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Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom (2018)

A submarine pass through the abandon gate and looking for The Indominus Rex remain in the ocean, when they try to go back they are attacked by something huge. While team on land try to close the gate and leave, they also attacked by another T-Rex. But fortunately they success to secure the DNA’s sample and escape but they also let something escape the gate. After that many years, Malcom try to answer the committee’s question about Jurassic park, seem they have hard time to understand him. Claire try to reach congressman, she is part of dinosaur protector. She try to get votes to help them alive. Now their island is going to explode, she try to find way to help them. She goes to see Eli and Lockwood, he used to work with Hammond long times ago. He said that Hammond wants to let the rest of Dinosaur to live on island alone, but now that island is exploding. Eli wants her to help him capture Blue to preserve them as they are the last of their species. She goes to see Owen, they used to be together but they break up for a while. He knows that why she comes to see him, he refuses to help her rescue Dinosaur. Owen used to work with Blue, after think well at night he decides to help her. They fly straight to the island, they meet Ken. He and his team will be with with them to protect them. Owen found that the volcano is more active than they think, after locate the Raptor. Owen and team try to capture them. Owen confront one of Raptor he raised, but Ken and his team doesn’t want to wait. They try to sedate it, instead they make it panic. It is shot when try to attack one of them. They try to get it back to camp and cure it, they leave Owen alone there. After wake up he found that lava is coming to him, while Clare and her colleague are trap with one big dinosaur that come to them when they try to open the door. They manage to get out and found that Volcano is explode, Owen shows up and tell them to run. They get in the pod and try to run but the are attacked by dinosaur, Claire and her colleague get in the pod but Owen has to run. Pod fell down the ocean, Owen help them get out before they drown. They learn from Owen that Eli lied to her, they try to get all dinosaur back but not for protection. Owen and them sneaks on their ship to escape out the island, while Eli try to convinces his investor by try to sell him Indoraptor. Owen and them found Blue, they try to treat its shot. But they need to get blood from T-Rex, while they are taking it somehow they wake it up. But they manage to escape out and use blood to help it. After ship dock, Owen and Claire found out that they are at Lockwood’s estate. They load all dinosaurs in the basement. Eli kill Lockwood when he confronts him about selling dinosaur. Eli starts his dinosaur auction, Lockwood’s niece found that he is dead and she found that Eli try to get rid of her. Owen and Claire are captured when they try to sneak in the house, but one of the dinosaur next to them just awake and open door for them. They found Maisie, Lockwood’s grand daughter. She is running from Eli, she tells them about Eli’s plan. Owen and them see the Indoraptor in the auction, he try to stop it from getting out. They try to make chaos and get chance to get it out, he destroy the cage controller. Ken found it and try to sedate it, it fakes to sedate and kill him. Indoraptor get out the cage and rampage, Eli tells Owen that Maisei actually is clone of Lockwood’s daughter. Then they see one of Dinosaur attack Eli’s men, they run out. They found that Indoraptor is killing men around, and they are looking for them. They try to escape from it, but Claire is hurt. She tells Maisie to run, Indoraptor chasing after her. Claire tells Owen to go after Maisie and help her, but when he is in danger. Blue shows up and help him out. They manage to kill it with help of Blue, then they found that because of system failure. The dinosaurs are dying because of gas, she open entire gates and release them all. Eli is killed by eaten by T-Rex during escape. Now the escape dinosaurs are scattering everywhere.