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Hell Fest (2018)

3 girls enter theĀ Orange Grove Community Fair
Horror Night, one of them get lost during enter the maze. She get into the dead end and see someone with scary mask, she is killed by him.

Nat just arrive at Brooke and Taylor’s house for her vacation, she surprise them as she didn’t confirm that she would come. They plan to go out at night for fun, they try to couple her and Gavin together.

Before Nat and 5 of her friends enter the Hell Fest, one of her friend tell them story about some missing girl who found later that she is killed. They think it’s just a rumor or story they try to scare them. Gavin has crush on Nat, but she is not sure.

A mystery man shows up at Hell Fest’s entrance, he is upset after he heard one of the girl complaint to one of actor. He steals knife from one of the shop and following her.

Nat and her friends enter one of the scary maze, they found a woman and mystery mask man. That girl try to run away from him and ask help, but they thought that this is just part of show like they just saw.

Once Nat’s friend leave, he killed the woman in front of Nat while she is watching. But Nat notices something is off, she also leaves him. That mystery man start to stalking them instead.

While Nat and Gavin take their photo at booth, Brooke spots that mask man steal their photo away. She try to chase him and get photo back but she lost him.

After that they decide to get in next maze, but Gavin try to impress her by try to get doll for Nat. He leaves alone, while Nat and friends are waiting in line.

He meets mask man, he try to get his photo back then he is killed by mask man, while Nat and friends are in maze. He steals his phone and chat back to Nat, so they don’t aware that Gavin missing.

During the show in maze, Nat’s car stop. She spots the mask man inside and he comes to her. But apparently he is a part of show.

After that they enter another maze, this time Nat get lost and alone. She saw that mask man again but fortunately there is a glass wall. But one of her friend is kill by him this time.

Then when Nat wash herself, that mask man show up again. He try to get in the bathroom and grab her.

One of her friend join the guillotine show, Nat found out that mask man is near by and try to warn her but too late. She is hurt, she try to get out but that mask man following her and kill her at public. Other friend try to stop him, he is killed too.

Nat and Brooke run away and hide in the maze, mask man keep following them. They try to hide and try to call to get help, but that man keep coming after them.

They make a chance and hit him, Brooke escape out but Nat is knock down. Then he comes after Brooke, Nat following her and try to help.

She success stab him and escape from him, at the entrance they found polices. But they can’t find him.