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Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

At MI7’s headquarter in London, their system is hacked and all cause their all identity of their agents expose. The Prime minister has no choice but bring back old agent to fix this problem.

For now, Johnny are working as teacher at school. But he also secretly try to teach his class the spy technique.

Then he receive secret letter from MI7, so he rush back to the headquarter. So MI7 calling all retired agent to fixed the problem, but during the waiting Johnny accidentally disabled other agents.

He is assigned to fixed this problem, MI7 try to give him new hi-tech device which he doesn’t understand. He preferred the old gadget, old car to be sure that their digital enemy will not see their coming.

He and his assistant, head to France. after checking information from MI7. They found that Lynch might be their target.

They try to steal his phone so he can check his phone, but failed. He ends up almost burn entire restaurant. But with his distraction, his assistant can get the phone and they found next clue on boat name “dot Calm”

They try to sneak on the boat, but they are spot and captured. But they escape and success their mission and they try to follow the boat’s owner. Seem she knows about him, she try to seduce and get info from him. Actually she is Russian’s spy who try to get info from Jason.

But after she find out that he is not exist, she is ordered to kill him. At night she failed to kill him many times even she has chance.

MI7 found out that Jason is owner of the ship, now he is the guest of the Prime minister. Johnny rush back to MI7 to inform his boss, but they don’t believe him.

To find the evidence, they ask him to break in Jason’s mansion. He meets Russian’s spy, she try to steal Jason’s item. They decide to cooperate, but they are made. She decides to turn him up.

But he get chances and escape out, he hijack the student’s car and try to escape from Jason. He stole Jason’s phone with evidence but he swap it with someone. The prime minister is so upset at him, he get fired.

His assistant tells him that Prime minister just agree to take Jason to the International summit, where he can make another attack easier. He help him to stop Jason by use his wife’s submarine to escort them to near the summit.

Johnny sneaks up in castle and accidentally rescue Russian’s spy from Jason. She successfully escape, after Prime minister finish the summit. Jason show himself and before he threat the summit, Johnny show up try to expose him but he’s too late.

Jason threat the summit to give him all control, while they as signing. Johnny accidentally destroy Jason’s ship while he try to call MI7.

Jason try to escape with helicopter, Johnny taunt him and successfully stop Jason and save the world.