Don’t Breathe (2016)


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Don’t Breathe (2016)

Today 3 teenagers just break in a house, they stop the alarm and start to grab the stuff and  escape.

They plan to collect money to go to California, these teenagers they are Rock, Alex and Money. Rock asks Alex come with them but he refuse because his father.

Money gets the info that there is an old guy who live alone, and he has a lot of money. He tells Alex and Rock about it. They convinces Alex to following them.

After canvas his house, they found that that man is blind and live alone. They decide to break in at night, they success to get in his house.

Rock gets in the house at first to stop alarm, his house is so dark. After she let them in, they try to search for his money but they can’t find it.

After Money goes to gas him to sleep, they found the door with big lock. They try to open it but they can’t, Money shows them that he has gun. Alex starts to freak out, he try to get Rocky out but she refuse. He left alone.

After they open the lock with gun, the man shows up. Money try to threat him but he is killed instead by his gun.

Alex comes back to rescue Rocky after hear the gun, he see that the house is locked by man. That man start to shutdown all door and windows, they are locked inside his house.

Rocky see his safe once he lefts and Alex shows up, she grabs all his money from safe and try to get out. But they notice him that they are there too.

They thought the lock door lead to way out of the house, they go in but they didn’t found that way out. That man discover that there is someone else in his house and took his money. He is very angry.

At that room they found a woman lock up, Rocky wants to help her out but That man is coming to them. Alex try to open door out but the man shows up and shoot at them. He killed that woman, Alex and Rocky try to escape.

But that man shutdown all light, they can’t see anything down there. They try to get out and lock the door. But they found his dog, it chases them to upstairs.

While that man breaks the door, Alex help Rocky to escape then the dog push Alex down the window. He pass out, but when he wakes up he is shot down back into the house.

Alex try to press panic alarm to get help from 911 but it doesn’t work, Alex try to fight him back but that man is too strong.

Rocky try to get out from shaft but she if found, he pulls her back to the house and knock her down.

Rocky wakes up and found that she is chained like the woman she found, He tells her that she kill that woman and his baby. He wants her to replace her.

That man though that he kill Alex, but actually he kill Money. That man try to make Rocky pregnant wit his freeze sperm, Alex shows up and rescue her.

But before they can leave, that man shows up and shoot Alex. Rocky run out of the house, his dog chasing after her. She run to their car but she is trapped in car with his dog outside. She get rid of it but that man shows up and knock her down.

He drags her back to house, she found the panic remote and press panic button. It makes him crazy, she get chance and knock him down.

She left his house before police show up. After that she found that man is not dead.


Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2

The Kingsroad

The Dothraki is moving after the marriage, Viserys is awaiting them to fulfill the term. At Winterfell, Cersei and Jaime found that Bran stills alive, they are begin to worry. Stark’s wife is upset for what happen and hope that Bran will wake up.

Eddard and Robert are at The Kingsroad, they discuss about Drogo and Targaryens’s marriage. Eddard tells him not worried because they have no ship.

At night Cersei try to send the assassin to kill Bran but his wolf kill him, Catelyn also there and found that it’s odd for what happen, she goes to check the place where he fall. She found that Bran might be thrown down because he saw something he should not see.

Catelyn tells what she found to her closet people, they are wonder why. At Dotraki’s place Daenerys found the way to please Drogo and win his heart.

One day Arya’s wolf accidentally hurt Joffrey during fight to protect her from Joffrey, she free her wolf before it can captured. After that she is taken to the King, both of them blame for each other.

Cersei asks Sansa to tell what happen but instead she didn’t helps Arya, Robert decides to let it off as child’s fight but Cersei wants to kill wolf but as it already escape she wants Sansa’s wolf instead.

Eddard has no choice but do it by himself, Bran wakes up from his coma.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)


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Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Kirk is now represent to Fobonane High Council, he offers them the ancient weapon for symbol of peace.

But they instead upset because think they stole it from them, they start to attack him. He escape back to the ship, he and his crew are on mission to search the life forms in space.

