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The Hurricane Heist (2018)

In 1992, when hurricane Andrew shows up near Alabama, Breeze and Willie’s family is late after watch the game and try to escape the Andrew. But on the way they get accident, his father lost his life during the attack of Andrew.

After that Willie growth up and work for Maryland weather service, they notice that Hurricane Tammy is going to hit Alabama again. The town plan to evacuate everyone out of the town.

Corbin and her team has to delivery the old money from Treasury but she need to pass the town before Tammy hit them.

Willie notices that Breeze still in town and he wants to warn him out, while at Treasury someone try to shutdown entire system. Corbin need to get Breeze to fix the backup generator.

At Treasury’s gate, someone try to break in. While one of insider’s Corner let them inside. They try to break in the vault but they can’t because Corbin change the code when she arrive.

Corbin gets Breeze and head to Treasury, she notices something not right. She found that Treasury is breached, she almost caught but Breeze help her out. She run back to the town and get help from Willie.

They plan to get help from sheriff, but turn out that sheriff is also one of them. But they manage to escape out. They think that if they destroy the tower so they can’t get password and hack in the vault.

They success to stop the tower, Sheriff and Corner break up and kill each other for money. Corbin makes a deal with Corner to get Breeze and a hostage out, Willie use Tammy to get them out.

Corbin plans to use his car to make car bomb and get in the Treasury, but they are corner by them. Before they caught Tammy hit them with wave, they separated.

Corner gets Corbin, while Breeze found Willie. Corner forces Corbin to open the vault, Breeze and Willie see that Corner get the money and head out.

Breeze and Willie following them, and gets on the truck and take it. Willie try to get Corbin but she get her self out first and get the 2nd truck.

They are following Corner while the Tammy is after them, Willie plan and make Corner the last one and hit by Tammy.