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Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

After the last attack from Kaiju, world has been recovery. One of the pilot’s son, Jake lives as scrapper, by steal part of damage Jaegars.

One day he messes up and upset his customer, his part he wants to get is grabbed by someone else. He try to chase after him, next day he following to his lair and found that he try to build another Jaegars.

He found that actually he is her, Amara and they found someone following him to her lair. She launch they Jaegars out, but she is following by Pan Pacific Defense Corps’s Jaegars. They finally get captured, she tells him that she build her Jaegars to fight if Kaiju back.

Jake get words from Mako, his sister that she wants him to train new recruit in exchange to get him out of the trouble.

They arrive at base, Amara is cadet and she found out that Jake was Ranger and Pilot the legend Jaegars.

Jake believes that the war is ended and he wants to to leave the base ASAP. Hermann tells Newton that he thinks Kaiju will come back and they need solution.

At base, they purpose the new drone that can replace the pilot the Jaegars. Some of them question about vulnerability of the drone, they try to prove it to council in next day.

Next day Rouge Jaegars show up and attack the city, it try to kill Mako. Jake and Nate’s Jaegars try to stop it but he failed, Mako is killed.

Jake try to help Amara to sync, by sync with her. She almost lost in her memory. Jake found that someone try to kill Mako to stop her from against the drone. They found the trace from Mako’s message.

Jake with his Jaegars goes to the abandon base, he get attacked by rogue Jaegars. They manage to destroy it, but they found that it’s a Kaiju’s brain that pilot the Jaegars.

Amara and her friends sneak up into Rogue Jaegars and one of them get hurt, they get caught and expels from base. She tells Jake that Jaegars come from the drone Jaegars builder’s company.

They day they launch the drone Jaegar, all of them are controlled by Kaiju. They start to attack the base, Hermann found that Newton is the one who plan whole attack. The Kaiju’s brain get control of him.

While other drone Jaegars try to open the dimension and let Kaiju out, Hermann and drone company success to stop all drones. But 3 Kaijus are out in the world, now they are working together to fix the problem.

Jake and other figure out that all Kaiju are head to Mount Fuji, if they reach it the world will end. They fixed the Jaegars and head to stop them, with Herrman help they fly to Mount Fuji in no time.

They fight with 3 Kaiju, but Newton merge them to be new Big Kaiju. One of them get killed during fight, other Jaegars destroyed. Only Jake’s Jaegars left and try to stop it but failed, Nate hurts but Amara shows up and replace him.

Jake has a plan to stop Kaiju, they drop the Jaegars on the Kaiju and kill it before it destroy the world.