They arrive at Yorktown Base, the big colony base. His crews goes back to see their family, at night there is unidentified vessel approach colony. They found the survivor who ask to help them discover nebula nearby.

Kirk volunteers to help them with his ship, they straight to that nebula. The survivor leads them to where their ship is, Altamid planet.

As soon they are there, they are attack by Krall, their ship is damage and can’t escape out. They get in the ship and steal the ancient weapon.

Kirk and his crew try to stop them while Scotty manage to warp the ship but Krall break the ship into 2 parts, Kirk tells his crew to abandon ship.

But Krall try to take all his crew, while the rest of ship are falling to the planet. Few of them escape safety on the planet, Kirk confronts the survivor that is it her plan to make his crew attack.

She tells them that if she lures them to Krall, they might release her crew. Kirk plans to rescue his crew back.

Scotty meets Jayla she tells him about what happen with Krall and their plan. She wants him to help her fix the other enterprise, while Kirk goes back to Enterprise to find his crew.

Kirk try to find his crew with Enterprise tool, he also wants to get back something. Uhura and other try to escape, they found out that Krall use one of their probe to lure the other ship.

Kirk found that the survivor is one of Krall’s plan, he tricks her to reveal her plan. They manage to escape from Krall’s men.

Uhura found Krall’s plan, he is going to attack Federal’s base at Yorktown. He is going to change himself to be like one of their crew.

Kirk and Chekov wander around and get in Jaylah’s trap, they show Kirk about old Enterprise’s ship. They use the transport machine to get doctor and Spock to ship.

Kirk and them plan to break his crew out, Jaylah tells them that if they go there they will be killed. They convince  her to help them break his crew out.

While Kirk makes diversion, Spock and other will get in to get his crew back. Kroll starts his ship to attack the Yorktown base, while Jaylah fighting with Krall’s man. Kirk help her out and back to the ship.

Kirk found the Krall’s plan to attack Federal’s planet, he has to stop him before he did that. He start this old ship, Krall already make his attack.

Spock plans to damage the bee’s pattern to stop their attack, they warp him and doctor to one of the bee ship. They found that if they break their communication will do it.

They put their ship near the swamp, Krall success to head to Yorktown. Spock and doctor following him to the base. Kirk lures Krall to the place in yorktown where he set trap to stop him.

Krall escape in the ship, Kirk and his men are looking for him. Uhura found that the old captain is actually Krall. They found that Krall alter his life to revenge the federation.

They found that he will distribute his weapon to the air distribution, Kirk following him to stop him while Scotty try to the stop the distribution.

They suck both of weapon and Krall out of space and safe city.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1


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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

Winter Is Coming

In winter in Winterfell, 3 Men go through the tunnel and try to exit to the forest. One of them spots the human bodies, he freaks out and rush back. He try to tell what he saw to his colleague but nobody believe him. They go there to check there but only one survive back to tell the other.

At Eddard’s castle, Bran’s brothers are teaching Bran to shoot an arrow, while his father is watching them.

Then Eddard gets a news a bout what happen in the forest, only survivor tells him about while walkers.  After check near the forest he found the animal corpses and they also found 6 cups of dire wolves. He gives each of to his son as they are symbol of his house.

After that Eddard gets news about king’s death from capital, then few days later the new King, Robert come to his land.

Robert wants Eddard to be his hand of the king, he also wants to join their family together by marriage of their child.

While their enemy, Targaryens Viserys’s prince also planing to marriage his sister, Daenerys with The Drogo of Dothraki for their power to get his throne back.

After the Eddard’s welcome feast for his king, Robert. Catelyn, Eddard’s wife gets message from her sister, she informs her that late king is assassinate by his queen. She thinks that Eddard will be in danger if he goes to capital

At night, his son Bran accidentally see Robert’s queen, Cersei and his brother Jaime has affairs. But he spots by them, Jaime push him down the high tower to kill him.

The Purge Election Year (2016)


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The Purge Election Year (2016)

At purge’s night, Roan’s family are captured and tortured. 18 years later, Senator Roan is going to be in President’s election. Her campaign is to stop the purge, that upset a lot of people.

