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Death Wish (2018)

Paul is surgeon, his life is quite good and nice. His daughter is going to college, one day the burglars breaks in his house and kill his wife and shot his daughter when he’s not at house. He found them shot and sent to his hospital, his daughter is in coma.

After weeks, he stills get no news from the detectives. He feels that he failed to protect his family, so he is looking for firearm but he doesn’t want to have any evidence link to him.

One day he has the patient that in the gang, and he accidentally drops his gun. Paul takes it and keep practice it.

One night Paul wander around the city to find the clue about what happen to his family, he stop the car robbery. But he is taken by video but he doesn’t notice.

His video is uploaded, he is called “Grimm Reaper”. Everyone in town talks about him, after that he lean about Ice cream’s man. He threaten and force the kid to work for him. Paul walks into him and kill him cold.

One night he gets the patient that he believe is one of his house’s burglar. But unfortunately that he is dead, he checking his stuff and can track down the other.

He found the other members, but he is made. But he managed to killed 2 of them, the last one tells him the last guy he wants. The detective come to meet him and tell him the progress, that night Paul goes after the last guy.

He tells Paul everything and last name guy, Knox. After that one night the last guy call Paul and make meeting with him.

He is setup and get shot, but he failed to kill him. Knox shows up at hospital as victim and identify Paul as shooter. Now detectives are on him.

After that his daughter awake, he rush to see her. After that she leaves the hospital, Knox shows up. Paul knew that it was him, that night he prepare and wait him for coming.

Knox comes with his men, Paul killed 2 of them and kill Knox while he try to ambush him. Now he success to protect his family.