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Ready Player One (2018)

In 2045, Wade lives in the crowd city Columbus, where people are in the virtual world from Halliday, called Oasis.

His friend, Aech play a lot in game. Today He is in the mission to get artifact, before Halliday die he tells world that he hidden the egg that can control Oasis. Since then players are looking for 3 keys to get way to his egg.

There is Nolan who owns the company that intend to find Halliday’s egg, today Wade has to make a race which winner who win will get the first key.

He notices Artemis during the race, the famous player. He try to help her before she get killed. They both almost win the race, he ask his friend to help her fix her bike. She tells him that she is in the group who try to stop Nolan to get Oasis.

After talk with Artemis, Wade notices something from her words. He goes back to research about Halliday, he gets some clue.

In next race, instead as everyone he drive backward. It leads him to underground passage where he didn’t get any stopper and finally win the race. He gets key and coins from Halliday.

After receive the 2nd clue, Wade try to find the next one. Atemis also there when he try to figure out. Suddenly she ask him out for date, his friend Aech try to warn him.

At the date, Atemis tells him about clue she found. He tells her his name, after that they are ambush. But they manages to escape, Atemis upset because Wade knows nothing.

Nolan found the identity of Wade, he sent someone to kill him in real world. He try to recruit Wade to work for him, but he refused. He found that Nolan plan to kill him along with everyone in his town.

He tried to warn his family, but it’s too late. He try to warn his friends but he is abduct by Artemis’s men.

He wakes up and meet real Artemis, he is happy to see her. Then she figure out about 2nd clue, they go to see the curator. Wade picks the movie that he thinks it’s the key, they enter to see it.

They found themselves in movie, they work together and find the 2nd key. Artemis manages to solve the clue and get 2nd key.

Nolan found out that Wade still alive, he tracks one of Artemis’s men and break in their base. Artemis helps Wade out, Aech and his friends show up and help him out.

Wade and them plan to get Artemis back, but Noland found the 3rd clue and block it with shield. Wade and his friend get into Nolan’s office and force him to get Artemis back.

They hack into the system and get her out but she decide to break in office and build army to stop Nolan.

From inside the shield, Artemis try to off the shield so Wade and other can get in. After shield down, they try to break in.

Wade found the challenge but Nolan shows up and try to stop him. He setup the bomb that kill everyone. But Wade still alive because he gets extra live, he start to solve the last clue. It broadcast to the world but Nolan’s men try to hit their car out of the road.

Wadge get the keys and get the reward, but Wade decides not to take it. He pass the test, Nolan try to stop Wadge. but he’s too late. He is arrested by cop.

Wade gets the company and he decide to share with his team.