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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 6

Ashes, Ashes

Alexandra feels disappoint after Elektra left, she looks older 10 years. While Danny and them decides to lock Danny to keep out from the hand after they heard Sowande. But Stick decides to get rid of him out of the Hand, Danny try to convinces them that he can destroy them.

But they decide to keep him low by knock him down, they decide also to go back to Midland company. But they think they will wait for them, Luke will look out on Danny while the other will go back there.

They send Sowande’s head back to the hand, Alexandra convinces them to work together to fight them. They sill not convince about the Black sky, they think she is useless.

Danny wakes up and found he is now prisoner, he try to convince Luke to release him. Stick also there waiting for him,

Matt and Jessica go back to question victim’s family about him, they tell them that his behavior suddenly change one day. They found something hiding there, seem he plans to blow up something under the company.

Alexandra found Elektra at her tomb. She tells her about daredevil and their past, she tells her about her live. She tells her about substance that they use for her and both of them need it.

Stick drugs Luke and knock him down, he try to kill Danny. But Matt and Jessica already nearby they rush to help him. But Elektra shows up and stop him, she beats him. Matt try to stop her before kill Stick, but she killed Stick. She knocks down Matt, Luke and Jessica and grab Danny.

Murakami decides to kill Alexandra but before start he see Elektra drag Danny into the room. Danny wakes up and see all of them, Alexandra tells him that all they want is go back to Kun Lun.

Murakami and Bakuto still upset what happen to Sowande, Alexandra tells to kill Daredevil, Luke and Jessica. Elektra doesn’t want and kill her, she turn to them and tell them now they are working for her.