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Tomb Raider (2018)

Himiko, first queen of Japan is captured and entombed beneath the mountains. Lara’s father is missing while going after her to be sure she is not unleashed.

Lara growth up and living by herself by work as bike courier, one day she get arrest by police. Her guardian, Ana shows up and help her out. She tells her about her father investigation and she might lost her manor if she won’t sign her inheritance.

Next day she decides to sign, she receives the clue about her father. She goes back to manor and found the trace of him.

From that she learned that her father was tomb raider, he left her message to destroy his project about “Himiko” to be sure it’s not fell into wrong hand.

But Lara decides to check what make he missing, she following trace to Hong Kong. She found son of the captain who bring her father to Yamatai’s island, he also tell her that his father also missing 7 years ago.

She convinces him to head to Yamatai’s island with her, from her father’s journal she found the organization name Trinity also looking for Himiko.

Their ship is sink before they reach the island, she manages to get on island. But she is attacked by someone there, she wakes up and found captured by Trinity’s men, Mathias.

He is the one who kill her father, because he doesn’t want to corporate with him. Now he has all her father’s information that can help him find Himiko.

Lara has a chance to escape when there is chaos happen, she run out and escape from him. She wander around and reach the beach, but she has no way out.

At night she chases out the mystery man, she found that he’s her father. But look like he doesn’t remember her at first, he almost crazy.

He is upset after knows that Mathias get all his information, he tells her that they have to stop them. Lara with only arrow and bow go back and help them out, she after Mathias for satellite phone.

Then she found that her father is after Himiko, Mathias try to force him to open door. But he won’t, Mathias convinces her to help them open door.

She opened the door because she doesn’t want her father to die, after open she head down the tunnel. Inside there are traps and many corpses.

Finally they found her’s tomb, Mathias insists to open her coffin. They found her body, they decide to take her back.

Lara found that Himiko sacrifice herself to protecting the world, one of them get infected. Seem she has disease, she sacrifice herself to stop it. Mathias still want to get part of Himiko’s out.

Her father also get infected when one of infected attack him, Mathias get chances to escape. He tells her to after Mathias and stop him.

She after him and put Himiko’s part into him and kill him, she manages to find the way to get out the tomb before everything collapse.

With Trinity’s transport, Lara and the rest goes back home safety. After back she sign the inheritance and found that Trinity is also part of her company and Ana seem part of them.