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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 4

Royal Dragon

4 of them flee to royal dragon restaurant, they force the owner has no choice. They makes the introduction together, they tell each other what they know about the hand. Some how they finally agree to fight together.

After Elektra meets Matt, she confused who she is. Alexandra convinces her and give her confident in new life.

While they are talking, Stick shows up. He tells them he is the man who will help them save New York. Alexandra goes to recruit Murakami to help her finish Iron fist and his allied.

Danny found that the Chaste is his army but Stick is the last one, he tells them that the earth quake like this is similar to what happen to Pompeii in past. Jessica doesn’t want to join them, she decides to leave.

While Jessica is delete her evidence, she notices that someone is long live and make shell company. Stick explains them the history of the hand, Alexandra, Sowande, Madame Gao and Murakami.

Jessica found that someone is watching her victim, she goes to check him. Stick tells Matt that he knows about Elektra, but he tells him that Elektra is not her anymore.

Matt tells them there is someone outside waiting for them, then Stick notices that Alexandra is already inside. She try to convince Danny with her but they stop her.

Elektra shows up, before start fight Jessica hit her with the car. She decides to join them.