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Marvels the Defenders Season 1 Episode 2

Mean Right Hook

After earth quake, entire city is in chaos. Matt try to help the people by listen for their voice.

Trish try to reach her friend, Jessica but has no luck, she gets one call from geologist said that earth quake is not normal. After that her boss cut down her line.

Misty found out about explosive from Jessica, she reported to police and she now regrets it. Before left she steal one of evidence from there.

Colleen tells Danny that they might have some allies outside that also fight the hand, that man how died seem know what is him. She tracks that dead man’s weapon to the sword’s shop.

Luke decides to help his town, he will find out what happen to the boy in his town. Someone try to paid the boy to do the dirty work and that get them killed.

Jessica following the lead from the evidence she got, she found it links back to old shell company back to earlier than 1820. Hogarth shows up and tells her to walk about from her case.

Nelson comes to see Matt and give him some work so it will help him busy so he won’t be at night. He agreed.

After looks around he found about the new man, white hat. He will goes to see him and check about it, Colleen and Danny go to check at sword’s shop, they found several bodies inside.

After Jessica back to her apartment, she found her friend is hostage by the man she is looking for. She try to get information from him, he tells her that they try to take down city. Then agent from hand shows up and kill him, Jessica rush after her. But instead she get arrested by Misty. She wants to charge her for interrupt the investigation, Matt shows up and become her attorney.

Colleen and Danny try to stop kids from clean up, Danny chases one of them and meet with Luke. They fight and they draw, Alexandra captured Stick, seem they know each other.