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Jigsaw (2017)

The polices create the barrier and try to stop the driver, he try to escape after his car stopped. He run into the old factory roof, he take the remote control from the hidden place. He tells police that he can’t stop because game is started.

He try to turn remote on but police shot him dead, somewhere the clock start after he press remote.

At some where 4 people with bucket on their head just wake up and chained. They start to freak out after see the saw on opposite wall and try to get out.

Then man voice tell them what they have to do to get free, he tells them that they have to sacrifice few blood to free. Then the saw on opposite wall start to running and pull them in.

One of them think about that man voice and cut herself, her chain stop. Se tells the other what to do. But one of them failed and get killed, the rest of them found that they are in new room.

Next day the body of the failed man is hang over the bridge, the police takes him to autopsy. Logan and Eleanor are the one who do it, they think he may killed by copycat, they found the message from killer.

The other 4 survivor see the doll on the bike, it has the paper write “confess” from his neck. Then their chain start to pull again, they start to confess one by one. One of them notice the tape on the doll, after pull it out the chain stop.

They notice that they are going to hang, then 3 syringe shows up. He asks them to choose the right one, otherwise they will all die.

They force the last one to confess, she snatched the purse and make the victim dead. They try to make her choose the syringe but she won’t, one of them inject 3 of them into her. They are released, but that woman dead.

After they looks on right syringe they found the combinations, it might be help them open the door.

After check evidence, they confirm it’s voice of John Kramer but he dead long ago. They are very confused.

3 of them opened the door with combinations and found themselves in other room, they see that they are somewhere in upcountry.

One of them, Ryan try to break the door even the other try to warn him but he won’t listen, he fells in the trap and has his leg trapped. They notice the tape down, after open it he tells them that he can set free just pull the lever.

But he afraid to pull it, they found another way out to the old silo. They found the remote there, after play it their door is closed. 2 of them are locked in there, they see another message. He tells them that if Ryan pull the lever before they are buried, they might be free.

Police found the 2nd victim and found the evidence on her, while police starts to suspect one of the assistant at morgue, Eleanor.

Finally Ryan decides not to pull the lever, after they buried and can’t moved. The objects start to fell down, they almost get killed.

Ryan finally pulled the lever, his leg is cut after that but 2 other in silo are released out.

Eleanor shows Logan her place, she collect everything related to Jigsaw. She tells him that seem John Kramer didn’t work alone.

At night, the man who press the remote is missing while he is in hospital by someone inject something in him.

Mitch, one of them found there is a car started. He found the tape after open it he is pull in trap. He tells him that he sold the fault motorcycle his nephew and make him die, if he can pull the break under the trap he will survive.

He failed and cut to pieces, while police found the man who press remote in John Kramer’s grave. Police get evidence about Eleanor’s place, they break in and search.

One of them found the hidden room, inside they found the 3rd victim’s body. Police goes to ask Logan about Eleanor, but he tells one of them that the chief investigation, Halloran has more motive than him.

Police release Logan out, he try to find Eleanor but she shows up at his house. She tells him that she found where the victim are. She convinces him to help the victim by themselves. Halloran is following them.

Anna found the way to get out, she crack the door out but she is injected and pass out. The rest of victims wake up and found John Kramer, he tells them to play the last game.

In past Ryan caused the accidents and made his friend death, also he makes the mistake while he works in hospital. He makes the mistake to him and makes him suffer, Anna was his neighbor. She was the one who kill her baby and blame on her husband.

Eleanor tells Logan about Farm that belong to John’s wife, they found it still light out like someone there. Halloran also following them inside, they notice the sound nearby. Logan starts to suspect that Eleanor might be Jigsaw’s assistant.

John tells Anna and Ryan that they have to fight for 1 shotgun, they have to fight to survived. Anna decides to kill Ryan to save herself, she try to shot him but her gun is backward. She dead, Ryan found that his key is in the ammo.

Halloran sneaks up and get Logan, he forces Eleanor to down but Logan get chances and fight back but he is knocked down, Halloran following Eleanor and get attacked.

Logan and Halloran wake up and found laser cutter on their necks, Jigsaw tells them to confess so they can alive.

Halloran decides to attack first, Logan confess that he is the one who mistake on John’s x-ray. He is killed, Halloran is next. Halloran is freak out and confess everything.

After that Logan stand up, Halloran is very confused. Logan tells him that 10 years ago he was in the game but survived but Jigsaw spares him. He decides to create game again to make him confess.

He knows that Halloran and guy with remote worked together and make his wife get killed. Jigsaw teach him to do things to bring justice.

He tells him that Eleanor will be his perfect alibi, after that he turn on the laser and killed him.