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Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)

Only Leia that leads the resistant to the Snorke’s ambition, but the resistant’s base is found by his army.

Before the republic attack them, one of rebel’s fighter, Poe can destroy entire fleet’s cannon by himself and let their bomber go through and success destroy their Dreadnought.

Rey goes to returns the light saber to Luke and try to convince him to help them, he found that Han Solo is killed by his own son. Luke doesn’t want to go back, Rey has no choice but following him.

Rey found out that actually Luke is training himself, one day Luke found out that Rey also has force. He decides to teach her the way of Jedi.

While Republic is chasing Leia’s fleet and following them through light speed, they start to attack her fleet and Leia is injured during the attack of Republic. The rest of them try hard to survive.

Finn try to sneak out to see Rey but he is stopped by Rose. After talked they figure out how to stop Republic from tracking them. They discuss with Poe and try to do without permission.

They found out that to do it they need to find code master to help them get on Republic’s ship,

Ren and Rey see each other with their force, Ren try to force her to bring Luke to him but she refuse.

During train, Rey almost straight to the darkness. Luke is upset because she doesn’t even stop herself.

Luke tells Rey what happen to Ben, he teaches him and students but Ben turn on him and kill all his students. She tells him that she won’t failed him.

Rose and Finn found Code breaker who can help them get out and help them stop the tracking.

Ren and Rey still communicate through the force, he tells him that Luke try to kill him when he fear his power. Rey goes to check the darkness hole and she found that Luke lie to her.

Luke found out that Rey communicate with Ren, he tells her to leave but when she forces him to tell her the truth about Ren. She tells him that if she goes to him, she will turn him to their side.

Rey goes to see Ren by herself but as soon she is there she is captured by them, she try to convinces him but he said that she will turn.

He takes her to Snoke, he tells her that he knows who is her parent. She found that Snoke tricks her to come there, he try to force the truth of Luke from her.

Finn and Rose are failed their mission, but Leia wakes up and escape the attack of the republic. But their plan is exposed and are under attack.

Snoke tells Ren to kill Rey to end his conflict, he confident that Ren will never betray him. Ren decides to turn on him and kill Snoke, they get the way out.

Ren asks Rey to join him to control galaxy by let the old think down, Rey refused him. From sacrifice of rebel leader, they manage to destroy entire fleet. Leia and other can escape. With that Finn and Rose get chance and escape.

Ren decides to continue to control the republic and destroy the rebel, Rey get chances and escape.

While resistant is cornered to the abandon base but they are surround by republic, they try to buy time until their allies show up.

Rey and Chewies shows up and help them out while Poe and them try to destroy the cannon but failed.

During time they almost give up, Luke shows up. He tells her that he comes to face Ren. But Ren asks them to fire on him countless, but Luke doesn’t get even scratch.

Ren goes down to see him, Poe figure out that Luke goes to see Ren to distract him so they can escape out.

Luke tells Ren that he is not the last Jedi. Ren found out that he is tricked by Luke image. Luke uses his power too much and died.