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Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Thor is captured in cage hang over the ground, Surtur comes back after get killed by his father. He tells him about Ragnarok, and how to stop it. He called his hammer and destroy his crown to stop his power.

Once he back to Asgard, he found that Heimdall is missing. He found that they have play about him and Loki tragedy, but it turn out that Loki turn to Odin and sit on throne.

He takes him to midgard to see Odin, while they are waiting Loki is disappear. He following the trail and see Dr. Strange, he asks him why he bring Loki who can make trouble here. He will help him to find Odin and he will take Loki back, he show them where is Odin.

Odin tells them about Ragnarok, she will come, Hela. He tells them that she is their sister, he locked her away to protect Asgard. Odin disappear, after that Hela shows up.

She tells them to kneel to their queen, Thor try to attack her but she destroy his hammer instead. Loki try to escape back to Asgard, but Hela following them and knocks both of them out.

Hela reaches Asgard, she killed Heimdall and enter Asgard. She destroy the Asgard and entire army. Thor fells into the junk planet, Sakaar then he is captured by scavenger. Scrapper shows up and take him instead, she takes him to her boss, Grandmaster.

She sell her to him, he tells him that he will be the fighter that will fight in his tournament. He see Loki there, he won’t help him. He tells him if he win the fight, he will set free.

Hela used to lead Odin’s army and conquer the realm, Hela uses the eternal flame and revive her army. Loki tells Thor that he won’t go back because they can’t win Hela, he prefers to stay here.

Thor is sent into the arena, and he found that his opponent is Hulk. He is so happy to see him, but Hulk start to attack him.

They both into it and fight hard, Thor’s power is back. He called lightning and knock down Hulk. Grandmaster stop Thor from attack, Hulk knocked him down.

Heimdell steal his sword back, Hela can’t open biforst and goes to another realm. She is upset and ask her men to find him.

Thor wakes up and found himself at Hulk’s room, he try to convince Hulk to escape with him. But he won’t, Thor contacts with Heimdell and see Asgard in fire.

Thor finally convince Hulk to help him, Thor convinces Scrapper to help him fight Hela and protect Asgard, after he found out that she is Valkyrie. Thor and them use Hulk’s ship and get back to earth, but Hulk end up break the ship. Thor accidentally turn Thor to Banner.

Grandmaster upsets that Thor missing, he asks Loki and … to find him. She captured Loki and decide to fight Hela with Thor, Loki tells them he can help them to get the ship. But in the end he try to betray him again, but Thor prepared.

Thor success get the ship, Grandmaster’s men chase after them. Thor and Valkyrie manage to get rid of them and head to Asgard.

Thor and them arrive at Asgard and he plans to stop Hela, while other will help people out of Asgard. But Hela’s army block them, Banner has no choice but turn to Hulk.

Loki shows up and help them with his new friends from Savaar, Hela is killing Thor. He starts to see Odin, he learns how to control his power and take down Hela.

Thor thinks that only way to stop Hela is cause Ragnarok, Loki raise up Surtur with eternal flame. After Surtur destroy Asgard, Hela will has no power.

Hela fights with Surtur, she is killed by Surtur and entire Asgard is gone. They decide to go to Earth.