Scorpion Season 2 Episode 9


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 9

US vs UN vs UK

Sylvester and Walter argue about how he treated her, Walter thinks what he did is to make her live longer but Sylvester doesn’t want her pain.

Cabe and MI6 show up, they tell them about Jonas. He is in wanted list, he is going to has speech at UN. They wants them to hack in to his translation machine and get prove to arrest him.

They are going to hack to UN’s security, they are able to pass the securities there. Then one of MI6, Gleason tells them that that he is here not for translation but he’s here to kill Jonas.

US agents found that UK agents play them from beginning, they have no choice but do as they ask.

Gleason tells them about plan, he needs them to hack to security door so he can get in and kill him. Walter found that he can’t open his door, and Happy found that Jonas is finish his meeting. Now they try to stop them from leaving, they stop their lift.

Gleason is waiting for him and try to kill him, but he is killed instead. Cabe found that Jonas doesn’t want to alert anyone, they get rid his body.

Walter decides to find the way to get Jonas, he plans the small bomb enough to kill only Jonas.

They plan to access to him and Happy takes the bomb into him, while they retreat back to basement. But their plan is fell, he escape from all. They plan to get back to him, finally they corner him and his assistant from MI6.

They arrest them after Gleason disappear quite from scene. Walter found out that Sylvester and Megan marriages and ignore his order.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 2


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 2


Talia questions her partner, Mark for traitor. She found that he get data out of agency, while he try to confess. Guard shows up and kill him.

NCIS gets in the case about Talia, they found that Mark and that Guard met at Citadel researcher.

Deeks and Kensi go to question Talia, but while there they are ambush by gun men. But they are safe. They go to see Mark’s wife after that, she tells them about threat to her that Mark wants to take care by himself.

Callen and Sam try to sneaks out the Citadel, they try the Citadel’s test but Callen pull out in the middle. The man tells Callen that he will gives him pass, he try to recruit Callen. He captured him. after he tell him that he will owe him and do what ever he said. He tells them that they have people everywhere.

They put him in boat shred, they want to know about Citadel. He tells them his boss will shut them down. He tells them about their way for “potential”. Then hire them for credential’s work for Citadel.

Deeks found leaks data, the information is safe. Callen and Sam decides to take down Citadel. Deeks decides to get in Citadel with Talia, he makes Kensi worried.

Next day, Deeks and Talia get out to lure Citadel to take them in. His boss shows up and know that this is trap, she has them pin down by her sniper. Ben is killed, Kensi found sniper and other takes other down. She lefts.

Ben is not dead he is rescue by his vest. Callen tells them that he  can make new start, Hetty goes to see Ben’s boss and has Marshal arrest her.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 8


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 8

Area 51

Walter goes to see Megan, her condition is worse. Walter try to help her, he tells his team he is going to find the plan to save her.

CIA shows up, he tells them about their new job. He tells them about secret airline, he tells them it’s missing. Sylvester found that it might be at Area 51.

Walter and team go to the desert at neveda, Happy use her device to find it. They found it landing there and no one there.

They found that the pilots might kidnapped someone with rare blood type, CIA wants them to find the pilot and victim at Area 51.

They try to hack it in the base there, they found that Ivan is one of person there with rare blood type. But then they are arrest by guard.

Walter found that the plane used to take picture of american’s city. They can sell it to us enemy, the pilots come back and take the plane off.

Paige and them explains to guard about Cabe and their work, but they found plane is gone. They put them in cell, Walter and Cabe try to take control the plane.

Paige and other try to get out the cell to call out help, Cabe fight with other pilot while Walter try to get control of plane.

They success get control, but Walter has no idea how to land it. Happy convinces the guard to to let her help him land it.

After they land, CIA plans to kill them all to protect secret. Walter bluff them that they have drone that record all evidence now and will release to public. CIA buy it and let them go.

Walter upsets after he found that Sylvester doesn’t make Mega do as he ask him.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 1


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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 1

Active Measures

Callen get the information from his lead, he found his is following by Sam. He shows up and shoots the one that try to following Callen.

Sam ask Eric to keep tabs on Callen, Nell found that Callen meets with CIA Sabatino at night. They try to find way to track him.

Callen goes to see Kirken for help on Arkady, he wants him to get his paint from Arthum. Granger goes to see Sabatino about their meeting with Callen, he tells him that Callen wants to know if Arkady alive.

