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Solo A Star Wars Story (2018)

After Han failed to do exchange task, he goes back to his hideout. He try hard to pay off his debt, then he is taken to see Proxima for his failure. He is punished by her, he decides to escape from them with his girlfriend, Qira.

They plan to get their own ship and travel through galaxy, but they are chased by Proxima’s men. They try to get out through the gate but when they failed, Qira is taken back.

He apply to be pilot in Empire, he is expecting to be a pilot. But after that 3 years, he found himself still fighting in the war. He try to find the way to be a pilot, but he is blocked and ignore.

Then he made himself a trouble, he found that his caption is fraud. He try to blackmail him but failed, his captain send him to feed the beast.

He found that the beast is Wookie, he try to talk to Wookie to work together to escape out. They break the cage out, they following his fake captain and convince him to take both of them with him. Han found that Wookie name Chewbacca.

His captain has new job,  he plans to make money from this and get enough money to get his ship. They plan to rob the train’s cargo, but the guards show up and try to stop them.

They shake off them but the other pirate show up and try to get it from them, their pilot is hit and injured. Han decides to pliot the ship instead, during fight they lost 2 persons. He decides not lost another one, so he drop what they get and escape.

His captain tells him that they now owe to Dryden’s group, he will try to make up with them. He can be free because they don’t know him, he refused and decide to go with his captain.

There he meets Qira, he found that she changed and she worked for Dryden. They try to make up with Dryden, Han suggests them that they can steal raw item instead and refine them.

Qira vouches for them, they start to according the plan. He goes to get pilot andhis ship, millennium falcon. They fake Han and Chewbacca as slave and sell them, so they can infiltrate to the mine.

They seize the control’s room, they free the slaves. Han also success and get raw item, they success to escape. But then they meet Empire’s spaceship, Han decides to get shortest route to escape.

They manage to shake Empire off, but they end up in the huge monster’s nest. With raw item they get, it help them out. They success to refine the raw item and ready to pay off their debt.

Unfortunately the pirate show up try to rob them, they explain them that Dryden’s group is the one who rob the galaxy.

Han decides to help the pirate to prevent Dryden’s group to get profit from what they get. They try to trick, Dryden but failed because his captain betray him.

But Han already think about that case, he tricks Dryden and destroy his private army. But his captain decides to double cross them and take all goods.

Qira manages to kill Dryden, she tells him to after his captain and help Chewbacca out. But when he left, she contacts Maul and tell him that Dryden’s dead. She lefts him there.

Han give the goods to the pirate so they can use them to fight the Empire, with reward from pirate he uses it to win the millennium falcon.