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Gintama (2017)

Amanto is alien that shows up and live with human, they used to be a war that Samurai and Amanto fight. After war end, there is no more samurai’s way and prohibited of sword. One of employee, Shinmura at shop is get beaten by Amando, Gintoki shows up and beat them up and left.

Since then Shinmura, Gintoki and Kagura live together to fight Amando. One day she wants to get Kabuto beetle, after convince him. They go in forest to catch them.

In forest, they meet a man name Gorilla. He try to catch Kabuto beetle too, he covers himself with honey.

After walk a while in forest they found the Hugh Kabuto on tree, but it turns on he is Satou disguise as Kabuto to lure them.

Then they notice the golden Kabuto show up, all of them chasing it into the town. One of his friend,Katsura mistaken that he is chasing by enemy, he knocks all of them down.

Before he get it, golden Kabuto is eaten by one of Amanto likes fish from the rive. His dream to sell it high price is over.

At night, Katsura is killed by mystery killer. Elizabeth knows about his death at scene in morning, it try to inform Gintoki but they don’t understand him.

Gintoki goes to see swordsmith, he wants him to recover his family katana that is stolen.

Gintoki wander around to find that katana, he gets information that the mystery killer might has this katana.

While Elizabeth and Shinmura go out to find the killer, he appear and cut Elizabeth into 2 pieces. But Gintoki shows up before he cut Shinmura, the mystery killer is Nizou.

While Kagura is looking for Katsura, she found the secret instead. While Gintoki fight with Nizou that allow sword to take control of his body.

He is stabbed, while he hold Nizou. Shinmura shows up and cut his arm out, Satou shows up with his men and chase him  she try to get more information from Shinsuke. She is surrounded by samurai and finally captured.

Shinmura wander around to find Kagura and Katsura, he notices the big ship where Shinsuke’s there. But he can’t get in because of their security.

Swordsmith’s sister shows up and tell Gintoki the truth about her brother, who make the katana for Nizou.

Shinmura success and infiltrate into the Shinsuke’s ship, he try to hep Kagura out by himself.

Nizou is commanded to take care of his trouble, Shinsuke’s ship is attacked by Gorilla’s men. Before Gintoki enter the fight, Swordsmith’s sistsr give him the sword that can fight with Nizou.

While Shinmura and Kagura are looking around, Elizabeth shows up to help them. They found actually it’s Katsura disguise.

Nizou is completely control by sword, he knocks down Gintoki. Kagura, Shinmura try to stop him. But failed, Nizou try to kill Swordsmith’s sister who try to help Gintoki. Her brother save her and get hit.

Gintoki wakes up and stop him, while Kagura fells into Shinmura’s trap and captured by Amando.

Gintoki shows up and fight with him, they are equal. After that Kagura’s bomb start and destroy ship. Kagura help him escape out while Shinmura escape.