Granger wants his team to get Callen, otherwise he will asks Marshall to do it. LAPD found Callen, they are chasing him. Sam rush to there with team to find him. Hetty shows up and teased him, but he keep moving and meet Sam. But he lets him goes.

Sam put tracking in him, they found him in Artem’s house. Callen sneaks in his house to steal a paint. But he found that Kirken try to sell him to another criminal, Callen run out around with them chasing him.

NCIS team is waiting them outside and arrest all of them, at night Hetty gives Callen the information about Arkady.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7

Crazy Train

Tonight Toby has a fight with Hector, he is knocked down by him. Ray try to invite Walter to beach but he won’t, while Paige takes Ralph to the school activity.

But their train suddenly won’t stop, she called Walter about it. Walter hacks in DOT server, they found her train will derail.

Walter and them go to station near by her train try to slow down her train, at train Ralph and Paige try to make balance of train to pass the sharp curve.

They success to pass the curve, they now they have to switch train to manual. Ralph and Paige try to get to controller but she found it’s gone. Walter thinks someone try to make this crazy train.

Toby thinks that who is behind this wants the DOT to clear all tracks like it’s now, they think terrorist try to get access to LAX airport from subway tunnel.

They go to check at airport and found that the thief just takes the gold coin from the safe. They found a man running away from them, Happy knocks him down with electricity on the rail.

Walter try to get on the train, he wants to get in and block the control signal. He gets inside, Cabe and Toby found the one who control the train but they can’t stop it on time. Happy help them buy sometime, Walter get back the control.

Sylvester tells them to derail but Walter has another idea, he try to separate the both cars. But he tricks them and he gets car separate and it’s going to crash. But he found the way to get out safety.

NCIS Season 13 Episode 12


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NCIS Season 13 Episode 12

Sister City, Part I

Navial Air station found unidentified plane head to big city, they try to get it down. But that plan has no response to navy. They found it’s Byle’s plane, they found both of pilot dead.

Gibbs and team will try to find way to bring it down before navy take it down, Abby try to connect to it but it’s closed system. She thinks she can hack satellite and make plane change course. But finally the plan is on ground.

King tells Gibbs about passenger list, he tells him that Abby’s brother is on the plane. She doesn’t believe.

NCIS goes to check the crash site, they are looking for survivor. They found 2 pilots body, Byle VP, Commander Lively and the body with burned damage.

Abby confirms that body is not her brother, Chris and his team check at Luca’s place. They found money and his gun hidden.

Abby found the message from Luca, she wants to go to meet him. NCIS found that killer wants to cancel the commander lively meeting with Madam secretary, so he killed whole plane.

They can’t get information while Blye is on the same plane as lively, Gibbs goes to see Byle at company, they tell him that Byle VP has meeting with Lively.

After found that Byle’s VP is poisoned, Gibbs found out that it’s Luca that poison them. Abby and Tony are looking for Luca, she found him. Tony arrests him.

Luca doesn’t want to talk to Gibbs, Abby upsets and goes to ask him. He slips that he wants to protect a woman, Eva. She tells him that she is following by her ex, they think she tricks him to open chance to get to Byle.

They found that Eva is spy, she called Luca and wants to talk with Gibbs. She doesn’t want him to confront her boss, Abby found her. Gibbs and Tony go there and found Pavlengo, he tells him about Manta Ray project, Byle develop it for US. He tells him he try to stop the war, he put his agent who replace Luca. Then he is collapse after touch the bottle, He get poisoned and dead.

While Ducky and Palmer send the body to new Orlean, they are hijacked.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 11


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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 11

Swan Song

In past, Hook’s father try to teach him how to face the darkness. But later he found that his father betrayed and left them.

Rumple goes to face Hook, he tells him about plan for his revenge. Emma tells other that they have to stop Hook.

Dark one shows up and go after Emma’s family each one, they use their body to stay. Rumple tells them about underworld, at night they will drag all of them to underworld.

Snow and other are given up their hope, Emma won’t. She tells Regina how to get rid darkness, she wants her to put in her and kill her to destroy all darkness.

Emma and Regina go to get Excalibur from Rumple, he said good by to Belle without tell her anything. Regina send Zelena back to Oz.

Hook shows up and stop Emma from use Excalibur, he change to Henry and tricks her. He grabbed her sword.

