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Halloween (2018)

At smithy’s grove, rehabilitate facility, Aaron comes to observe Michael. He wants to understand him before he transfer to other facility. He shows him his mask, try to provoke him to speak but instead other patient start to panic.

Aaron is following the Michael’s track, first he goes to see Laurie. Her house surround with fence and security camera, he tells her that he wants to get more new info for his radio show. She told them there is nothing new about it.

He try to convince her to see and talk with Michael, she doesn’t response them. She just learn from them that his granddaughter is going to wedding.

Her granddaughter, Allyson expected her family to invite her grandmother. But they don’t want, she plan to call her for Halloween.

Laurie goes to see Allyson and give her some money, Allyson asks her to say good bye for Michael for her family.

Tonight, Michael is going to transfer to another facility. His doctor decides to go with him, while Laurie is waiting him at front of facility. But she decides not to.

She shows up at her granddaughter’s party, but she made the mess and upset everyone. Her daughter explains her childhood’s life to her granddaughter before she is taken away by social service.

That night during transfer, the facility bus get accident all patient are out. Father and boy found the accident and try to help, one of survivor tell them to run. But Michael shows up and kill the boy and take his car.

Hawkins is called to accident’s side, he found Father and son’s body. He found Michael’s doctor still breathing, he takes him to hospital. Then he found that Michael is on loose.

Michael is following Aaron for his mask, he try to fight him but he is killed by him. Laurie just heard about accident, first thing she did is hide in her safe room.

Laurie goes to see her daughter, try to warn them about Michael. She tells her that they should hunt down Michael or get out the town, but her daughter doesn’t believe.

At Halloween’s night, Michael wander around the house and start to kill people in their house.

Allyson and her friends go out for Halloween’s party, Laurie try to call Allyson to warn her but she doesn’t notice. Laurie is by herself and try to find Michael from dispatch and road.

One of Allyson’s friend, Vicky while she works as babysitter in house. Her boy screams and tell her that there is someone outside the house. She doesn’t believe him and try to comfort him, she goes to check but Michael is already in house. She is killed, her boy friend try to get him but he is killed.

Hawkins arrives at the house first, he found 2 bodies. While outside Laurie spots Michael in house, she try to shoot him while he coming at her. She shots him away, Hawkins show up and team up with her.

Laurie goes to warn her daughter about Michael, they plan to go to safe place. But they can’t reach Allyson, her phone is trash. She just break up with her boyfriend, she upset with her friend who try to kiss her. He screams try to ask her help, but too late. She see Michael after he kill her friend, she is running out.

Finally she meet Hawkins, he will take her to her family. Laurie takes everyone to the basement and prepare them.

Hawkins and Allyson found Michael, he hit him with car. While Hawkins try to kill Michael, his doctor kill him and take his mask. He plans to reunion him and Laurie to see his response.

But Michael wakes up and kill him, Allyson take chances and run out. Michael takes one of patrol car and drive to Laurie.

Her daughter’s husband goes to check but he get killed, Laurie spots Michael outside, she asks her daughter to hide. Michael almost get her but she escape to safe room.

Michael now int the house, Laurie try to kill him by lock him in cage. But she failed and knock down, Allyson shows up at house. Her mother hide her in safe room, but Michael heard the noise and try to break down to safe room.

Michael breaks down the safe door, while her daughter waiting for him and shoot him. Laurie wait for chance and knock him down to safe room, after all of them get out they trap him down and burn him alive along with house.