise he will try another way. He tells him about what Blake told him, Ben tells him that he need proved. Matt tells him just drag him the light.

Next day Fish shows up on public, he tells the public about vigilante.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 14


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 14

Code of Silence

Oliver meeting with Darhk’s wife at the place where they will have debate, after left they track after her. But she lures them into the trap instead, but they manage to get out and escape.

At Darhk’s place, he tells them in meeting that he will take care of Lance. His next plan is to make his wife to be able to control city hall.

Lances and Laureli go to check the break in report, she thinks it’s strange why they ask him to. But he found it’s a trap, Laureli help him on time.

Oliver and them think it’s Darhk, after Felicity check the source of calling. They found Hive’s base, they are 2 operators there. They try to blow up the place, they get out before all building collapse.

They found from Andy that these are specialist in destroy building, Felicity found where might they be to get their material. But Arrow found that they are too late, they already clean up the place.

At night Oliver go to debate, after Felicity found that Hive’s target is their current building. Darhk’s wife tells her men do not let Oliver’s leave building.

Arrow and team found them, they try to attack them while they encounter their trap. But Arrow and them gets them all and clear up for debate.

At wedding, Curtis tells Felicity that he make the device that will help her walk again. Same night Darhk takes William to his son, he tells him he will stay with them.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 7


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 7


A man is running from someone at night, he run to get his gun. But then a man with sword shows up ask him about the black sky. He tells him about ship, after that he killed him. He is also a blind man.

Karen lefts after Foggy criticize the vigilante as bad man, Matt is checking about Leland. At night Leland goes to see Nobu about business, he try to make work with him but he wont.

Matt goes to see Leland and ask him about Fisk, he heard someone coming with stick. When he distracts, he teased him and left. He is his teacher who help him pass the childhood, he is stick. He teaches him how to fight for incoming war.

Ben meets with Karen, she tells him about paper trail failed. Ben tells her about yakusa, triad but not much, he also thinks it’s related to Union Allied.

Stick tells him to cut his friends loose, otherwise they and him will die painful. He won’t agreed, he tells him about Nobu and black sky. He wants him to work with him to stop this weapon, he agreed but he must not kill anyone.

At night Matt and Stick go to the port, they split up to stop them. Inside container there is a boy, Matt found that Stick try to kill him. He rescues him, Nobu and kid escape.

After come back, Stick tells him that he did kill that child. Matt upset and fight with him, he knocks him down.

Stick reports to his master about black sky and Matt. His boss ask if he will ready, he tells him that he has no idea.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 13


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13

Sins of the Father

Nyssa tells Oliver that she can’t kill Malcom but he can, if he wants to help her then he has to.

Felicity’s father tells her that he knows that she is overwatch. He tells her about his boss, he wants to prove to her that he is trust able.

John and Laureli thinks Oliver should kill Malcom for help Thea, but he thinks he will try to convince Malcom to give Nyssa ring, so nobody will died. But he failed, he doesn’t believe him.

Laureli goes to talk to Nyssa, try to convince her to sense. She agreed but she will bring her army to destroy Malcom after she gets ring.

Oliver goes to see Nyssa to get prove so he can gives to Malcom for negotiate, after she get the lotus. She suddenly better, Malcom agreed to meet with Nyssa.

But he tricks her by come with his army, she escapes. Oliver and them try to find them before they start civil war.

Lances tells them about civil war just happen between assassin, John tells him to decided he has to kill Malcom.

Laureli found Nyssa, but they are ambush by Malcom’s men. She help her out while they start the war on street, Arrow and them show up to stop them. He captured her back with him. Laureli convinces her to help Thea.

Oliver found that Malcom is in Thea’s room, he try to convinces him to gives her ring but he won’t. He tells him that he should challenge her, he can get the ring and Thea.

Before fight start Oliver stop them and fight with him instead, he win Malcom. He asks him to kill him, but instead he cut his hand and get the ring from him. He get the lotus from Nyssa exchange with the ring.

At night Nyssa destroy the ring, she tells them she release the League free. Malcom upsets and threaten Oliver. He goes to tells Darhk about his son, William.