During debates Roan points out that the purge just benefit with some rich people, then she breaks security protocol by go in the crowd.

Day before the purge, the NFFA revokes the rights to protect all government officer. But Roan decides to stay at her home to get her voters.

Leo is Roan’s security head, he prepares the safety for Roan’s house. Joe’s insurance company just raise their premium to coverage this shop, he decides to protect it himself.

At purge’s night, Joe goes on roof top to protect his shop. Leo locks down Roan’s house, then purge’s night begin.

One of Roan’s security betrays at let the mercenary get in, Leo spots the problem he found that someone betray him. He takes her out with him alone, during out Leo is hit.

That night Lane and her partner wander around night to help people, Leo plans to get her out of town. But they are tracking by purger’s drone, but they are ambush and knock down.

Joe and his employee spot Roan and Leo, they decide to help them. They take them back to his shop, she tells him what happen.

Then Joe’s rival shows up with her friends, Joe call Lane for help them out. They use chainsaw and try to get in, Lane and her friends show up and get rid of them. They head to underground secure place.

But on the way, mercenary’s group found them and attack them. Leo found that he is hit but tracking bullet. He takes him out and get some purgers to take it away.

They go in the underground triage, there all doctor rescue all hurt people. They meet Dante, he is the head of anti-purge.

They found out that they are going to kill head of NFFA. Joe, she try to convince them to stop but they won’t. Lane and Marcos go back to his shop. But on the way they spot government solider.

They are coming for Dante and Roan, they escape out on the road again. Lane takes them out of city, she try to convinces them to help her stop Dante’s plan.

But on the way Roan’s taken, Leo and other following them to get her back. Roan is taken to see the NFFA.

Leo tells Bishop about what happen, they are going to rescue her from them. The NFFA are gathering together to kill Roan together.

Leo and them sneaks into their place, while the NFFA’s leader is going to kill Roan. Marcos kill him, they start to shooting and get rid of them.

Dante shows up and help her, his men also gets the NFFA’s leader. She try to convince him not to kill him. She success convince him.

But when they try to escape they are surround by mercenary, Dante is killed when try to help them out. One of the NFFA shows up and attack Roan and other, Joe is killed when try to help them.

2 months after that Roan win the election.

Helix Season 2 Episode 8


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Helix Season 2 Episode 8 Vade in Pace

Finally they get in the room, but everyone is dead. Michel tells the survivor to kill the CDC and bring Jordan to him.

Alan try to get Jordan out of island, but she wants to find their baby. Michel tells Amy that thinning is done, Amy tells him now she understand and will do her role.

He let her out, he tells her that he will make ritual for them. But Landry and his men comes and grab him out of her. She said plan changed now.

Alan and Jordan get in the room and found the dead, as soon as Peter see Alan he attack him. Kyle try to stop them, then soldier get in with captain. She tells them the disease is spreading, now she wants to quarantine the island.

They wants to takes all of them on board to help stop the disease, Amy takes Michel to the Abby.

Jordan tells Kyle about her immortal, he is not believe her. She try to prove him that she is, then they heard the gunfire.

Solider is shooting at infected man, Alan try to stop them. They check one of them and found it’s one that Jordan shots few days ago. Captain now panic and wants to get out ASAP. They tell her that they need to check them, they might lead them to cure.

Captain is convinces and tell them to hurry, Amy locks Michel in the prison. He dared her to kill him, he said armies try to kill him and failed.

She cements him in the prison for many layers, he yelled out loud but they didn’t hear him anymore.

30 years in future, Julia arrives at the mansion. She heard the knocking near by, Julia following the noise until she found the prison. She found Michel.

Kyle and Alan make autopsy, they found something that it seem a treatment. Captain disagree and wants to leave, Alan tells them that this is may lead to cure.

Alan wants to leave, Jordan begs him to stay so he can stop ilaria and she can find her child. He is agreed.

Julia asks him about child that carried stem cell that can cure them, he said he can show her. He tricks her to the cliff and push her down, Celeb shows up and cut his head off.

