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Rampage (2018)

At space station, a doctor try to escape from a damage station but they tell her that she can’t leave until she secure her test subjects. But one of her loose test subject is a giant rat, she barely escape from it while it try to attack her. She escaped from explode station but she is killed by explosion during enter the atmosphere.

Davis shows his guest his gorillas, then one of them is panic and try to escape his gorilla try to attack. George is another gorillas show up and help him from it.

At night pieces of satellite fell down to earth, the test subject inside get out and infected the animals. It also effect George..

Next day after heard what happen to it, Davis goes to see George. He found that George’s size is bigger than usual.

Claire own the satellite that crash down, she notices that it backs on earth now she wants it back before someone get it. She has Burge as his mercenary to take it back for her.

Burge and his team found 1st canister, it landed near wolves pack. Claire thinks that it may effect the wolf, she wants him to take that wolf back, he call it Rampage 1

Davis try to help George out of problem, because last night he killed the grizzly bear. Then Kate shows up, she tells her about thing that effect George.

George gets rampage and get escape out from his cell, Davis following him and try to calm him down. Then Agency’s men show up and knock him down and arrest them.

Burge’s team try to get the Rampage 1 back. but they found that the it is too big to handle. They all get killed.

Davis and Kate are taken with George to secure facility, they found that there is another giant wolf on loose.

Claire plans to lure her subjects to city, so after they get killed they can get the DNA from it. After they turn it on, all subjects include George head back to city.

George get berserk and make the plan crash, Davis manages to get them out safety. Davis thought that George might killed in crash but it doesn’t.

Kate tells them that the Rampages are head to Chicago because someone called them, but military doesn’t believe them. They escape and try to help George, they try to evacuate people but it’s too late.

Military try to stop them but they are useless, then 3rd Rampage shows up from the river. Military decides to bomb them along with entire city.

Kate and Davis try to get antidote but Claire shows up and stop them, Kate steals one of it without their known. The subjects are close to them, they are trying to destroy the antenna.

George kill Claire by eat her alive, but Davis already give her the antidote that can stop his rampage. Davis and Kate safety escape from collapse building.

They found George and seem the antidote works, he calm down and he will help to stop other Rampages. Davis tricks the 3rd Rampage to kill the 1st.

3rd Rampage beats George much, he almost get killed. Davis try to help him, they success to kill it.