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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7

The Dragon and the Wolf

Greyworm leads his army near the king’s landing, while Bronn and Jaime manage his men to protect the wall. Then they heard the sound of Dothraki’s army heading to them too.

While Daenerys with her small fleet are approaching Euron’s fleet, Cersei commands her guard to kill first Daenerys, Tyrion and Snow.

Bronn shows up with Brienne to escort them to the meeting, they transport the undead with them.

They meet together at the old arena, Daenerys’s side feels that this might be a trap to kill them all. Then they see Cersei, Jaime and them coming to arena.

Daenerys comes with her dragons, after that they left them alone. Clegane takes the undead and show to them the undead. Tyrion try best to make them working together.

Daenerys tells them that she saw at least 100 thousands of them, Euro tells them that he will return to Ironborn. Cersei tells them that she accepted the truce until the war done.

But Cersei tells them that she wants to extend Snow revenge, but he told her that he already serve Daenerys. Cersei tells them that then she will not agreed with them.

They all upset with Snow that he should lied to her, he said that he won’t lied to them. Tyrion tells them he will goes to convince Cersei himself.

Jaime tells Tyrion that he already try to convince her but failed, Tyrion goes to see alone. He tells her that Daenerys wants to give her fire and blood but it’s him that convinces her otherwise.

Tyrion tells Cersei that Daenerys will make the world better, he found out that Cersei pregnant.

Daenerys tells Snow that she can’t have children, he tells her may be person who tell her lies.

Tyrion comes back from Cersei safety, he tells them that Cersei agreed on term and make a truce. Cersei tells them that she will march her army to help them fight with undead.

Sansa received message from Snow that he will fight along with Daenerys, Sansa and Baelish thinks that he might fell into Daenerys. Baelish success to make Arya and Sansa break.

Jorah tells Daenerys that she should fly to the north than walk with them, she tells them she didn’t come to conquer the north but to save it.

Theon tells Snow that Yara is only one try to save him, Snow tells him then why he still here to talk with him. He goes to see his men and ask them to help him set her free, but they don’t want to. Some how he win their trust again.

After Sansa thinks well alone, she asks Arya to see her at the meeting room along with Bran and all lords. Instead of her, she accused Baelish about his act for treason and murdered.

She asks him did he kill Lysa, he accepts. She found also that he is the one who kill the previous hand of king, he also conspired with Cersei and Joffrey to kill their father. Baelish try to defend himself, but he finally has no word while he try to beg. Arya killed him without hesitate.

Cersei tells Jaime not to go north, he tells her that they need to fight as they promise them. She tells him that let them fight each other, she tells him that Iron bank will help them. He stills insist to go, she almost commands her guard to kill him.

Sam back to Winterfell, he goes to see Brann. He tells him that he becomes 3 eyes raven, he tells him that Snow comes back with Daenerys. He tells him that Snow is not Start’s son. He is the Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son, Robert starts the war from lies. Bran said that his name is Aegon, he is the heir to the iron throne.

That night Daenerys and Snow slept with each other. At the wall, Tormund found out that the army of dead has the dragon night, they are approach the wall. Night king use his dragon and destroy the wall.