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Happy Death Day (2017)

Tree wake up and found herself with stranger, her phone remind her that it’s her birthday. That man is Carter, he quite nice to her. Seem she is pretty waste last night.

During walk back her room, she met Tim who date with her once. She is pretty annoying at him.

Her roommate tells her what happen last night, seem she is totally waste. Then she found that she is late, she hurry goes to the class.

She is quite mean to other people to keep her position, after class eh goes to hospital to see her lover / teacher. But his wife shows up so she has to left.

At night while she is walking around, she feels that someone following her. While she see the gift lay on the floor, she also see person with mask. He try to kill her, she run off but she failed and get killed.

She wakes up again at Carter’s apartment, she feels that she already did this before. She did and saw everything again like last time.

All day she found that everything is weird because she already has been everything already. She try to explain her lover about her day but he misunderstand and interrupt by his wife.

That night she goes out alone again, she notices a man in mask and gift again. She try to escape back to her room, but she see mask man at front door. She knocks him out, when she open the door and see the surprise party for her birthday. And that man is Nick.

In party, she goes upstairs alone and found Nick. While they having fun, Nick is killed. Tree try to escape from him but she is killed again.

Tree wakes up again at Carter’s room, she is now sure what she will face again. She run back to her room, she try to explain what happen to her roommate.

She doesn’t believe it, that night she reinforce her room and prepare for her killer. She decides to not to go party so she won’t get killed.

That night she found a card send to her for birthday, she read and found it comes from her killer. She start to panic and checks her room around, but seem her killer already in her room. She is killed again.

Tree wakes up again in Carter’s room, she panic and run off to her room. She feels panic then Carter shows up, she tells him the story. He try to help her solve why she stuck at this day.

They try to figure out who has motive and wants to kill her, he suggest her that she can keep dying until she found out who is the killer.

She try to following her suspects one by one, but she end up get killed every time. After many times she still didn’t know who is the killer.

After several times, she end up in hospital after wakes up from Carter’s room. In hospital doctor tells her that her body is dying, she is freak out and try to run off.

At first she suspect that it might be her lover, but he is killed by her killer. She freak out and run off, she try to hit him with car but miss.

She is stopped by the police, while she try to explain to him. Her killer shows up and kill police with car, she is killed with car explosion this time.

Tree wakes up at Carter’s apartment again, she proves to him that what she said is real. While in restaurant, Tree realize that her killer might be the escape prisoner that announce on TV.

She run back to hospital to face him, the killer show up and almost get her. Carter shows up and get killed, he is that escape prisoner.

Tree run away from him and make hidden attack, while she is going to kill him. She realize that if she kill him, Carter will dead. So she kill herself and reset the day again.

Tree wakes up again in Carter’s room. She now knows who is the killer, she has her plan. She reset her day with different way she did before.

She goes to see the prisoner and fight with him, she shot him dead. That night she thought that everything will be back to normal, but next day she found that she still in the loop again.

Tree freaks out and go back to her room, her roommate gives her birthday cake again. Tree realize that her roommate is real killer, last night she ate it and died.

She is also the one who release the prisoner, she attacks her and tell her that because she get her lover instead of her. During fight she put her cake in her mouth and push her down the window.

Next day she wakes up at Carter’s room again, but today is next day.