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Blockers (2018)

Today Sam,  Julie and Kayla’s parent go to sent their daughters to school at first day. Since then their family become friend after their daughter become friend at first day.

Now they are going to have prom party, they make their parent too worried. Their daughters also plan to lost their virgin at night.

Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter accidentally see their daughter’s private message. They found that they try to have sex at prom night, they decide to stop them.

They following them to the party, but their daughters decide to leave the party to somewhere else.

They try to get in the party but they have prove that they are not cop, they do all thing they asking him to. But cops shows up so they have to escape from party

On they way they following their car, they crash their car. After that Lisa get contact with Julie, they upset each other but after they talk they open to each other.

They try to break in to one of parent to find where are their kid, they almost get caught but they get the phone and know where are them.

But their kids realize themselves and didn’t have sex, they found their kids and talk to them.