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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 5

Take Shelter

Murakami, Sowande and Madame Gao gathering to see Alexandra, they break in the royal dragon and help the black sky.

They are surrounded by them, they try to fight the way out, Matt try to talk to Elektra to make sense to her. He success to make her hesitate, Luke fight with Sowande. While Madame Gao surrounded Danny but Jessica help him out.

They escape out to the sewer. Alexandra disappoint to see they escape. After they success escape, then Luke comes back later with Sowande. Elektra starts to question Alexandra, but she convinces her to listen to her.

They try to question Sowande, but Stick tells them it’s no use he won’t crack. They decide to take their love one to safe place.

Danny and Colleen notices men from the hand near Luke’s place, they split to check on them. Coleen meets Bakuto, her teacher. She try to fight him out, but he wants to talk and recruit her.

She is injured by him, Luke and Danny show up and help her out.  Matt goes to see Karen and warn her to leave town.

Luke goes to see Misty for help, they take Colleen to see her. While Stick try to get more info from Sowande.

Murakami and the hand show up and following Jessica’s friend, when she is beaten Matt shows up and chase him out. All of them takes their loves to take shelter at the station, Karen, Nelson, Claire and Jessica’s friends.

While the hand is worried about daredevil and Elektra, Alexandra convinces them not to worry. They are right, Alexandra found that she escape. While Danny and them worried about Elektra after found out about relations about Matt and her.

Sowande takes chances and captured Danny as hostage, Stick cut his head out. Elektra goes to see Matt’s house, she starts to remember her past.