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Skyscraper (2018)

Will and Ben are with assault FBI team, they try to rescue the hostage situation. But he failed, all hostages and his team and dead except him. He gets bad injury and send to the hospital, he meets his wife, Sarah who operate him.

In Hong kong, they create a high tower name Skyscraper. It created by Zhao Long Jing, People in world are very excited about it. Today Will and his wife are going to present their company to Zhao Long Jing.

Will and his family staying in Skyscraper tower during time they make presentation, Zhao wants him to check his security system of his tower. His friend Ben voucher for him to get this job.

During way they go back, Will get burglar by someone. Before leave Zhao gives device  that allow Will to be able to access tower’s security. Ben found out that the device is not stolen, he called someone.

While the same time, group of mercenary enter the building. Ben exposed him that he wants his device and want to kill him. But during struggle, Ben is shot and death. Before die, he tells him that his family is in danger.

Will try to go back to the building, but his device is taken. Then he is blamed that he is the cause of the fire. While the other mercenary’s team get in the control room and make fire more intense.

Will escape from arrest and climb to next crane and try to get in the building to help his family. While Hong Kong’s police team try to get him.

Zhao found that his rival is the one who set the fire, his rival try to get his secret and kidnap him. He manages to retreat to his panic room, his rival found that Will is also in the building and can help them get to Zhao.

Will meets his family before Zhao’s rival try to get them to get his help, he manages to get his family to the floor below the fire.

While Zhao’s rival try to after Will’s daughter, Will try to get her but both of them are captured by Zhao’s rival. They force him to get Zhao out or they will throw her off the roof.

Will find the way to get to Zhao, they go to top and try to exchange his daughter. They trick them and get his daughter back. Sarah gets the device controller from one of the mercenary and fixed the system.

The system back online and close all fire. Zhao and Will are rescued.