Darkness shows up and take them to underworld, Hook and Emma also there. Regina try to convince him to change his mind.

Hook use Excalibur to get all darkness in him, he wants Emma to kill him. She kill all darkness, Hook is dying while Emma back to normal.

Emma goes to see Rumple, she tells him that she heard the whispering. He tells her that he has all darkness power. She wants him to takes her to underworld so she can get Hook out from underworld.

At night Rumple open the portal, Emma, him and her family go to underworld.

NCIS Season 13 Episode 11


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NCIS Season 13 Episode 11

Spinning Wheel

NCIS goes to check marine body found stabbed, Palmer tells Gibbs that Ducky is missing. When Palmer called Ducky they found Ducky are captured in van near by.

Ducky tells Gibs about his brother, Nicholas. He is tricked to be there for information about him, but he is knocked out by that man. They found that marine is run to Duck when he heard his scream.

They found the man owner of van, while they get the sketch from Ducky. Tony and McGee go to check van’s owner Adam. He tells them about renter who look likes one from Ducky’s sketch. Then they found another guy with Duck’s sketch hanging in his house.

Bishop found Nicholas’s letter from the dead man, there is nothing important to case. Abby found that Ducky’s brother still alive because he could write to him.

They found that Viggo and dead man goes to pawn shop to looking for old stamp, Viggo is private detective. They think Vigggo found that stamps is old and worth a lot instead of work with Rufuas, he killed him and looking for Nicholas himself.

NCIS found that Viggo gets Nicholas and they are on road, they found they stop at the crime scene house. They rush to there with Ducky, but he found out that he is not Nicholas.

He tells Palmer that Nicholas and his mother died from car crash years ago, after that Ducky found that his brother is in US and found where is him.

Ducky goes to see him, nurse warns him that he might not remember anything about his life. But he remember him.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10


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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10

Broken Heart

After Hook changed to darkone, he and Zelena takes out her memory. Regina and Snow found Emma is tied. David found that Hook takes all dreamcatchers.

Hook shows up to Rumple and challenge him to fight with him, he tells the other about it. Emma try to get cuff out, but even Henry he won’t. They left her there.

After Emma turns Hook to dark one, he is upset at her that she turn him. She tells him how to destroy the darkness. But Hook is confused by the darkness.

Hook shows up to Emma, he tells her how much he hate her. Emma goes to see Rumple to help him distract Hook while she will get dreamcatcher back.

Regina takes Zelena to see Robin and her daughter, they hope that she will changed. Emma goes to ask Henry for help to find dreamcatcher.

Rumple goes to see Hook for duel, in past Hook takes out Merlin’s heart and control him to cast curse for him. Emma try to stop him but she failed, Hook use Merlin’s heart to cast the curse. Emma takes his memory so he forget that he is dark one, she also takes memory from everyone else too.

Rumple is defeated by Hook, but he managed to get the Excalibur and make him escape. Emma and Henry found all dreamcatcher. Henry release Emma from cuff. Belle told Rumple that she can’t has broken heart anymore, she refused to marry him.

After Emma tells them about the truth, she returned their memory. She remember now what is Hook after. Darkness show Hook how to open portal and get the all darkness back in flesh. Nimue tells him they are going to get rid of light.

NCIS Season 13 Episode 10


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NCIS Season 13 Episode 10

Blood Brothers

Alex’s mother tells him that his sister wants to talk to him, he has leukemia. Then navy shows up and tell his mother that her daughter is killed.

Vance tells Gibbs about Alex’s family, his sister and brother are killed in action. He has another young brother, Sean. They want him to help them find him to help Alex.

Gibbs found from his mother that Sean start to disappear after his oldest died in action, Tony and McGee go to check his apartment.

They found his counterfeit money and fake passport, Fornell shows up about it. CIA also following this counterfeit money’s case, he tells them Sean is working for them.

Gibbs and Fornell go to see him but they found Sean’s handle is killed and Sean is missing. They found that both of them are shot.

Bishop goes to convinces the criminal to donate his bone marrow to Alex, but he tells her he wants to give exchange for reduce his sentence.

Tony and McGee found Sean, they send him to hospital. But they found Sean can’t help his brother.

They found that Sean’s owner apartment is one who spread counterfeit money, he confess about his boss, Turro. FBI found him at the point where he tells them, he is arrested.

Bishop success convinces the criminal to give him donate, Sean and Alex are fine now.