Alan, Kyle and solider goes out to find more cure in wood. Jordan goes to ask Amy about her child, she shows her a child. She said that she will return her if she gives her immortality.

Lights Out (2016)


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Lights Out (2016)

Paul’s family has problem, his wife is not well. One night his son tells him about his wife’s problem. That night one of his employee turn off the light, she spots someone in back room but when she turn on it’s disappear. She freaks out and try to warn Paul but he won’t listen.

Before he leaves he goes to check at back room, he spots someone. She disappears when light is on, but she attacks him. He run to the other room, but when light is off he is attacked by her.

One night Paul’s son, Martin spots someone in his mother’s room when the light is out. That night he can’t sleep, next day at school he asks to see Rebecca, his sister because he fells asleep in homeroom.

She takes him back to house seem he doesn’t want to to, he tells him about Diana. She try to tell her mother to see therapist but she won’t. She tells him that Martin want to stay with Rebecca, her mother is upset.

That night Rebecaa spots someone in her room when lights is out, she attacks her as soon she see her. But lights is on and she disappear.

Next day she found what she wrote last night, her name “Diana”. She remembered what happen in her childhood.

She call her boyfriend and go to her mother’s house, she is looking for her mother. She found the record of Diana, Diana shows up and warn her to stay away.

Her mother takes Martin back home, she try to introduce him to Diana. But he scared and make Diana upset. He run out to see Rebecca, she tells him about what she found. She thinks if they make her mother’s mind stronger she will gone.

Diana following them to Rebecca’s house and try to scare her, Rebecca decides to go to talk to her mother. She wants to know about Diana but she won’t listen.

They decide to stay there and turn on all lights, when she goes to see her mother. She signals her that she wants the help.

That night all lights in house are out, Rebecca found that Bret is missing. She is looking for him, Martin wakes up and found Rebecca is missing. He is looking for her with his candle. He spots Diana and she try to capture him but he escapes to her.

Diana locks them in basement and try to attack Bret, he escapes to his car and out. Rebecca and Martin try to find more lights, Sophie try to stop Diana but she knocks her down.

While Rebecca looking for more thing to keep fire on, she found out Diana. They try to call for her mother, then she heard the police’s car. Bret try to warns them about light but they won’t listen.

They unlock them out the basement but they both are attacked. Bret shows up and take Martin out, Rebecca try to get her mother.

But Diana attacks her, Sophie shows up and help her by kill herself after she found that Diana kill Rebecca’s father.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11

The Magnificent Eight

Rip and them jump to 1871, he tells them that here time master will hard to find them. They decide to wander around in this wild west.

As soon they enter the town, they are spot. They try to keep out the trouble, but at last they make the trouble and fight. They meet Jonah Hex, he knows Rip.

He goes to meet him, he tells them about gang. They want to help the gang but Rip afraid that it will notices the time master.

Ray and Hex found that sheriff flee the town, he appoints him as the new sheriff. Stein meets family that her son sick.

After that gang shows up, Ray talks with Stillwater and chase them out. Hex tells them that what they did is not help the town, they found out what happen about same town.

Ray and Hex found whereabouts Stillwater, they head to there. They attack his camp, they get stillwater but Jax is captured.

Rip decides to fight with Stillwater one by one, if they win they will get Jax back but if they lose Stillwater will release.

After draw, Rip win Stillwater. But Timemaster’s hunters show up. They fight with them, one of them tell Mike that timemaster activate omega’s protocol. After they knock all of them down, they are leaving them.

Micky tells them about Omega protocol, they will send Pilgrim to after their past.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)


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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

In 1874, Alice’s ship is cornered by Malay’s pirate to the reef. She commands her crew to flip her ship to avoid the reef, with her decision they go through the reef and escape from pirate. She bring everyone home safety.

In 1875, after back to London Alice found that Lord Ascot pass away. He made Hamish as successor. Alice wants to see him about her next journey.

But she didn’t get much welcome, they tell her there no next journey. She found that her mother sold her share, house and ship to them.

