iZombie Season 2 Episode 6


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6

Max Wager

Ravi and Payton found that Major and Liv are together and very happy. They glad for them.

After left court, Cole tells Clive about minimum security prison he will be. Then 2 gun men shows up and kill him.

When Clive shows up at morgue, they are happy that his is safe. Clive takes her to question Thrunk who is on the same floor as dead security guard. But he won’t accepted.

At night Liv and Major found Clive and Dale, Major think they still keep looking about the previous case. Liv tell him that she is here for missing people case.

Clive and Liv found out that the taylor, the one that send debt collector to see Cole. They go to ask them, but he dodge all their question. He tells him about Cole’s life insurance.

Clive tells her that Cole’s wife make funeral at Blaine’s place, she goes to see him. He is drunk.

At night Stacey’s boss goes to see Payton, he threaten her and leave. Clive found the drug hidden inside Thrunk’s pet case, he can takes him in.

Liv found out that Cole’s friend who is basketball hero might involve about gambler. They question him, they convince him to confess that he hire gunmen to kill Cole because he keeps blackmail him.

Blaine’s father force him to kill his rival for him, but at night he is captured by Major and killed by him. But the truth is he didn’t kill them he freeze them in warehouse.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 5


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 5

Love & Basketball

Clive, Liv and Ravi go to check security’s dead body from last night. At station victim’s student shows up, they tells them that they knows who kill their coach. They tell them about RJ.

She has vision about RJ hurts some kid, at night Clive goes to see him and knock him down.

Liv asks Major to help the coach’s student, they work together. At night Blaine’s man gives Ravi the tainted utopium for make the cure. He tells Liv that it will takes months to test.

Clive found that victim raise fund through cloudfund, someone give money the day he died. He try to check who is that guy but can’t.

Clive and Liv go to check one of the man work on same building, they found blood on his room.

Ravi and Bliane found out the zombie killer with accident, they fight over it Ravi has no choice and destroy it before he gets hand on.

Clive found that he kill the guy for defense himself, he tells them about the guy works in company to clean up the mess. He is the one who kill security guard, and give them the money for coach.

He tells them he will testify that man.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 4


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 4

Page 44

FBI tells him about important case about Mao, they wants him to go though his garbage. He found something on his garbage, he thinks he pass out about drone.

But with it they can’t do much thing, Sands shows up at night he wants him to get some information for him about NZT file from FBI. He gives him the file before he get next shot.

At FBI one of Brian’s friend rat lab is stolen by someone, he wants him to help. he thinks that his rival stole it. But later they found his rival is dead, all evidence point to his friend. He found out that who is the suspect that kill his rival and frame him.

Brian sneaks in his lab to get his mouse back, but he get caught he is following by security. But Rebecca’s help, he can get out. He decides to make fake file to give to Sand.

But he found that it’s fake, he made his father sick. He has no choice but get in his boss’s office and get file.

Brian and Rebecca go to ask his friend rivalry’s lawyer about his plan one of his heir. They bluff him with DNA they just found n his garbage. He finally corporate with them.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 4


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 4

Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

Liv goes to see Payton, they are so happy. Ravi and Liv get the case, Clive thinks killer might hide in her room and kill her.

At station, Clive’s boss tells him about missing person. FBI agent is assigned to be on case, he will has to provide her information.

They go to question ex-boyfriend’s victim, he tells them that victim sleeps with his friend.

They ask her boss Rick about victim, he said she look like own someone money. But when they are outside, some of her fan tells them about her boss. They see him rush out.

Next day he turn himself in with his wife, but they make him confess that he try to make move but he didn’t kill her. His wife is upset with him after know he try to cheats her, she try to frame him for murder.

Payton try to find someone to take down Stacey’s boss. No one doesn’t want to help her, but Blaine is only one tells her information about Stacey’s boss.

Clive found out that the murderer that rob store accidentally get in victim’s room and kill her when she found him. He confess.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 3


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 3

The Legend of Marcos Ramos

Brian found that nurse of Eddie is with his father, he asks her what they want she tells him that he will contact.

At FBI wants him to use drug every day, one day he meets his ex. At FBI he found that one of the retired agent is killed on street, Dixon.

He involves about company, while his file attacked by virus. They gives him the shred file, he try to build back the file.

He found out Dixon has a big file of Vachs, and that night he also has diner with his ex. They talks to him, they found out about Vachs’s wife and son. They go to ask her, they think he is clean.

Rebecca tells Brian about Dixon’s hideout. They found that he is killed by his old job about drug dealer Ramos.

They go to check with DA, from their file they get the picture of shooter.But they found that he lost of his hand few days ago so he can’t kill Dixon.

FBI found later that one of DA force is the one who kill Dixon and Ramos, they are running. Brian found them hidden under the other plane, he tell Rebecca and they can arrest them.

One night Sand shows up, he tells him he work for Eddie. He threaten him to do exactly what he tell.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 3


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 3

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

A house wife open the door for a man, he tells her that he has client that willing to buy her house for 10 million. She gets him in, but he starts to attack her. She struggle with him and fell off the house to the cliff.

