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Downsizing (2017)

At Edvardsen Institute, a scientist finally success his experiment, he is very excited and rush to see his boss.

5 years later at Istanbul scientist’s convention, they show the world that they can shrink people to small size without any side effect, this can help to reduce world’s waste and food consumption.

After the convention, the news about them are spread to entire world. Paul is very excites about that news.

10 years later, Paul and Audrey are planing to build their family, they try hard to find the new place for new family but they can’t afford it.

One night they go to their re-union party, they meets their friend that downsizing themselves. They are convinced by them that change will make them better living. After discuss together they decide to downsizing.

They are convinced by Leisureland sale, they found after downsizing their life become cheaper. They start sell their stuff at house, make farewell party to their friend and family.

At the downsizing day, they are separated during the process. After Paul wakes up he found out that Audrey bails on him, she said that she can’t leave her friends and family. He is very upset but he has no choice as the process is not reversible.

He starts to live his new downsizing life, he lives alone in big house. After that 1 year, he divorces with Audrey. He stills go to work and live there like usual.

He try to date but not work, he is invited by his neighbor to join his party. He meets several people and he starts to like it.

One day he meets the Lan, she asks him to help her friend. He following her to house. He found that it outside Leisure land, it’s other land.

He meets Gladys, she is very sick. Lan try to ask him to help her, he try to make her feel better.

After that he keeps coming back to Lan, he helps her fix her leg. But instead he breaks her leg, so he help her working instead.

He found that she takes all old food and gives to people who has none, he starts to help people around as doctor.

His neighbor try to get Paul out of her, they try to trick her that he has to go away for work. After tells her, she decides to go with them.

On the way they meet the scientist who invent downsizing, he feels sorry for what will happen. He tells them that the world is going to end because the ice melt at arctic.

After that they go with them to their colony, one of them show them the vault where they will save from big flood. Lan disagree with him, at first Paul make decision but he changes the mind after that.