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Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

In 1996 while one of the teenager is on the beach, he found box of Jumanji. He takes back to his brother, but after he found out it’s board game he ignores it and goes to play his video game.

That night the game change itself to video game.  That teenager curious about it and try it on and went missing after that.

Spencer is the best gamer, he just get message from Fridge, his friend. He asks him to help him on homework so he has time more on his team.

They appoint to give his homework, they accidentally stop at front of Rick’s house. Fridge used to be his best friend but since they grow up they separated, Mr. Rick always make him freak out.

Bethany just upload another picture on social and expected her viewer to like more, then the same day she get detention because she uses her phone during the test.

During the gym’s class, Martha also get intention because she refused to play in hour and she also accidentally offend her teacher.

Spencer and Fridge also get detention because Spencer makes his homework for him and they found out.

4 of them are sent to detention together to clean up the room, Fridge found the game while he looks around the room. Spencer try to open it and found it’s Jumanji game, he asks everyone to play it with him.

After game start, Spencer and all of them are suck into the game. Spencer found out that all of them becomes the avatar they choose.

Spencer becomes a man with big muscle, Dr Bravestone Famed archeologist and
international explorer. Fridge becomes his sidekick, Mouse Finbar who expert in zoology.

Martha becomes hot super sexy woman who can kill with bare hand, Ruby Roundhouse. Bethany becomes a man who expert in map, Shelly Oberon.

After that she is eaten by Hippo while she freaks out what happen to her, after that she fell back from sky again.

They are surrounded by Hippo again, they start to run and found one NPC, Nigel. He explains to them the mission they have to finish so they can goes back.

He explains about Van Pelt who takes the gem from Jumanji sacred side, then he becomes control by darkness. He can control all creatures, Nigel steals the gem from him. Now they have to take the gem back to sacred side, but first they have to find the missing piece of map first.

But seem only Bethany can read the map, they accidentally found their strength and weakness. Spencer has none, Fridge has problem with cake, speed and strength. Martha weak against venom. Bethany weak against endurance.

They start to following her direction in map while start to running from Van Pelt’s soldiers and creatures.

During the running, Martha get killed. They start to notice that each of them have only 3 lives. Now Martha and Bethany have only 2 life left.

During heading to the village where they will get missing piece, Spencer is killed by Fridge. He starts to upset at Fridge and become more confident.

After arrives at village, Fridge eat the cake and explode. He died and come back, now everyone has 2 life equally.

They meet a boy that lead them to missing piece of map, it is in the basket with the snake. They decide to let Spencer get it out, but they found piece of elephant instead of map piece. But they found another clue, but Van Pelt’s soldiers show up and block them. But Spencer take care them all by himself.

Van Pelt shows up and surrounded them, a man, Alex shows up and help them out. They found out that he is another player that get in before them, he takes them to his place. They try to convince Alex to goes with them, they think Alex is the missing piece.

Alex tells them about Transportation Shred, they are armed and they want to steal one of vehicle and go to sacred site. They plan to use Martha to distract the guards while they will sneak in and steal vehicle.

But Alex freaks out and can’t fly, they convinces him to fly them out of Van Pelt’s men. But his helicopter is damaged by them, they can’t fly high. Then they are chasing by rhino. Spenser goes out to fix it before they crash into wall.

They success but Fridge drop the jewel but Rhino surround it, Spencer thinks of something. He push Fridge down to lure Rhino out and pick up the jewel, Fridge is killed and come back.

After land, Alex is bites by mosquito and dying. Bethany gives him life and rescue him on time. Alex upsets after learned that he was missing for 20 years.

After that they found the sacred site, Spencer decides to take jewel there alone. He is killed after get in alone, they replan and this time all of them go in together as decoy while Spencer will head straight to statue.

But he found that Van Pelt get Bethany, he wants him give him jewel. But it is at Fridge, they have chance to get Bethany back. While they fight with Van Pelt, Spencer and Martha takes the jewel.

Martha is bites by snake when she try to take jewel, she dead and fell down from sky while Spencer reach the top and grab her and jewel. He put it back and call out its name.

They meet with Nigel again and after shake hand with him, they are sent back one by one. Spencer doesn’t want to goes back because he doesn’t want to lost his appearance. But after that he change his mind.

After they back, they found that Alex is back to his house. He is sent back in the past and he has his family. 4 of them become best friends.