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Coco (2017)

Miguel and his parent lives with his grandmother Coco, but unlike him his entire family hates music. Because his Papa lefts his mama with his music and never come back, since then his family never allow music in family. But he adores Ernesto the legend musician in his town, he often goes to see some musician in plaza.

One day he heard about musical competition in town, he practices secretly to enter it. On the competition day, Miguel try to sneaks out but failed. His family wants him to start to work at family workshop.

Then he found out that his Papa might be Ernesto the legend musician, he is too excited and reveal his secret to his family. They forbidden to enter the competition and break his guitar.

He upsets and run off from his house, he heads to plaza but he can’t enter if he has no guitar. He is desperate, he realize that he saw Ernesto the legend musician’s guitar at his grave.

He goes to steal it out, but after he plays it then he becomes the ghost and enter the spirit world. He freaks out when found that everyone around him is ghost.

While he wanders around, he meets his death family. When talking they tell him that his Mama can’t cross over, they think it because he’s here.

They take him to the land of the dead, his appearance freak out the entire spirit world. He meets his Mama, seem she can’t cross over because Miguel breaks her photo. They manage to send him back home with condition that he will never play music again.

But after he arrives home, he try to take guitar again and back to spirit world again. He decides to refuse the condition, he try to find the way around.

Miguel meets Hector who claim that he knows Ernesto, he leads him to see Ernesto. He wants Miguel to put his photo in living world, so he can cross the world.

Hector takes him to see Ernesto, but he found out that they need the invitation to see him. They found that they also can get invitation if they win the competition.

Hector learns that Miguel never perform, he freaks out and try to help him win. After he freaks out for minutes, he can overcome it and play as he want and make audience like him.

Before win the competition his family show up, Hector upset when he lied to him. Miguel try to escape and head to Ernesto. He learned that his Mama also love music but because of his Papa that make her hates music.

Miguel manages to sneak in Ernesto’s party, he is very excite and running to see Ernesto. But when he meets him he found out that Ernesto is not what he expected.

He found that Ernesto steal Hector’s song when they play together. In past Hector decides to leave him, Ernesto poisoned him and takes his songs. He captured both of them to be sure they don’t tell anyone about it.

Miguel found that actually Hector is his grand grand father, after that his Mama shows up and help them out.

He explains to his Mama what happen, he try to get Hector’s photo back from Ernesto. He is very surprise when he found that Miguel related to Hector, they fight with him and get photo back.

During fight, Ernesto reveals his secret to entire audience and push Miguel down. But Miguel is saved and audience knows the truth and turn Ernesto down.

They send Miguel back, he rush back to his house and try to see Mama Coco and make her remember Hector. He plays her favorites song and make her remember.

After that 1 year the world know the truth about Hector and Ernesto. His Mama Coco also pass away and reunion with Hector and his Mama.