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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 3

Worst Behavior

In past Alexandra is at her restaurant with her food while a man in white hat show up, he tell her that they have the black sky. She goes to look it, it’s body of Elektra, she use the secret method and revive her back from death.

After the process, black sky wakes up. Alexandra tells her that she wait to see her so long to get her. She help her to bring her language back, then train her to fight.

Now, Alexandra try to convinces Stick to help her. She shows him Elektra, he wants him to tell her where is iron first. He won’t, he try to fight way out by cut his hand out.

Matt tells Jessica that Hogarth send him to help, she tells him that she doesn’t need him. He try to give help to her but she doesn’t want.

Luke tells Claire about a man who hit him with glow hand, she tells him that he needs to see someone. She takes them to see each other, Danny tells him about who is him and who he fights. Claire and Colleen try to make them work together because they are on the same side.

Jessica goes to see victim’s wife, she try to get more information. When she lefts their apartment, she feels that someone is watching her. Matt is following her but she knows and try to following him instead. He manages to ditch her and escape.

After talk, Luke and Danny start to fight each other they failed to make them work together. Luke goes to see the kid that captured last night, he try to get information about them but he won’t.

Danny thinks that Luke might right, he try to use his power as Randy’s heir. He will use his power to fight with them from business’s side.

He found that his company knows about the hand, he found about their address in New york. While Jessica also close to the hand’s recent place, she try to get more information but she can’t.

Luke goes to see kid in jail ‘s mother, he found the secret he wants to tell him. He also found about company that kid worked for. Then he found that the kid is killed in prison.

Colleen meets Stick, he is looking for Danny. While Danny goes to see CEO of the hand’s company alone. He meets Alexandra there, Jessica and Matt also there try to get in. He try to warn her to back off but she won’t listen.

Then he heard the fight upstairs, he rush up to help. Danny is ambush, then Luke shows up and help him out. Jessica and Matt show up and join them, Elektra shows up and start to fight them.

Matt is beaten down by her, he thinks that it’s Elektra. Danny shows up and help him out.