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Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut Unrated (2018)

Deadpool plans to end his life with the explosion at his house, before that he was at Hong Kong and take out the gang. He also take down other gang around the world, and then he comes back to take out Sergei’s gang he missed.

After he backs home to celebrate with his girlfriend, his rival following him home. She is killed. He following him and kill him, after that he is moan for several days. Then he decides to brown himself up.

Colossus shows up and carried him back to Xavier’s school, he try to cheer him up. He takes him to help him take care about mission to rescue other mutant, Russel. They end up taken to the Icebox.

While Cable from the future goes back to the same year as Deadpool. He plans to attack the Icebox, he is looking for Russel. While he try to help him, he breaks the device and become immortal again.

He take Cable off the prison, then he realize that he has to take care Russel. He found that all mutants are transfer to super max. While Russel try to find alliance, he goes to see the most dangerous man in the cell.

Deadpool try to recruit other heroes to help him to get Russel out, while Cabel also find out Deadpool’s plan. But Deadpool’s team entire team are gone before can intercept the convoy.

Deadpool intercept Cable on time, before he is killing Russel. But why Cable and Deadpool are busy, Russel release Juggernaut out. He makes entire convoy crash, after that he leaves with Juggernaut.

Cable shows up and ask Deadpool to help take down Juggernaut, and stop Russels before he has his first killed. They agreed and get help from Colossus and his team.

Colossus shows up and fight with Juggernaut, while Cable and Deadpool try to stop Russel. He shows to him that he really want to protect him, Russel change his mind. The future of Cable is changed.

Cable decides to go back in time to safe Dead pool, because of that he can’t go back in his time. He stays with them to be sure the world will not down.