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Annihilation (2018)

Lena has been question by hazmat suit, seem everyone in her team is dead except her. She didn’t remember much thing, except how she involved in this.

One day there is comet fell down on earth, at that time Lena is a professor in university. Her husband missing from his work for a year until one day he comes back alone.

She try to question him what happen but he doesn’t remember anything, then he suddenly has seizure and dying.

During the way to hospital, secret service stop them and grab them out. They are sent to Area X, after Lena wakes up then she found that she is in quarantine.

Ventress shows up and question her about her husband, Lena tells her that may be she can help her ill husband.

They show her the area that surround with shimmer, they tell her that they try to send team there but nobody back except her husband.

Lena meets Anya and her friends, they and Ventress will go with her into the shimmer to find out what happen to previous teams.

After they enter, they don’t remember anything for days. They found all communication to outside are down.

Ventress decides to go next, they found a hut. Then one of them, Josie almost pull down by big gator. Lena found there are mutations a lot like flower, animal.

They reach the old headquarter before Shimmer cover it, they found the message from last team.

They found in video that there is something inside the body, it freak them out. They are following Ventress and found one of body explode on the wall.

One night they found that something break into their fence, then they see the big bear grab one of them, Sheppard out at front of them.

After that rest of them want to get out but Ventress wants to continue to the lighthouse. Lena convinces them to join her, she tells them that it faster than go back.

When go deeper, they found trace of Sheppard. Lena volunteer to check if she still alive alone. Lena found her body, they are too late.

One of them tell them that Shimmer is like prism it will reflects and scramble everything, radio, signal, DNA included their DNA.

Lena found that she is infected by cut during journey, at night she and Ventress are captured by one of them, Anya. She found that Lena knew one of previous team. She tells them that she didn’t see any bear except Lena and Ventress.

Anya starts to hear the Cassie’s noise asks for help, she run out and quiet. Then the bear shows up with voice of Cassie, it try to lure them moving. Anya shows up try to kill it but she is eaten alive. Josie get chances to kill it and help the rest.

Ventress decides to go back, but Josie tells Lena that she doesn’t want either to fight them or face them light Ventress. She walks away and gone.

Lena continues to lighthouse by the coast, she found body and camera. Inside it she found that it’s her husband body, he recorded what happen to him. He killed himself with grenade, she see another one look like him look at camera.

Lena found the hole in the floor and the sound from it , she go down to see what’s inside. She found Ventress inside, she tells them that their body and soul will gone by replacement until they are Annihilation.

Lena see Ventress Annihilation to a bit and built back to human shape, she try to run escape from it but it shows up at front of her. It try to mimic her move, it blocks her from getting out. Lena tricks it by put bomb into it and get out, the fire caught on it and starts to spread entire lighthouse. Finally shimmer is gone.

She tells her interview that she think it didn’t destroy anything but change to new thing. Lena asks to see her husband, seem after shimmer gone he wakes up and seem normal.