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Geostorm (2017)

After earth face about extreme change on weather, people on earth start to work to gather and  build the system that can control weather, they are lead by Jake.

Today Jake is called to testify about what he did, he is so arrogant over the committee. Max his brother try to tell him not to provoke the committee but he won’t listen.

Finally after the meeting, he is off his own project and transfer to his brother instead. That make him very upset.

3 years later, UN soldiers discover the strange change of the climate at a village. It kill several people over there. They think that it’s system malfunction.

Max is called to investigate the problem by president, he tells them that they have to use scientific team to fix the problem. They want him to fix it quietly so it won’t effect the incoming election.

Dekkom, president assistor tells Max to get Jake to help, he really disagree but he has no choice. While on space station, after system is pulling the satellite back for maintenance.

One of the scientist secretly remove data from it and hide in his stuff. After that he is locked inside the space bay and push out to space.

Max goes to see Jake at his house and convince him back to help him fix the system, he agree on condition that he must not report on Max.

In Hong Kong, while one of system scientist working he notice something strange in system. After he goes to pick some grocery, he notice something happen. The road starts to be on fire, he try to escape while the entire shore of town is burned down from the fire. He barely escape.

Jake promises to his daughter before he left to station to come back safety, she doesn’t believe him much.

After Jake landing on space station, he meets Ute she is the one who now control the station. She shows him his team for investigate the problem, in Hong Kong one of scientist call Max about weird problem seem someone try to cover something.

He tells him if system malfunction it will create Geostorm and mush worst that what they try to stop. After call, that scientist try to contact with Max but he is killed before he can tell him something.

Jake found that satellite that cause the problem has data wiped out by someone, Max is looking for some help to secretly check something for him. She confirm to him that someone doesn’t want him to see something.

Max tells Jake about someone try to block his access to satellite, he thinks it’s possible that someone might remotely control the satellite and cause problem.

While Jake is pulling Hong Kong satellite to investigate, the machine start malfunction and almost kill them. They found that satellite’s data is damage and can’t check the evidence.

During check the death of scientist, they found the panel piece that can contain data that they can use. Jake and Ute go out to retrieve it back, but during the mission Jake’s suit is malfunction and almost get him killed.

He and Ute disclose to his team about data he got back from panel, but they found that data is deleted by someone with high authority and there is only president can do that.

Jake uses code with Max to cover what he wants to tell him, he suspected that someone in high authority might spy on them.

Max gets help to decode what Jake try to tell him, he found that he needs to see file of president. He asks his girlfriend to help him hack into white house, as she works as president security.

Jake and Ute secretly check the security camera where dead scientist take the data, they following the lead to his locker and found data he is looking. He found that someone plant the virus on satellite.

Max found out that someone try to turn system to be weapon, he tells this to Jake and upset him. To fix they have to shutdown the system but only president can do that, but Jake suspect that president is the culprit.

Max goes to see president personally, with his girlfriend help they plan to see him during his campaign break. Jake found that almost all satellite are malfunction and start to damage the city.

To stop the problem, Jake launch the replacement to destroy the malfunction satellite. Then someone activate the self destruction of the space station. Jake found that one of his team might do this, he confess to him that he wants the money. He could manage to stop him.

During waiting Max accidentally discover that Dekkom is behind this. But he has his plan in mind, he want to kill president along with city. Max escapes and tell his girlfriend about it.

She decides to kidnap president to protect him instead, they try to explain what happen to him while they are chased by Dekkom’s men.

Jake and Ute help other crew to escape from the space station, while they will be there to manual override system.

Dekkom plans to kill the president so they can’t stop the space station, but Max’s girlfriend plan him and he fell for it.

He is arrested, Max uses president’s code and stop the satellite. He found out that the code is to stop satellite but not self destruction.

Jake try to find the room to shutdown but when he lost, Ute shows up and show the way to. They success reboot the satellite successfully, now they try to find they way to go back.

Jake realize that he can use replacement satellite to go back home, one of the escape shutter notices their signal and rescue them.