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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 7

Fish in the Jailhouse

In past, Stick and Elektra just arrive the city. They plan to convince Matt to join them, she tells him he is stubborn and won’t listen to them.

Jessica wakes up and found she is captured by Misty, she asks what happen to Stick and Sowande. She try to convince her to let her go, she tells her about the hand.

Matt also wakes up in station, Nelson tells him what happen to him and other. He tells him abut Elektra, Misty shows up and ask him about what happen.

Luke still unconscious it make Claire and Colleen worry about him, after he wakes up he found out that Stick is killed.

Murakami and Bakuto don’t want to listen to Eletra but they afraid to challenge her. She tells them to corporate for they live.

Luke tells Misty the truth about the hand, he captain doesn’t want them to interfere. They try to explain him but he won’t listen. But with Misty’s help she tells him to let them. Matt and them discuss where Danny will be they think he will be at that building.

Elektra takes Danny to underground, he surprises what he see down there. She asks him to translate what written on the door. She tells him that behind the door, is the true power of the hand.

Luke and other break out the wall out of station, Colleen is looking for evidence they take from Matt. And head to help them.

Matt and other show up and found the rest of the hand and fight with them, while Elektra tells Danny that she is not the hand. He tells him to help her open that door so she can receive what she is looking for. He refused and start to fight her.

Colleen shows up and help Matt out from Bakuto. The rest of the hand escape out when they think they are defeated. Then they following them to underground to help Danny, while Misty help them by stall the police. Colleen tells them about plan to destroy entire building and help Danny.

Elektra uses Danny fist to break the door, he wakes up and found that he is under the dragon skeleton.