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FullMetal Alchemist (2018)

Ed and Al like the alchemist and try it every time when they can, they want to impress their parent.

One day their mother sick and pass away, Ed decides to use Alchemist to get their mother back. They ignore the alchemist warning and cast spell to bring their mother back.

The result is bad, what they get back is not their mother. Ed end up lost his arm and Al lost entire body, Ed manages to save his soul and put him in the armor.

Ed is chasing one of the alchemist to take his Philosopher’s Stone ring back, Al shows up and fight with him. They are known as FullMetal Alchemist, that alchemist doesn’t give up and try to escape.

Then Mustang shows up and capture him to East city, Ed also found that Philosopher’s Stone is fake. He try to find Philosopher’s Stone to turn Al back.

At east, Hughes is one of captain that like and help Ed. Winry shows up and complain because he damages his arm.

General wants Ed and Al to know Tucker, alchemist who create chimera. While Homunculi who give that alchemist the fake Philosopher’s Stone get rid him because he is the test subject of Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed often keep dreaming about big black door, he wondered that what’s at back of the door and the moment that they lost their body.

Next day, Mustang and Hughes take Ed and them to see Tucker. He may help him about Philosopher’s Stone. He gives them some lead, Ed and Winry go to check it while he will check on Al.

Winry and Ed following the lead and found Marcoh, he mistakes that they try to capture him back. He is working on Philosopher’s Stone for state, then one of Homunculi shows up. She kill Marcoh and flee, but before he die he gives Ed the Philosopher’s Stone and tell him where is the laboratory.

After Ed goes back to see Al, he found that Tucker make experiment on his daughter to prove that he has ability. He is arrested by state alchemist after that while his chimera is locked up.

Ed is upset because he can’t even protect the girl life, he try hard to find out about Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed asks Hughes about laboratory 5 that Marcoh mentioned, Colonel tells him where is it. But after he goes to check it’s empty,

Hughes found out the behind of the riots in 2 cities, he also found out that 5th lab. Before he could tell anyone, Homunculi shows up and kill him.

Then Ed is captured and take to east capital, he found out that Hughes is killed by Mustang. That’s why everyone that related to him will be questioned, Al found that Mustang try to get to lab 5th.

He escapes from them and goes to join him there, he found out that there is Homunculi who can transform anyone. So the charge to Mustang is lift, Mustang goes there because Hughes tell him to.

Mustang hurts after the fight with them, he asks Ed to following and stop them. Ed following them but found Tucker, Winry and Al instead.

Tucker has Philosopher’s Stone, Ed found that the stone comes from human. He try to kill Ed but he is killed by Homunculi because he talked too much.

They also found out that General is the one who behind this, he created a lot of Homunculi for military. He starts to wake them up by put Philosopher’s Stone on each of them.

But he can’t control them, they start to kill him. Mustang and other try to stop them from go outside, Mustang following Homunculi and try to captured them.

Ed shows up and help him get them, they found out that Homunculi made from Philosopher’s Stone. After fight they manage to get rid two of them, Mustang pull out one of stone from them and give to Ed.

He doesn’t use it to get Al’s body back, but he used it to check that his body still there. He decides to find another way to get Al’s body back.