Clive, Liv and Ravi get this case. She is Taylor, she dead while that man is still in coma. Clive thinks that he might be hire-to-kill man, they have to find out who hired him.

They found that man use the fake business card, that card belong to real seller. They question her, she tells them that man used to poke around Vaughn’s property.

After they found victim on the Vaughn’s company board. She thinks Vaughn must be their guy, next day they go to question him. When left, Liv found Major there.

Liv and Clive go to question Taylor’s husband. They tells him about her affair with Vaughn, he is very upset. But he is not killer.

They question few of her friends, each other set fired on the other. But she found out Taylor’s husband already knows about her affair.

Clive found out that Taylor’s stylist might be one who hire killer to kill Taylor, Clive tells her to stall her. She starts to run, Liv knocks her down.

They question her about hire killer, she doesn’t accept. Ravi gets back home and see Payton.

Taylor’s husband goes to confront Vaughn, he convinces him and shows him something. He takes him to be eaten by zombie.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 2


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 2

Badge! Gun!

Brian is hired by FBI, they wants to study him why he immune to NZT. One day Rebecca tells him about case but he didn’t goes out. He found out that he is just analyst. She asks him to learn Farsi, but he bored. He start to dig about victim. He try to give Rebecca the tip he found, but she won’t allow him goes out. He decides to escape.

He goes there and give them the bomb he made, they thinks who make the bomb it’s Taurus. But he is complaint about his act.

Next day Brian tells them he knows who is Taurus is, he tells them about Cullen. They go to check his garage, they found evidence tie him.

But they found he is Taurus but he didn’t kill the victim, Brian is looking how the victim died. He escapes FBI again to found out how.

He waits Rebecca at her house, he thinks all victim are inherits from Gengis Khan. He thinks someone make virus that can target specific DNA.

He found that Molly who own coffee shop are connection to all victim, after Rebecca goes to check they found actually killer didn’t target victim but another woman.

Brian found that woman is not target and they need her to pass the virus. He tracks her back to her affair.

Next day they found that man is a general in fort, he still alive. They go to question one of biocompany CEO about research, army is only their client while that general is one who stop him.

But he refused at all, Brian goes outside and convinces his employee to to help him by send him an evidence. Finally that CEO confess.

iZombie Season 2 Episode 2


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iZombie Season 2 Episode 2

Zombie Bro

At night someone is mascot costume goes to kill a man, Chad in the party. Ravi and Liv found trace of utopium in part too.

Blaine plan to cut the deal of his boss, to sell utopium and cut the share. Clive and Liv go to question Chad’s friend. They found victim misused a lot of people.

They question one of them that Liv think he might hold grudge to Chad, from their pictures at party. They found a man in mascot costume might kill him.

Liv sees the vision, she see man that mad with Chad. They found another Chad, victims prank on him and make him lost his job.

They think it might be one of victim that dead because of his prank, Lavi asks Major to help him on mission to test on utopium. So he can understand more about the utopium for his search of cure. But major also try it and he likes it.

Liv found out about, Chad win the race about ugly girl. She asks one of them about girl’s name. But she found that Lavi and Major are drunk, she goes to get them back.

At morgue, Lavi found new victims are one who sold him the utopium. Clive shows up tell her about couple that rent the costume. They question them, but seem they are not.

Blaine goes to see one of DA, he convinces him to make him arrest his boss. So he can be next mayor. He’s ok but he need money, he goes to his father Angus to get money.

They found out later that man who rent costume is the one who kill him, he try to revenge the Chad that drunk and hit his dad. But he gets the wrong one.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 1


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Limitless Season 1 Episode 1


Brian is chasing by couple agents, he run through the subway. He is cornered by agents, he jump in the track.

In past Brian has no job, he was a singer. One day his father collapse, he try to find the job. One day he meet his friend, he gives him the drug that can help him focus. But after he takes it, he become able to use his brain 100%

He uses his power to do a lot of incredible thing, he also found out what wrong with his father. But he gets another dead end, he goes back to his friend to get more pill.

He found he is dead, he found and takes the pill and escape the FBI. He escapes them to the underground and escape.

Assistant director explains Rebecca the FBI about drug Brian takes, NZT. She is assigned to find him. From their document he found Jay and Adam also use NZT from his friend.

He goes to see Jay and found him dead, he goes to see Rebecca at her house. He tells her that he didn’t kill his friend. He try to convinces her, but she doesn’t believe.

Brian goes to see Adam to get more NZT, he begs him to help. He gets in and found that Adam is killer, he try to kill him. But he escapes, he is shot. He call Rebecca for help him remove bullet. But he pass out before done.

He wakes up again found someone fixed him, he also see Senator Eddie. He gives him the NZT, and also drug that can make him take NZT without feedback.

Brian figure out how to captured Adam, he goes to rob the bank. Rebecca shows up and found him, he tells her about safety box of Adam. Inside they found the evidence link to Adam.

Assistant Directory tells Rebecca that they should take him and study him, she tells her instead that they can use him as resource. But he tells her that he wants his father transplant to move up, he will do anything.

Next day his father get the transplant, Brian agreed to works with FBI.