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Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)

Ehan just wake up in safe house In Belfast, there is someone at the door. He give him the book with the new mission, apostles and Lark.

He needs to stop them from get acquire of nuclear device before they do, Ethan, Benji and Luther go to Berlin to stop the exchange.

But something goes wrong, they are interrupt by apostles. They captured Luther and trick them and get the device instead.

After that they go to see Lark’s associate to get information about Lark, they trick him to believe that the device already trigger and get his code.

Ethan found that Lark and Widow will meet together, he is sent to find Lark by CIA. But CIA also wants Walker to work with him to work with him and get device too.

They jump of the plane but during landing Walker is stroked by lightning and pass out, Ethan help him out.

They found the Lark, but they fail to capture him. Ethan has no choice but go to see Widow by himself. He convinces her that he is Lark.

After talk to her he found that she is after Lane, head of Syndicate. If he gives him Lane then she will give him the device.

Walker tells his CIA’s boss that Ethan is real Lark, they want to use Lane as decoy to expose Ethan.

Instead of kill all police and get Lane, Ethan decides to grab Lane and disappear. But he is setup and chased by polices, after he escape from them. They are ambush by Ilsa, she try to kill Lane.

Ethan escape from her, he didn’t not plane to exchange Lane to apostles. After meet with Widow, she wants him to give Ilsa too.

IIsa tells him that Mi6 wants to kill Lane to protect their secret, Widow wants him to meetĀ apostles’s courier at London.

Ethan found out that Widow actually work for CIA she wants to delivery Ethan the real Lark, and Walker is here to stop him.

Walker actually work with Lane, he help him frame Ethan so he can get the device. But actually it ‘s a trick to expose Walker as Lark.

But Lark’s team show up, they help him escape out. Ethan is chasing down Walker and he is chased by men. He escapes from them but Lane and Lark escape.

Lark warns Ethan that if he ever come to him again, he will kill his wife Julia. Ethan and his team found that Lark heads to Kashmir.

He surprises that he meets Julia there at camp, seem she is setup by Lark. They setup the bomb to explode there, Ethan and his team try to stop it.

Lark start to detonator, Ethan try to get key from Lark by chase him with helicopter. Iisa found Lane and try to kill him, but she is captured instead. Benji try to save her, but instead she save him.

Ethan ram his helicopter into Lark’s, they both down on the ground. Ethan try to get the stopper from Lark. They almost fell down to the ground, but Ethan manages to get stopper and save the world.