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Truth or Dare (2018)

Young teenage girl rush her car to the gas station, she always look behind her as someone following her. Then the shop clerk start to ask her truth or dare, after that she burns some one alive.

Markie and Olivia are roommate, Markie want them to go vacation at Mexico together for 2 weeks, some how they force her to go with them even she doesn’t want to.

After have so fun for several days, then one night Olivia meet someone at the bar. Carter. He helps her out from one of her known, Ronnie he suggests them to the place to hang out.

He takes them to old church, he suggests them to play game truth or date. At first they have fun, then thing start to be weird. Then one of them ask Carter to tell the truth, he starts to tell them why they are here.

He warns Olivier about game, she doesn’t believe him. After they come back from Mexico, they start to see something weird happen.

Olivier starts to see question truth or date everywhere but no one see it. Then she see people start to ask her question, she slip out the truth and expose Markie’s secret.

Markie is very upset, one night Ronnie accept the dare but he refuses to do it. He ends up kill himself. Olivia found out what happen to Ronnie, she try to warn her friends but none of them believe her.

Markie’s boyfriend, Lucas also heard someone ask him for truth or dare, he confess the truth and he do that to Olivia. She try to convince her friends but Markie doesn’t believe her.

She get the truth or dare and she answer dare to break Olivier’s hand, Olivia convinces her to do it. After that her friends freak out and leave, at hospital the dead woman asks one of her friend, Brad truth or dare.

Brad choose truth then his father shows up, he has no choice but tell him the truth. Next target is Tyson, one of Olivia’s friend. While he is at interview, he choose truth but he lie.

Olivia and other try to help but they are late, he kill himself in front of his interviewer. Penolope is Tyson’s girlfriend is next, she is very upset.

Markie suggests them that they should find Carter to find the way to end this, they leave Penelope alone. While Olivia and other found the trace to Carter’s friend.

They try to he found that Penelope is outside on roof edge, she can’t choose truth but only dare, it forces her to dare. They try to help her pass the dare before she get killed.

They meet up with Carter’s friend, she tells them what happen. But she makes dare to kill Olivia, but they stop her. She failed to her dare and kill herself, they didn’t tell the cop everything.

Olivia and them try to find the source of this game, they found there is a survivor of the first game. Then Olivia get to make dare to sleep with Lucas, Markie is very upset. Then it’s Lucas’s turn, he choose truth and tell her that he is in love with Markie.

Markie gets the question from her death’s father, she answered it. Olivia and Lucas go to find the last survivor, she gives them the writing.

She explains them everything how the game start, she tells them what they have to do to stop the game. The person who stop the game must cut their tongue and seal it.

Brad is next one and he forces to misuse his father, he failed to do it. Then Olivia is the next one, she choose to dare. It dares her to tell Markie the truth about her father. Olivia is the one who make her father kill himself.

Markie is upset and leave, Olivia found that Carter is the one who they are looking for. They go to see him and get his help, they convince him to help them stop game.

They force him back to Mexico, they force him to say ritual and cut his tongue. But it’s too late, Carter and Lucas die. Olivia asks Markie to choose dare, so she can stop the game.

Olivia asks the demon the truth, she found that the game will end with all player died. She decides to help Markie, she upload her video and ask everyone truth or dare.