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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 8

The Defenders

While Matt and Colleen agreed to destroy their building, Luke and Jessica hesitate. Claire convinces them to agree at end.

Madame Gao meets Elektra inside the Kun Lun, she tells her to get what they want out quickly before the other show up.

Misty and police are following them to the building, after she found out that the bomb is stolen from the lock. They guess that what they are going to do, they call bomb squad immediately.

While Colleen and Claire plant the C4 at the base, they spot Bakuto. Colleen decides to fight with him.

Madame Gao found Danny down, he is captured again by Murakami and Elektra. She plans to use him as hostage.

Jessica comes down alone and see them with Danny hostage, while she distract them. Matt and Luke shows up and help him out.

They tell Danny their plan to destroy entire building while he tells them what happen if they let them get what they want, entire city will be down.

Misty is help Colleen and Claire out from Bakuto while they are in trouble, she lost her arm. But Colleen manages to cut off Bakuto’s head.

Matt decides to stay behind and convince Elektra, he told the other to escape before the bomb explode. He try to convinces her to stop.

Murakami fells down from the lift when he try to stop Danny and other, Gao tells him that this is the end. The bomb is explode, the entire building go down. Matt and Elektra finally stop fighting and buried down there.

At station Karen and Nelson found that Matt didn’t come back with the other. After the event, all of them are help not to charge by police.

Matt is alive and help by nun.