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Maze Runner The Death Cure (2017)

Jorge and Brenda are waiting for the transportation train, they plan to rescue prisoners from them. Thomas and Vince also show up to help them, they success jumps on the train. They release the prisoners’s container out from the rail.

Then they are attacked by their air unit, Jorge and Brenda lure it out from train while Thomas and Vince infiltrate in and break prisoners out. Jorge and Brenda success and hijack the air unit and pick the rest up.

Vince and them plan to rescue prisoners the most they can and fix the old ship and get out the place.

Thomas and them get information from one of the prisoners that they are talking about city, they are surprise that if there is any city left. Thomas and them are looking for Minho which is not in the container they got.

Thomas wants to attack that city to help Minho but Vince and other is not agree, that night Thomas decide to left alone. But some of his friends show up and go with him.

Minho wakes up and found himself in the maze again, but turn out that he is dreaming during experiment.

Thomas and his team arrive at tunnel, they don’t like it but they have no choice but to pass it. In tunnel they are attacked by infected, they lost their car and need to walk by foot out. They are chased by them, when they are surrounded Brenda and Jorge show up and help them.

They arrive at the city and found there is huge wall surround it and they have to find way to get in.

Eva, Teresa and her team try to convince the investor to fund their experiment to find the cure instead of fund to secured the wall.

At around the wall, Thomas is spotted by security team. While people their try to rebel to get the wall. Then gun on the wall start to fire at them, while run they are captured by armed men.

Thomas found that one of them is Gally, they tell them what they want to do. He tells them he can get them in the wall. They meet Lawrence and get help from him to get in the wall. With secret drain, it leads them to the city.

With Minho’s blood, they success to get first batch of cure. They test on one of infected and they get good response, but they still failed.

Gally shows Thomas the plan how they can get in the building but he doesn’t agree because he think Teresa betrayed them before.

Teresa is disappointed about the result, that night she spot Thomas in the apposite. She try to catch him up, she following him and get captured. He convinces her to help him get in the tower to get Minho.

They ask her to remove their tracking so they can pass the door, with her lead Thomas and them get into the building. First they get all prisoners out, but they can’t find Minho.

Teresa found that he is moved to medical wing, during the way they meet Janson. He try to get her help, but she ignores him. She try to convince Thomas to help her experiment but he won’t.

Janson remember Thomas and surround them, Teresa help them escape while she tell Janson that she wants him alive. Brenda get the bus but she is spotted so she has no choice but run.

Minho wakes up and resist and try to escape, Thomas and Newt are cornered but Minho show up. They are cornered in room, they have no choice but break out though the window.

With Gally’s help they escape from the guards, while Brenda’s bus are surrounded. But with her plant they are pull up to the air and escape out of the wall.

Lawrence has secret plan to attack the city with his rebel, he had Gally plan the control of the wall. His rebel start to attack the city.

Teresa shows Eva that Thomas’s blood is a cure, while he is trapped between the fight of rebel and guards.

Jorge gets Vince and air unit to pick up Brenda, they are planing to rescue Thomas. But Newt can’t go further anymore, he try to get him out.

Teresa announces that she found that he is the cure and he can help Newt and everyone. Newt starts to turn and try to attack him, during the fight he is killed.

Thomas decides to go to Teresa to make cure, but Janson shows up and captured him. He wants to sell him for cure, Teresa changes her mind and help him.

Rebel start to attack the building, and Thomas get shots by Janson. They escape from him but they surrounded by fire and trapped on the top of building.

Jeorge and other shows up with air unit and get them out, but Teresa didn’t make it. Thomas gets bad injured but after that he is fixed.

He wakes up in safe haven among with other survivors.