Alice is so upset, she wanders around the mansion and then she meets Absolem. She is following him into the room. She see it flying into the glass, she found that she can go in too.

When someone is at the door, she has no choice then get in the mirror. She end up in the big room, she down to the chess board and accidentally knock the eggman down the floor.

Alice fells down from door to the ground near tea party, they tell her about hatter’s problem. They want her to help him, one of them tell her about what happen. They think to see her might help him back.

Alice goes to see him, he tells her about his family. He thinks that his family might be alive, he asks her to bring his family back. But when she tells him it’s impossible, hatter upset and kick her out.

She tells them that he might dying, one of them tell her about way to get his family back by travel back in time.

They tell her about the chronosphere, only she can use it. She decides to do it, they tell her to get it from time master.

She heads to time castle, she found time master. She found what he did. She tells him what she wants, but he refused. During the way go back, she found that queen is there to see time master. She also wants to get chronosphere.

Alice gets chance to find chronosphere, when she gets it time master found out about it and head to her. Alice use it to travel back into time flow.

Time’s master is dying without chronosphere, he is going after her. While Alice found the right time, time master attack her. She land in the wrong time in past, she found past Hatter.

There is a heir’s celebration for queen of heart, but her ceremony went wrong. She is very upset, she upset her father. He appoints Miranda as new heir, hatter’s father also complain to him. He upsets and leave home.

Alice try to convince him back, but he won’t believe. She try to warns his family instead but she found the other way to stop it.

Time’s master also land in the past after Alice left, he shows up to hatter’s tea party. All of them play him, he upsets at them. He casts them to have tea time forever.

Alice goes back to more past, she found the hatter’s child. He takes her to her father’s shop. But Alice try to stop queen of heart from big head but she failed.

Alice found that hatter’s family still alive, but time master shows up. Alice escapes by go in the mirror. She wakes up and found that she is in institute, she has chances and escape back to the Hamish’s mansion.

She use chronosphere and back to day that hatter lost his family, Alice found them alive but when he try to rescue them but they are taken by queen of heart.

She rush back to tell hatter about it, but he almost dead. Alice tells him and wake him up, hatter wakes up and found out about red queen. He decides to rescue them.

Alice and friends head to red queen’s castle, hatter and Alice found their family in ants nest. But it’s a trap, red queen seize the chronosphere from Alice.

Red queen takes Mirana with her and go back in past, time master warns them not to allow her to see herself. After she lefts, her guards release them out.

Alice are going to stop her, but they come too late red queen see herself and broken the past.  Alice rescue them and get back the time castle, she put chronosphere back in time successfully.

Mirana help hatter’s family back to normal, Mirana and red queen make their understand and forgive each other.

Alice goes back to the mirror to real world.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10


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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10


Rip try convinces Mick but he won’t believe him, after that their ship arrived at 2147. They are here to check what make Savage get his power.

Rip pass the security to stockholder’s meeting. Savage also there in the meeting, after meeting he following him. He found that the next ruler is his student, Per Degaton.

Snart thinks that what they should do is killed Per Degaton before Savage kill him by himself and get his power.

They thinks it’s not good way to do similar as Savage, instead they will kidnapped him instead. While Ray and other will destroy his technology before he used it.

Sara, Rip and Snart kidnapped Per Degaton, while Roy, Jax and Stein found that Roy’s hierarchy build the robot for Savage.

But they found that kidnapped Per Degaton doesn’t effect the future, they decide to talk to the boy instead of kill him.

Salvage tells Degaton’s father that he knows who kidnapped his son, they are weak and will not harm him.

But they found that Rip takes Per out with him, Sara thinks he wants to kill him. Rip takes Per out and tell him about his family. He tells him that Savage will betrayed him.

After that Degaton and Savage shows up and attack them, Ray success to disable the robots. But Savage captured Sara, they want to exchange Per and Sara.

But after this, it makes Salvage as successor earlier. Mick tells them that even he decided to be with them, time master already sent the hunter after them.