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Gantz O (2016)

Tokyo is under attack by creature, Reika wakes up and found it still alive. 2 of her team,  Kouno  and Suzuki show up and attack it. But his suit broken during the attack, he is knocked down before creature is killed. But he died. Reika and Suzuki are sent back alive to Gantz.

During goes back home, Kato face the murderer at train station and killed when he try to help victim. He is sent to Gantz, he meets Reika and Suzuki. They explains what happen to him.

Gantz’s song start and explain what they have to do next, one of them won’t listen. He get killed by Nishi, the other tells him to dress up and get out.

They show up at Osaka at place with lot of body, then their enemy show up. Nishi kill it, Suzuki try to explain him what happen. Then they notice a lot enemy show up.

They start to chase them, while they are in trouble they spot another Gantz team. They insult them because of the weak, then large number show up. They can take care of them quickly.

Suzuki and Reika tell him to not risk and survive, benefits about full score that he can grant the wish. While he wants to help other people, but they won’t.

Osaka’s team found the boss, while Kato try to help people that attacked by creature. He meet Anka from Osaka that help him out, she tells him about old people and kid. He straight to help them out even she tells him that he might not win.

Anka try to help him but she is caught by it, Kato get chance and kill it. He success rescue Anka and old man family.

Kato found Suzuki and Reika are surrounded by soldiers. He try to protect them, but creature show up. They try to fight it but failed, Osaka’s team show up. But they failed to kill it. One of them is killed.

Then the boss show up, one of Osaka try to attack but he failed. The boss has ability and able to kill him.

Kato decides to fight him, but he can’t all of them try to attack it together. Kato try to protect Anka and Reika and get captured, Nishi shows up and finish it.

Then the real boss show up, Nishi is attacked. Kato help them to escape before they get killed.

While Oka from Osaka’s team show up to fight with boss, Kato and other wish him win so they can survive. But this boss is too tough, it can regenerate and copy his weapon.

But he can’t win it, he escape. Before left he give his weapon to Kato to finish it. It fire the weapon at Kato, Suzuki sacrifice his life to protect him.

The boss shows up with his new form, Kato decides to fight alone. But he failed, the boss ignores him and going to find Oka.

Kato and other decides to use surprise attack on it, but before he can do anything. Boss shows up with Oka’s head.

Kato stalled him while Reiko and Anka snipe him from range, it attacked back and stop the attack. Kato try to finish him but his hand is cut, before he is killed. Anka shows up and help him. She is killed at front of him.

While it is going to kill Kato, Nishi shows up and attack it. Kato hit it before it attack Rekia and success kill it and get 100 points and win game.

Gantz asks him to choose, instead of get free. He decides to resurrect Anka instead. But seem that Kato used to choose resurrect but he came back.