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A Quiet Place (2018)

In this town, almost nobody live here. Except one family. He try his best to not make noise while gathering the supply from abandon supermarket. His family still lives in this town, they use hand language to communicate each other without sound.

At supermarket, one of his youngest son wants to get the toy with sound. But his parent doesn’t agree, but his sister secretly give it to him. During way back home, his youngest son turn on the toy with loud sound.

It draws something from the wood, they coming after him. His father try to get him but something take him first.

1 Year after that  incident, The family is more careful than ever. He try to get help from anyone that survive. His wife is going to get another baby soon.

One day father and his son goes out to find supply, his wife’s baby is going out. She accidentally make a sound, one of them is in the house try to find her. She lures it with alarm clock and try to get out of the house.

Father comes back home and found her with new born baby, he hides them under the house while the monster gather around them. He tells her they are safe for now, then he goes out to find their other children.

When his wife wake up, she found one of the monster is looking for her and her baby nearby. She try to hide him from it, then one of his son fell down the silo and make sound. The monster hear them and try to get them, but some how his daughter’s device chase it away.

They try to go back to house but then there is one monster nearby, their father try to fight it but he missed and get killed to safe his children.

His wife is very upset, she took her children back in house and plan to hide from them. But one of them go down near them, her daughter notices their weakness.

Her mother shots one of them down, now they know how to kill them. She found that they are coming for them.