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Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Ghouls exist for a while and they eat human, government also create unit ,CCG to fight with Ghouls. Kaneki is simple teenager, one day while his friend asks him to ask the girl, Riza he like out. But he can’t, but that day he found out that she also like same novel.

After that day, he goes out with her. When he walked her home, she try to eat him. He found that she is a ghoul, he try to escape from her. But she is killed by accident.

He wakes up in hospital and get cure by the doctor, who later on news for illegal charge.

At CCG, Amon and his boss are tracking one ghoul and its wife, after Kaneki backs from hospital. He feels not OK to each cook meat, he found that he become ghouls. His doctor rescue him from dead by put ghouls part in his body to cure him.

He try to control his hungry as Ghouls, he wander around at night to find food. He found another Ghouls eating human, but he is killed because he’s across another Ghouls territory.

He found Touka there, Touka is the waitress at restaurant that Kaneki always there. She also is Ghouls, she asks him what happen to Riza. He freaks out and escape later than that he goes to see her for help.

Her boss and her helps and explain him about ghouls, he also refused the food from them. He doesn’t want to eat human, he almost lost his control.

One day he found out that senior of his best friend, Nishio is ghoul that he found another night. He knocks him down at front of him, he try to eat him. Kaneki try to help his friend, but he can’t fight him.

While he is going to kill his friend, he upset and raise his ghouls power and kill him. After that Touko and Yomo show up and take him back before he eat his friend. Their boss invites him to work with them.

There he meets Hinami and her mother, they also get help from his boss. They become friend after talk. His boss teaches him about Ghouls. They never kill human but use suicide people as their food instead.

He also see Yoriko, Touka’s sister who cook her human food. She eats them like she is very delicious.

They get news about CCG try to find Hinami, they plan to hide and transfer them out. Touka and Kaneki go to see Uta to get mask for him.

One night Hinami asks Kaneki to go to her father’s grave to give her father the coffee. There one of CCG agent there to track down Hinami, from his grave he suspects that Kaneki can link them to Hinami.

Next day while Hinami and her mother move out, CCG following and catch them. Kaneki goes there and rescue Hinami, he can’t help her mother. Now they are looking for Hinami and Kaneki.

Touko is upset about Hinami’s mother, she goes to revenge CCG. She almost kill Amon, but his boss show up and almost get her.

Kaneki wants to help Touko, she trains him how to fight. His fighting is improving now, one day Hinami is missing.

She is following CCG trap, it’s a part from her mother. Touko and Kaneki rush to help her. Kaneki is fighting with Amon while Touko fight with his boss to protect Hinami.

Before Touko is killed, Hinami’s power up and help her fight. She almost kill Amon’s boss but she doesn’t want to kill human. Touko kill him instead, Kaneki almost lost himself and kill Amon. But he doesn’t kill him and leave him.