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Tag (2018)

Malloy is applying for position janitor in Callahan company, his interviewer is very curious what is he doing there. Actually he try to tag Bob in their game since they are children.

After success tag Bob, he tells him that they should join force to tag Jerry. Jerry seems to be only one of them that never been tag for 30 years. While Malloy tags Bob, he is interview with Crosby. She decides to join them to get their story.

Malloy goes after Chilli by act as decoy, then Bob can tag him. After they explain to Chilli , he agree and they go next to Sable and get him.

They explain to him that they will tag Jerry at his wedding, but first they need more information. They go to see Lou, to see where is Jerry.

They plan and lure him in the place, where they will ambush him. But they all failed, then Susan is Jerry’s fiance shows up. She want them to sign truce that they can’t tag Jerry any time during wedding.

They agree with her for be fair, they are now planing new tag. They sneak in his house, but they are confused by Jerry and lost again to him.

Next day Malloy try to ambush Jerry again but he still fail, next they gathering at rehearsal. But Jerry fight back them by invites their old friend that crumble their team.

Then Jerry lures them into the wood and trap them, that night they plan to get him at his gym. They found there is Jerry about to.

They plans and prepare and lock the entire building, but Jerry stills find the way out by fake Susan miss-carriage.

Malloy decides to give up on fight, they go the wedding to celebrate with them. But after Malloy heard what Susan confess to them, he wants to play game again.

During the kiss of bride, Malloy sprint up and try to tag Jerry. But he missed and get himself unconscious, he’s now admit in hospital.

Malloy tells his friends that he has tumor, he possible will not make it next round. His friends still not believe him all, think that he try to fake it.

Jerry finally show up he allow Malloy to tag him for last time, after tag Jerry tag back and they start to play around again.